Names & Astrology, Energies & Influences - July to December

Super Moon

A super moon occurs when a full Moon is at the closest point to Earth during it's orbit, it appears larger and brighter. What does this mean for you at this time?

The moon will be brighter, in the Spring things are starting to grow, emerging from the darkness and coming up into the light. Are you emerging from a darkness or place of reflection, just like the worm? Coming out of your shell with confidence,new ideas, and looking forward. Maybe you have come to the end of the cycle just like the full moon? If a full moon is a supermoon what is it reflecting in your life at this moment?

Do, on a full super moon, allow yourself to shine.

Blood moon

This happens when Earth's moon is in a total lunar eclipse. The usually silver white moon becomes red or ruddy brown. Lunar eclipses can only happen during a full moon, when the sun fully illuminates the surface.

Look up at the moon if it is visible in the evening sky. If not know that it is there. As the flowers in the garden start to close down for the night, listen to the birds get ready to settle in for the night chirping away in the trees.

For there is great healing in that small few minutes to heal any issues or challenges you may be going through at this time. Let the wave of healing wash over you from the light of the moon and let the blood in your body flow with this healing.

See October for more on this moon.

Blue Moon

Every two or three years there is an extra full moon. It has nothing to do with the colour of the moon and all to do with the difference between lunar and solar cycles. From new moon to new moon takes 29.5 days, meaning 354 days total for 12 complete (annual) cycles. The solar year is 365/366 days. Therefore, this discrepancy of about 10 days requires an adjustment roughly every two and a half years. An additional 13th full moon is added to the lunar year. It does not fit into the standard 12 names for the year and is thus referred to as a ‘blue moon’.

An ghealach i mí Iúil - the moon in July

Known as a Buck moon, early in the month the moon is in the star sign Capricorn and later Aquarius. Buck Moon, named after new antlers that emerge from a buck's forehead around this time of year. It's also called the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon and Wort Moon.

The new moon is a great opportunity to start over, do something new or restart a new project you have put aside. The energy around the new moon is one of truth, gentle and healing at this time, not only with others but ourselves also. So at this time of new moon I invite you to stop and listen. Listen to your heart. Listen to what you need, listen to your body.

At the full moon I ask you to reflect on all the other full moons up till now, this being the 7th full moon of the year. What changes have you made in your life? Maybe the road you set off on took a different route. Have you, like the buck, emerged with your goals and desires? Have you grown? These are questions only you can answer.

Thunder Moon - are there things you still need to let go of?

Hay Moon - are you getting out in nature? maybe you are getting out in the fields and preparing for the autumn months ahead?

Wort full moon meaning to plant. Are you harvesting something you have planted over the past few month, whether it be on the land or personal?

As we come into a season change, are you noticing the evening drawing in each day? The days are getting shorter. It is a time to get ready for the coming months ahead, gathering food and herbs from the land. It is a time of abundance, emerging, preparing and gratitude.

In 2023 the full moon was a super full moon and so many astrologers were talking about a massive shift in energy and an 18-year of karmic release and that we are between old and new.

I would just like to share something that got my attention as I took a photo of the full moon and how quickly things can change. I had taken many photos of the moon, clicking the camera button one after the other in the hopes of not losing the moon behind the clouds, only to discover how each photo was different even though the photo was taken quite quickly. What struck me was how different each photo was of the same full moon and how important it is to be in the moment and how things can change no matter how big or small. Was the moon relaying a message to me at that moment? I think so.

So what is your energy like at this moment in time. Like the goat Capricorn what mountains in your life have you climbed? and are maybe still climbing, or maybe things are going downhill. Climbing ladders. Have you overcome obstacles? This seems to be the energy at the moment. What is my mountain? Where am I trying to get to? Am I happy? Is my backpack heavy or light? These are questions one can ask on this full moon and it is important, to be honest with yourself. Am I putting too much pressure on myself? if so what can I do to change this? So what can we do on July's full moon?

The full moon is always a great opportunity to find balance and let go of what no longer serves you. Heal old wounds and release and clean any kind of blockages and to heal deep-rooted trauma especially from the past and even from our ancestors. This is a great time to do so. and to ask for a helping hand up that mountain.

An ghealach i mí Lúnasa - the moon in August

Names include Dispute Moon, Sturgeon, Lynx and Grain. The month starts with the moon in Aquarius and at the end of August it is in Pisces.

The energy of the Aquarian moon is about everyone coming together to help one another. This time around it is not about you, it's about helping others. It'a a time to use your energy to light up others, use your light and energy, pull up your sleeves and help. Actions speak louder than words.

There is so much you can do to help people who need it right now. Maybe you see yourself in them, when you were going through a life-changing time and you got through it, whether it was moving house, new job, starting your own business, or leaving a relationship or starting a new one.

Is there someone you know at this moment in time that could do with a helping hand and your knowledge and experience? You're not telling anyone how to live their life but you are helping them by showing them how you worked through your fears and got out the other side of it. And the rest is up to them. It's also a time of realization that maybe that job was not for you.

