Pre - Autumn Equinox 2019

This year - 2019 - Tara Celebrations Autumn Equinox get-together is at Loughcrew.

Thinking about this my mind immediately went to the connections between Loughcrew and Tara. There must be many but two stood out for me.


Get comfortable, relax, lift your arms and release any tension held in your armpits, jiggle your hips and allow them to relax and widen.

Take three gentle breaths, slow, soft, silent, and then one long sigh.

We stand at the beginning, poised between sound and silence. The winds are fresh and motivating, they fill our lungs with a cool warmth. The winds represent our needs to keep learning and moving, flowing.

You are standing on a path with a gate in front of you. It is ajar, welcoming you to walk through. You do so and follow the path. It leads you up a gentle hillside, up to a standing stone.

Feel a soft breeze on your cheek, hear the rustle of the breeze, see the light clouds overhead moved by the breeze, smell the air as your breathe.

Be aware that you are standing at the centre, next to the stone, the horizon all around you as if it is the rim of a wheel.

Be in this space for as long as you want to be.

When ready to return thank the stone and all beings for their presence and walk down the path again to the gate. Stop for a moment and look back at the hill, thank it for it's presence and support during the meditation, then step back through the gate, closing it behind you.

Now take three noisy strong breaths and return to feeling the support of the ground under you and being in the now moment, so that you can continue with your day to day life.

Nora Judge Monday 16th September 2019