2023 - Creating the Lighthouse Pt. 2 - Tara & Connect

No one has stepped forward to host a formal get-together. Thus I am suggesting a spontaneous 'whatever happens' event for Summer Solstice 2023, at the old Fairy Tree on the Hill of Tara.

More information about the Fairy Tree here... Faery Tree - Hill of Tara

To get the conversation started this can be a time to share poetry, music, song, story or whatever you feel like contributing. Whatever you feel inspired to bring.

Lighthouses have been cropping up a lot in people's texts and messages and the need to renew and strengthen our bonds to our ancestors, spirit world, energetic forces, being in the moment and connecting to earth energies. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.

Many are feeling to connect to their inner light and I am reminded of 2012 Winter Solstice -

'Creating the Lighthouse' – Each tunes into their own inner light. Imagine a large upright spiral set up at the junction of the two circles (infinity symbol). On this you hang a shiny bright bauble to symbolise your own spirit and light, all brought together to form a group lighthouse.

Thus I am calling the theme for this celebration Creating the Lighthouse Part 2.

As always these are only suggestions, and for sure what is meant to happen will happen, for the highest good of all. NJ

John and Jean on the Hill of Tara

At the 'old' fairy tree there were about four new shoots growing up through the weeds. Having cleared it a little, folk went over to the 'new' tree and joined in calling in the energies, a short meditation, including John O'Donohue's poem - To Come Home to Yourself (words further down page), a healing circle and a blessing.

Thanks to Carol and Catherine, the drummers, for their enormous contribution and to the lady who shared her strawberries and all who attended.

John A on Hill of Tara

The eastern side of the Hill, with the Visitor Centre (church) and Maguire's shop.

Campers in a lush meadow,
looking north eastwards towards Newgrange

Susan C in the east and Martin in Shannon in the west

May the warmth of the sun and the heat of the fire be with you throughout the year.

Anne at Dublin Bay

Limerick Sunset from Catherine

Jackie and Pat in Portugal and Ireland

Jackie at the Benagil caves, Algarve, Portugal and Pat shares the analemma sun pattern - figure-8 curve you get when you mark the position of the Sun at the same time each day for one year.

Louise was on Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey

The spectacular Holyhead Mountain on Holy Island, Anglesey, juts out into the Irish Sea. On the eastern side is the site of a Roman watchtower called Caer y Twr - fort of the pile/heap - and near the base are the remains of a group of huts possibly occupied by farmers as early as the middle Stone Age, through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. There are traces of field systems and the bases of dry-stone walls of twenty huts, and there are a number of standing stones in the vicinity. On a clear day you can see the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. Below the mountain is the South Stack lighthouse, built by Trinity House in 1809.

To Come Home to Yourself

May all that is unforgiven in you, be released.

May your fears yield their deepest tranquilities.

May all that is unlived in you, blossom into a future, graced with love.

by John O’Donohue

Nora J in Derbyshire, England

Enjoyed the abundance of bird song and plant life in the garden

18th June 2023 - New Moon inspiration from Bernadette Mac - New Moon Celebrations

Hi everyone welcome. New moon blessings to you all today on this the 17th of June 2023 or 18th depending on where you are in the world.

I was guided to pull a card to see what message comes through today and that message is - Understanding.

I hope this message brings some clarity to you all.

The birds in the Page of Water card are looking outside, from what looks like a cage. This cage has no doors, and the bars are disappearing. The bar is an illusion, and thus little bird is being summoned by grace, by the desire for freedom and encouraged by the other birds. It is spreading its wings and getting ready for flight.

The dawn of new knowledge - the cage is always open, and the sky is always there for us to explore - can make us tremble a little at first. It's okay, and trembling is natural, but don't let it eclipse your chance to experience relaxing and adventure, right there alongside the trembling. This time, move with sweetness and courtesy. Feel the vibe inside you. Spread your wings and feel free.

Many blessings and healing to all and may you find comfort in this message above. Bernadette mac.