Brat Bhride - blessing the land every St.Brigid's Eve

Hi Everyone, welcome to the Magic of the Land.

As we approach Imbolc, St. Bridget's day, 1st February, the first day of spring, when things start to bloom, thinking about it over the past few weeks and looking back to many celebrations with TC, St. Bridgets is one of my favourite.

One thing I love to do is on the eve of St Bridget's day is, in the past, I went to the Hill of Tara to the well and left out a brid cloth in a safe place overnight. And the same in An Tobar where I have left the cloth in the woods or on the labyrinth. I would tell the staff in An Tobar not to take it up. I leave it there because on the Eve of St Bridget's day it is said she wipes the land and blesses it with the morning dew and the cloth left out.

It has been used for healing. As the story goes, her healing energy is on it. I then cut it into strips and it has been used in my personal life for healing and I pass it onto those who are in need of it also - some in hospitals and meditation groups and some in parts of the world I have visited in the past.

I have tied some on trees in Egypt, Jordan, all around the Middle East, UK in Sherwood Forest, as well as the hill of Tara and other places around Ireland and sometimes in my own back garden.

It said to bring healing magic for the higher good of all.

I also use it when I meditate and have some under my bed when I sleep. It has surely helped me over the years at different times of my life when I needed healing and it give me so much hope knowing its been blessed by a special lady.

Brat Bhride Cloth 31st January 2020

Blessings to all on the eve of St Bridget. My cloth is out in my back garden this year. There is a wind rising out there so maybe Bridget has a real strong force of healing this spring.