Prayer Flags

Shortly after creating and working energetically with the Golgotha grid ( crystal grid ) I got the feeling that it would be wonderful to somehow share the fresh wholesome energy with the world.

I was on my 2 Km jog around the roads and I noticed some houses had the Irish flag flying in a show of solidarity in the Covid lock down. This reminded me of the use of fairy trees and how it was customary to tie a bio-degradable ribbon to a twig and through a process of sympathetic magic as the rag wore away so would the illness of the stricken person.

When I got home I got some old t-shirts and ripped them into ribbons or bandages and I simply wrote with black marker on the bandages things I wanted to share with the world.

I used Reiki symbols, symbols seen in dreams, spirals from rock art inspired by Newgrange, words in Irish and English such as Love, Grá, Healing, Peace etc

As I was working I was reminded that all healing is self healing. That if I made a healing energetic change to me that this would act like a tuning fork and resonate all over creation with this energy, which in turn would work on changing our reality of the virus.

More over, everything I encounter, every person, virus and situation would be honour bound to resonate at this new frequency, how can it not?

I hung them on a cherry tree in the garden and asked the divine to birth the beneficial energy of each ribbon to me and hence the world every time the wind moved it.

Each time I look out the window I am reminded to choose thoughts of a high vibration and to send them out into the living ether.

As I see it, we all contribute to the energetic yoke sac of humanity for good or ill. I'm consciously choosing health, joy and love.

I'm consciously choosing/creating who I want to be at this time. How about you?

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” - Rumi

--- oOo ---

Martin D - April 2020