Ember Days - 3 days at the start of each season

Written by Anne Newman Thursday, 14 March 2019 with updates 2023/24

Ember Days In 2024:

  • Lenten / Spring Ember Days - February 21, 23, and 24
  • Summer Ember Days - May 22, 24 and 25
  • Autumn Ember Days - September 18, 20, and 21
  • Advent Ember Days - December 18, 20, and 21

They were introduced to thank God for the gifts of nature, to teach men to make use of them in moderation, and to assist the needy.

Fasting four times a year was also a tradition adopted from the Old Testament.

  1. after the Feast of the Holy Cross.
  2. after the Feast of St. Lucia.
  3. after the First Sunday in Lent.
  4. fourth and last set comes after Whitsunday / Pentecost Sunday.

The Ember Days began on the Wednesday immediately following those days.

In Latin these days are referred to as Jejunia quatuor tempora (the fast of the four seasons), while in English they became known as “Ember Days” (from a corruption of the Latin word tempora).

Historically, ancient cultures were bound to the land and members of pagan religions would invoke their gods for protection over their crops. This was the case in Rome and so, when the early Christians began converting pagans, they decided to sanctify these agricultural rituals to turn their hearts to the one true God.

Their dates can be remembered by this old mnemonic:

“Sant Crux, Lucia, Cineres,Charismata Dia Ut sit in angaria quarta sequens feria.”

Which means:

“Holy Cross, Lucy, Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, are when the quarter holidays follow.”

Or in an old Englishrhyme

"Fasting days and Emberings be Lent, Whitsun, Holyrood, and Lucie."
"Lenty, Penty,Crucy, Lucy"

is a shorter mnemonic for when they fall.

The weather of:

Wednesday of Advent Embertide

Friday of Advent Embertide

Saturday of Advent Embertide

Wednesday of Lenten Embertide

Friday of Lenten Embertide

Saturday of Lenten Embertide

Wednesday of Whit Embertide

Friday of Whit Embertide

Saturday of Whit Embertide

Wednesday of Michaelmas Embertide

Friday of Michaelmas Embertide

Saturday of Michaelmas Embertide

foretells the weather of:













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