Magic of the Land

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to the Magic of the Land and some rare moments I'm sure you have all experienced at some stage of your life.

It was sparked off for me when I saw a photo of a white rainbow taken over the Scottish moor 22nd of November 2016. Melvin Nicholson was out on the moor south of Glen Coe on Sunday when the unbelievably beautiful white rainbow appeared. Mr Nicholson said:

“It's a colourless rainbow that is made up of tiny water droplets that cause fog”

He said an isolated windswept tree framed by the fog completed the shot.

It was beyond magical.

“One of those days you will always remember for a long long time to come” he added.

Now that got me thinking there have been many a time I have been out in nature in the past and of late, only to recall moments like this.

Seeing the magic of the land there is a certain kind a feeling and memories that comes from being out in nature.

For me Tara brings that feeling to me and I'm sure you all have such a place that speaks to the soul and brings ease to the body and lightens your mood.

I always feel better after being in nature. Like it has a magic energy about it that lifts your soul. Woodlands, streams and rivers, trees, sacred land and so much more.

So with the help of this rare and beautiful rainbow I thought "let's get some photos of rare moments of the magic of the land" and I'd like to start by sharing this beautiful photo taken in Scotland. And, of course, there is no time or date for this post... just magic.

Blessings to all, Bernadette Mac