Feast Days & Festivals

Festivals, feast days, celebrations and traditions from Ireland and around the world. An on-going project for Anne Newman who shares these contributions that add value to our local Tara Celebrations experiences.

We do not seek to do what they did, we seek what they sought.

We are not repeating the gatherings of the past, but our ancestors sought to bring access to and awareness of contemporary seasonal energies and that is modus operandi now. Use of these historic processes is valuable but not necessarily to be followed to the letter.

Bank holidays in 2024 - Ireland

Monday, January 1 - New Years Day
Friday, March 18 - Saint Patrick's Day

Monday, May 6 - May Day
Monday, August 5 - August Bank
Wednesday, December 25 - Christmas Day

Monday, February 5 - Imbolc
Monday, April 1 - Easter Monday
Monday, June 3 - June Bank
Monday, October 28 - October Bank
Thursday, December 26 - St Stephen's Day