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Note: Always refer to arrangements announced for each Celebration.

The high-light of the year, the longest days. If there is a get-together face to face information will be posted early June.

Summer SolsticeSt John’s Eve and Midsummer

The Cosmic Web by Pat

I can’t speak for everyone, only myself.

My feelings, my emotions, my experiences, my thoughts are all unique to me.

My hopes, my dreams, my despair, my ecstasy, my gains, my losses are like no one else’s ever in the history of the universe, yet they are yours too because the Cosmic Web Connects all Beings, Things, Times, Places, Realities, Realms and Dimensions.

Genus Loci permission

'I thanked the directions and the place I was in. It was at this point I realised I had forgotten at the beginning to ask permission of the spirit of place to do something that would likely have an energetic imprint in their world. Basic energy manners, knock before you come in.

“I’m so sorry, I totally forgot. I recant everything I say or did that may have caused offence”.

But in the next breath I got the feeling of being embraced. I got the feeling that it was accepted and even welcomed by the genus loci.' 2020 - Goodbye Hello - Donabate