The Piscean full moon is to do with the energy of water. Healing for the self and loved ones. Use healing words, healing thoughts.

Are you looking after the self and your health?

How do you recharge your energy?

We must start with something we don't do enough of. Think about your phone do you recharge your battery regularly and make sure your device is working correctly? Well do the same for the self.Look after yourself first and choose a day of silence.

Some like to harness the energy of the new moon in order to fulfill their visions dreams and goals.

One way you can do this today is by lighting a candle or some incense in a quiet space where you feel relaxed and centred.

New moons begin each lunar cycle, and similarly, they are a chance for us to spiritually reset and create intentions for the days and weeks ahead. We can't see the moon for a few days and in it's unseen phase is when we plant the seeds of the future, just like when you plant a seed in the garden it is unseen and you trust in the process and let go. When we plant that seed we know it has a season to bloom and harvest we don't go out every day to check on it

An ghealach i mí Mheán Fómhair - the moon in September

Time of the Harvest Moon, Corn Moon. Time of rainbows. The beginning of the month the moon is in Pisces.

Looking at where one is at on their journey and going deep within when the full moon is in Pisces, the fish, swimming in different directions and yet a great sense of balance.

As I spoke to some friends I became aware of their need to be alone and step back on this full moon including myself. With a strong feeling of HOPE. The energy around the full moon is different for everybody and we must respect each and everyone's space at this time.

Take as much time as you need to heal and let go as it's the time of year to do so. Just look at nature as the leaves prepare to fall and the swallows get ready to go on their big journey to return again in early summer like a rebirth.

We also have the autumn equinox, a time of letting go, just as the leaves on the trees do. The harvest, and the equal of day and night as we go into the long evenings and early sunsets we change along with nature... and nature, being our greatest teacher, so I would like to wish you all full moon blessings on this autumn equinox and may your dreamtime be one of love , healing, harmony, and balance.

An ghealach i mí Dheireadh Fómhair - the moon in October

In 2020 the moon was a blood moon - the colour red brings me to the base chakra, the root. It is about grounding yourself as we work through whatever is needed around this full moon. Maybe wear the colour red or put it around your home, place of work. It will help not only with grounding but healing in your space and surrounding area. Light a red candle but most of all listen to your gut, your inner voice and guidance. Take time to press the pause button in your life and wait and find balance, stay strong, and staying in your personal space and also remember to do the same for others.

New moons and full moons are a great way of getting back on track, as well as meditation and being out in nature.

Full Moon, October 13th 2019 -

lets just keep it simple by bringing healing to yourselves,

so we can bring healing to others.

It's a very strong full moon this month as we come up to Samhain and the Winter Solstice. But first this month's full moon is often very much felt a week before, as things begin to surface. For some, it is emotional, others physical, feeling it in the body, mind and soul. A shift of energy for the better as the full moons can bring things to a head.

Maybe things that have been swept under the carpet. Things that need to be aired and need to be seen ? Some may have been working with the shadow self and it is a perfect time to do so. A time to dust things off.

This is the Hunter's full moon, a time of year for letting go, of change and preparing for the winter days and nights ahead. Light a candle and hold the space for the collective, for those close to your heart, and say a prayer if you wish.

In 2020 of the information that sits with me is the light of the full moon this month in Aries and how not only high energy but the light of the moon being so so bight, some are saying it is 3D and I can surly feel that for sure.

I am drawn to the first chakra on this month's full moon and the energy of fire, getting things done, shooting from the hip so to speak, moving forward, action, rebel, movment, speaking up for the self and others. It is a time of less talk and more action, just like the base chakra, Aries is the first fire sign in the zodiac, the colour of Aries is red, it is the cardinal sign of fire.

The fire energy is very high on this month's full moon along with the brightness too and do believe we had the Northern Lights in our skies. Some of us were lucky to see them. They remind me of rainbows and the seven chakras.

As I mention the base chakra and it being the colour red, fire, I can't help but feel the need to clear all chakras on this full moon starting with Aries, the base, otherwise known as ram.

I do believe there is a chant we can sing up from the base to the head to clear chakras maybe some might try this, this full moon. It's not only good to clear the space around you but also within the body, working with the chakras. What a perfect time to do this on the full moon in Aries, the first fire sign, and the harvest full moon, bringing the divine light into our bodies and surrounding areas, for the higher good of all.

An ghealach i mí na Samhna - the moon in November

This full moon is known as a Beaver, Frost or Freezing Moon, Mourning Moon or Darkest Depths Moon. Astrologically the sun is in Scorpio, thus the full moon will be in the sign opposite Scorpio in the sky: Taurus. This pairing is often referred to as 'sister signs'. Later the astrological sign is Gemini.

Like the beaver, as we are in the same rythmn as nature and all in mother earth, remember to be gentle with yourselves if you are working with the shadow. And as I write this I have to add shadow work is not a negative thing. It's very powerful work if done in a safe and gentle way by someone holding the space for you and you doing the same for them, so that we can all heal and shine our light even brighter in the coming months.

