CDs recycled


Marta has shared these decorated CDs. They have a hole punched in them and can be used as decorations, eg. hung on a Christmas Tree. They could also be used for creating an intentions mobile or storyboard at a meditation or ceremony.

Candle Mats

Bernadette painted some old CDs and crafted these practical tealight mats for a Samhain ceremony

Enhance the light from a candle -

Bernadette Mac

Bernadette's idea with other old cds. She says:

I couldn't get the cup holders to match mats so painted old cds with black gloss paint and that did the trick.

Christmas Decorations

And another idea from Marta.....

Bernadette Mac's garden

This Salmon of Knowledge was made using old and unused CDs to create the reflective scales of the sculpture. The various coloured lights glisten against the scales to create an enchanting piece, such a stunning sight to see! Celtic Christmas Light Show at Loughcrew Gardens 2022