Weekly Card and Quote archive

From 2019 to November 2020 Bernadette Mac shared an uplifting weekly message. The archive is a reflection of the energies as we moved through the yearly cycle. They can be as relevent today as they were on their first appearance.


Cards drawn during November 2019 and the full cycle finishing with 20th November 2020


From New Love and Freedom to Celeste the cards and messages so often reflect what is happening in our lives


Divine Timing, Support... the card and messages are always relevent.


Heal old wounds with people and situations..... Do not hold back, right now the timing is perfect and you're ready to Soar. The cards and messages speak to our soul.


You can do it. When we marry intention with action miracles happen. Believe and Gathering Your Tribe were two of the cards this month.


The Earth is our School ... and other cards which share inspiration and insight.


2020 sees us all in 'lockdown' as a pandemic sweeps the earth. Very appropriate cards and messages appear.


Bernadette Mac draws a weekly card and message


On 27th July - Archangel Raphael: Eat a healthful diet. Get active, sleep and exercise regularly for optimal health.

August weekly cards

Stand facing the west, the setting sun. Imagine all intentions & blocks which are in your life and flow from your heart into the sun as the sun sets. It carries with it your cares and concerns to be transformed by its purifying energy.

September Weekly Cards

Imagine how it would feel to be a rolling hill, a great mountain, a deep ocean, lying in a meadow with wildflowers high in the mountains.

October weekly message

ELDER - Confidence, entering your power. Standing strong. You are a leader stepping into the light. Let your truth be heard and felt by others. You are a beacon for others.