Gemini is the messenger, so a lot of messages coming in for some people at this time. On a deep level a lot of people are feeling the strong energy of this month's full moon and it sure feels like this full moon is bringing things coming to an end... but not in the way we want, but in a subtle way... and it's also about TRUTH, and being true to yourselves.

As they say "the truth will set you free" . Speak your truth. Stand in your own power. Listen to the voice deep inside as this is not only your intuition it's your guidance from your Angel, Guides, Higher power, and so on, whomever you talk to or pray to for guidance.

As we have just celebrated Samhain, remembering our loved ones and the ancestors, it is time now to bring in the wisdom deep within from all we have learned and changed in our own lives and the wisdom, knowledge, skills, love, and healing we have inherited from all those who have walked the path before us... and bring about that CHANGE in whatever way we can so we too can pass that on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who walk the path behind us. Which brings me to the bloodline. And on this full moon how we can tap into that bloodline and not only bring about change but healing.

But first, we must look at the shadow self. Its so important to heal that side of ourselves so we can show others who are in the dark the way, not only our bloodline but all who need it, and tonight, on the full moon, is the perfect time to do so.

As the full moon lights up the dark sky we can reflect that cosmic energy into our own lives and one very important thing on this full moon is not to give yourself a hard time for past mistakes or regrets. What's done is done we can't change it but we can do something about it here and now. Everything you went through brought you to the place you are in right now, so congratulate yourself.

on this full moon,

as you create your safe space and set your intentions,

ask yourselves the question....

What direction is life calling me right now?

New moon of this month, November, will have an effect on each and every one on some level. Depending where you are on your journey at this time. A new and exhilarating journey awaits. Prepare to be inspired by new ideas and a fresh perspective, a spiritual reboot and a new found sense of hope.

1 When looking back on your past experiences, look at what was stopping you from stepping into your greatness?

2 again ask yourself the question how I can get through this block?

3 call on your guides and use the tools of your inner wisdom to help you

4 seek healing for oneself to heal any energies that no longer serves us on this new awakening.

An ghealach i mí na Nollag - the moon in December

Snow photo was taken in 2021, in Poland, sent by a friend.

As this year draws to a close, the last full moon will light up the sky on the run-up to the Winter Solstice. It is a great opportunity to embrace the wave of new energies coming in for the year ahead.

If you are one who meditates around the full moon and set intentions, tonight gives us all the perfect opportunity to do so letting go of what no longer serves you and what holds you back from being the beautiful light you are.

And in the times of darkness, you know you have that light to tap into and your time in the darkness becomes short-lived, so you can shine as you were meant to.

This full moon before Yule, the Long Night's moon, Snow or Cold moon, the December full moon draws it's name from the darkness of this period.

As we approach the Winter Solstice there is a chill in the air, old Jack Frost has made an appearance and the air cuts that little bit deeper and Jack Frost tighten his grip.

I am no expert on the astrology of the full moon but however, I have noticed and felt the energy around it ever since I was a little girl. The moon always intrigued me, and especially at this time of year. I recall a memory of 6 or 7 years of age on Christmas Eve going to town with my babysitter and she bought me a book and coloured pencils and the moon was full and lit up the sky. I guess you would say that night brings a good feeling and memory, one I've never forgotten it times of darkness, also a magical feeling.

Hopefully the sky will be clear for a photo.

End of the month the moon is in Cancer. So, knowing that, you can choose which night you would like to set new intentions for the New Year to come or perhaps you would like to do both and let the energy settle in the soul and your goals, dreams and desires for the year ahead.

As it's the last full moon of the year, and this December's full moon reaches it's peak just before the new year, it is a perfect time to do a ritual and healing meditation around this moon cycle.

It's also known as the Cold moon and Oak moon. On this full moon the astrologers talk about two waves of galactic energy happening in our solar system. A high vibration they say and they ask that you lift your vibration with this in mind, setting your intentions with this in mind can make a great difference to all there is and this big shift.

To close out the year in a deep and emotionally connective way and a very powerful one for sure, the full moon is a great way of reconnection with the self and setting new intentions and letting go of what no longer serves us. So tonight I invite you to take a glimpse back on the previous year and write down things you have learned since springtime when the world stood still and we were all on a journey together.

12 Full Moons later have you achieved your goals and dreams or did you find that things took a different path for you? what you have planned did not happen? things getting cancelled at the last minute? Look up at the sky over the next few nights, remember all those who shared these magic moments from the past, who are no longer with us, and remember to pass on the gift of love to our next generation as we now approach into a New Year.

A full moon blessing to all tonight,

one day after the solstice night.

As we come to the end of the year

remember your friends from far and near.

As we reflect on the months and weeks that past,

send all your blessings from deep in your heart.

Blessings to all on this full moon night,

and remember you are love and light.