Chakras and Lunar phases

Root Chakra: new moon or waxing crescent

The first chakra is rooted in the base of the spine and associated with the earth element linked to your ability to feel firmly rooted in your life It is also associated with the colour red so what does this mean and how can you work with this on tonight's new moon?

The base is a good way to start new beginnings and reset a chance to go deep into the body and tap into the earth when setting new intentions and goals.

All the time stay grounded and focused on the self and become more aware of not only your new intentions but where in your root chakra you might be carrying old ideas and blockages Again these are just suggestions and something you might helpful to work with so with that in mind lets get started.

  1. set a safe space to do your ceremony or ritual
  2. make sure you are not disturbed
  3. lite a candle with the colour red if you have one have something red to represent the root chakra
  4. soft music is also very helpful in the background healing music is always a good choice
  5. A pen and paper to write your intentions on and to write of what needs to be healed and let go of so you can direct your intentions to positive thoughts and ideas
  6. call in your guides Angels, and the directions to guide and protect you as you begin.

Now the root chakra is a place of grounding and is associated with a sense of security Relationships with yourself and your family so it would be a good time to write down on your piece of paper where in your life as you tune into the root chakra do you feel a lack of security or disconnection or blocked take as long as you need to do this then bring the focus now on what it is you would like to embrace in your life and manifest on this new moon again write it down if you wish with the energy of the new moon in mind and heart. you may also like to do meditation and it can bring about clarity and focus.

Some affirmations are good to do around the new moon and visualisations

  1. my heart is open to receive all the love in the universe for the highest good.
  2. I trust that I am fully supported by the universe
  3. I open myself to the magic and miracles that are available to me each day
  4. I allow love to fill me
  5. I have the power to shape my reality
  6. My light shines brightly with the new moon energy today.
  7. I release what no longer serves me and make room for new beginnings

And when you are ready see all been transmuted for healing and know and trust all is well on this new moon so you can embark on a journey with a light body, mind, and soul.

Remember to close down your space and give thanks to your angels and guides for helping you at this time and to the elements and directions.

Many blessings to you all on this new moon. Bernadette Mac.

Heart Chakra: Full moon

Hi everyone - a little update on the full moon in November 27th / 28th 2023

This full moon is otherwise known as the Beaver moon and is linked to the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in there lodges, having gathered food to last through the winter and this is the same for us on some level. So what can we do around this full moon to enlighten our body mind, and soul? Especially now in a world.

The full moon is also connected to the heart chakra so let's focus on that for a few moments as we set intentions and bring about healing for ourselves and the world around us.

Simply just breathe. Take a deep breath and feel peace in the heart. See an emerald green light come from the light of the moon to your heart centre and feel peace in that moment as the full moon highlights the need to find balance between emotional responses and logical thinking, promoting reflection on personal communication and decision making.

So with peace in mind and heart take a breath and exhale that feeling out into the world with love and healing. As we too go inwards, like the Beaver, take comfort in the knowing all is well in that moment.