Creating a Labyrinth

Document - Introducing St. Finbarres labyrinth.docx.pdf by Martin Dier

Just for fun I wanted to have a go at making a temporary grass cut labyrinth. This would be a small project based on the width of the lawn mower.

All I wanted to do was to create a 4 circuit labyrinth by cutting it's pattern into longer grass. The shape can be maintained by weekly trimming at the lawnmower's lowest setting.

I found a design I liked on pinterest and could see it was made of concentric circles with turns here and there. So I drew it out roughly on paper.

Then I measured the width of the lawn mower (60cm) and calculated that the 4 radial paths would be a radius of 240cm + the 3 dividing walls (40cm each) would be 120cm giving an overall radius of 360cm and a diameter of 720cm, so not exactly tiny.

I put in a bamboo in the centre of the lawn and used a dusting of lime to mark out the concentric circles. Then I went back to my drawing and put in the bends to adjacent paths and carefully cut the grass.

The results were not as perfect as I would have liked but I should be able to tweek the results over the next couple of weeks.

It's position is close to the sitting room window so it is a feature to look out on and appreciate.

Other gardening trends are encouraging people to be creative and cut unusual patterns into their lawns; ellipses, circles, spirals, wavy borders, hearts and letters of the alphabet.

Martin D - May 2020

Other Labyrinths

Martin (and Bernadette Mac) has also described designing and setting up the An Tobar Labyrinth... read more here.... Labyrinth at An Tobar, Co. Meath

There is one outside and one inside the Retreat Centre.

St Finbarre's labyrinth, Cork.

Labyrinths in Celebrations

2021 - Labyrinth on Donabate Beach

May our steps be supported by the Earth,

May our wishes be carried by the Wind,

May our passions be lit by the Fire

May our worries be washed by the Water

May our spirits be fed by Ether.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to walk a labyrinth. When you walk it the mind is quietened, and you have the time to reflect, listen to inner guidance and let go.

The entrance is an opportunity to stop, reflect, make prayer or intention for the spiritual walk you are about to take.

The walk around the design to the centre can be a "letting go" - a quieting of the thoughts, a letting go of worries, lists of tasks to do, and just be with the experience of being present in the body.

Arrival at the centre

  • - here is a place and time to pause
  • - to hear inner guidance and a place just to be.

Then, when you are ready, you head back out, back to the world.

2021 - Spirals and Labyrinths

I had set out the spiral with the string from Solstice and Imbolg, and had flowers, a crystal, the three boats from last equinox in Donabate, incense, a mandarin and the three eggs in the centre. Susan

So I walked the spiral and every time I came to a symbol on the path I talked to it. With the positive symbols it was easy and I was radiating love and light and completion. I felt really connected to the group and that the time delay was inconsequential.

The shadow side was more challenging but did make for interesting conversation.

The skull/darkness said that darkness simply hid things such as love and truth but not to fear it as it was as integral to our experience as the in breath is to the out breath. Even the bright flame of the candle sits on its dark throne. Darkness fosters sleep and rest and calm. It is the dark flesh covered skeleton in which the light light of the soul incarnates. Martin