October to December

2nd Sunday in October - Canadian Thanksgiving Day

A Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia is a wonderful symbol of abundance and bounty.

12th October - Nuestra Señora del Pilar - Our Lady of the Pillar

The first known and earliest recognized apparition of Our Lady, and one which took place while she was still living on earth.

21st October - Apple Day

Celebrating Apple Day is as easy as picking out your favorite apple and taking a bite out of it or maybe curling up with a book and some hot apple cider.

October to Mid-November - Bhai Dooj

Give him a good meal ... he's your brother - exchange gifts and pray for a long and prosperous life for all your siblings.

31st October - Hop-tu-Naa, Isle of Man

Manx Gaelic 'shogh ta'n Oie', which translates as 'this is the night.'

November - Diwali

Victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

1st November - All Hallows' Day, All Saints Day.

Happy New Year and all Hail to the Ancestors

2nd November - All Soul’s Day

Today I will light candles to remember the ancestors and call their names out loud so that they may be remembered.

5th November - Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night

The explosives were discovered with hours to spare after an anonymous tip-off.

8th November - St Cybi / St Cuby

Cyngar was older and had lost his teeth. A milking cow was kept to provide him with food ... and that led to a lot of bad tempered cursing....

10th November - St. Grellan

"a treasured relic from the dawn of Christianity in Ireland, though handed down with loving care through thirteen centuries, was in the end put to base use, before finally disappearing from sight, perhaps forever."

11th November - St Martin's Day

The donkey, the grapes and the buns


It is said that a portal between heaven and earth is open in the three months from 11th November to 11th January. They are also known as the Divine Trinity.

16th November - Hecate's night

Hecate is the goddess of the twilight, who sees everything that happens in the shadows.

17th November - St Hilda of Whitby

The monastery was unusual by modern standards in that it contained both a women’s and a men’s monastic house, with Mother Hilda as spiritual head of both.

20th November - St Edmund's Day

Should Edmund be Patron Saint of England?

21st November - World Hello Day

Since 1973, when there was conflict between Israel and Egypt, this response to bring people together has been promoted.

25th November - St Catherine's Day & White Ribbon day

Approaching 30 and not married? Un tel qu'il teplaira Seigneur, je m'en contente!" "Send whoever you want, Lord; I'll be happy!".

4th Thursday in November - American Thanksgiving

John F.Kennedy was the first president reported to spare the turkey given to him (he announced he didn't plan to eat the bird), and Ronad Regan was the first to grant the turkey a presidential pardon.

Last weekend in November - Stir up Sunday

The weekend before 1st Sunday in Advent. Anne related how "We each made a wish and stirred the pudding mix three times".

30th November - St Andrews Day

St Andrew never actually stepped foot in Scotland, so how did he become the patron saint of Scotland?

4th December - St. Barbara

St. Barbara is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, venerated because their intercession is believed to be particularly effective against diseases. Barbara is often invoked against lightning and fire, with associations of explosions.

5th / 6th December - Feast of St. Nicholas and Krampus

Ready for Santy? small gifts and treats left in shoes or stockings... or something a little less delightful... how did it all begin?

7th December - St. Ambrose

It is said that when Ambrose was just a baby, a swarm of bees landed on his face and left behind a drop of honey. His father took this as a sign that Ambrose would become someone great with a wonderful sense for speaking.

8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception

It was the day that the farmers would call to the office to collect their cheques they were due for their beet and veg deliveries. We were in trouble if we didn’t have their cheque ready for them.

12th December - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Nuestra Señora de Guadalup

On her blue cloak, the stars are arranged as they appeared in the morning darkness at the hour of her first apparition. Under her feet, is a great crescent moon, a symbol of the old Aztec religion.

13th December - St. Lucia's Day

It seems that older traditions recognize the duality of powerful forces. 

17th December - Sow Day on the Orkneys

In Scandinavian myth, Freyr possessed a magical gold boar named Gullinbursti (Golden Bristles). This creature was able to run as fast as any steed and glowed with a golden light that could drive away shadow and turn night into day.

18th December - The Festival of Epona

She is the protector of horses, stables, and horse owners. And a horse, once regarded as the Devil's toy, the Swedish Dala horse

Halcyon Days

During the winter a period when storms do not occur and, according to mythology, the halcyon, aka kingfisher, can lay her eggs.

21st December - Feast of St Thomas the Apostle

Instructions of 'How to Dream About Your Future Husband' are included in this piece

26th December - Hunting the Wren and Boxing Day

The Wren boys (or girls!) dress up in old clothes and paint their faces. They travel from house to house singing, dancing and playing music.

31st December - New Year's Eve

Fireworks and flares followed by a first footer... and New Year's Day arrives with NO sweeping out that Good Luck

Welsh Tradition in December - Mari Lwyd

Wel dyma ni’n dwad -Well here we come - Gy-feillion di-niwad - Innocent friends - I ofyn am gennad - To ask leave - I ofyn am gennad i ganu - To ask leave - to sing.