Faughart -St Brigids Well

St Brigid's Well, Faughart

Info as of 30 Aug 2018

St Brigid's birthplace is said to be Fochard Muirtheimne, about 450 AD, later known as Fochard Bríde.

A Well dedicated to her sits atop the Hill of Faughart in an old graveyard. There is an ample car park, though watch out for broken glass, this is a popular site for the 'lads' to get out of their heads and smash a few bottles when the pilgrims have gone home. Not a promising start for any visit. But it does get better. If you look south you overlook the Irish Sea and Dundalk, a great view in clear weather.

Walk into the graveyard and follow the path eastwards, to the right, near the surrounding wall. Around a corner you will find the protective beehive shaped stone capping of the well, with ribbons and objects of prayer tied onto the overhanging tree.

The hill also has the remains of an Iron-Age fort, Norman motte / castle and medieval church.

This water is piped downhill to the Christianised well head at the Shrine. Here there is a beautiful wood with gurgling stream, stations of the cross, and a range of healing stones. And for some the more important toilets. Again a good sized car park.