Spirit Healing

Spirit and Earth Healing experience

Reflections on working with the earth during lock down.

One of the results of lock down for me was the chance to look inward and find time and space for getting back to doing things I love like, meditation, dream analysis, healing, reading, gardening, baking, etc.

One of the things I had put on the long finger was engaging energetically in a kind and loving way toward the land. Not that I go around hating the place, but I hadn't put in any “conversation” with the land having been tied up with work and house and relationship and generally living a busy lifestyle. The lock down provided an opportunity to slow down and a chance to reconnect at a deeper level with self and place. And it's not a thing you suddenly decide to do, like flicking a switch. It's for me more like a process, more of a journey. Something that unfolds. You take the first step and only then the next one reveals itself.

From this perspective I wondered if there was any meaningful connection between some problems with a corner of the garden and recent escalation of tension between people living in the area .

A thought popped into my head. “What if the energy of the land, the earth memory, were in some way sponsoring this ?”. Then the next thought was “well if this is the case, and it has come to my attention, then maybe it would be appropriate to work with the earth to bring some healing and peace.”

Knowing that four town lands met along my garden boundary I felt that doing something here could effect hundreds of acres of land. So drawing a circle at the intersection point I put down some garden grown herbs, sprinkled it with potentised earth remedy water, some small crystals and prayed that there would be a peaceful flow of energy in me, as I am part of this area, and between north, south, east and west in this area.

The next day I decided to go for a walk to a nearby ruin to photograph some interesting architectural details. At the time I didn't connect my activity the evening before with what would enfold, but there tends to be 20-20 vision in hindsight. During my visit I went into the nearby forest where I got a cold creepy feeling, dread and a sense of unwelcome. I didn't leave immediately but hung around until I was satisfied to go home.

But I did get to thinking about my experience and the fact that I had asked for peace in the area. Then I realised this was the area that needed peace, this should be the focus of some healing, so I committed to coming back another day to work in the forest.

Two days later I brought over some of the potentised water. I wandered aimlessly in the forest asking to be brought to where ever I was most needed and I stopped at 3 spots which felt oppressive, stuck and dark. At these points I visualised the tangled lines of energy being combed straight and a healthy pattern being placed into the local grid, so in my mind's eye I saw a type of colourful tartan picnic blanket covering the peninsula.

I gave myself a pat on the back and thought “Great job, well done, you did something positive for mother earth, hopefully this will help sort out the local energies”.

Later that night I awoke roaring from a nightmare.

All I can remember was that I was outside the kitchen window holding some musket balls and in the surrounding darkness I heard multiple voices whispering, hissing and shouting at me “WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE,WE ARE HERE”.

Some dreams just say it as it is. The spirits were literally there, outside the house in the dark. I was literally in the dark about the spirits that were probably killed by musket shot. In working with the earth grid I had unwrapped the next layer, but as of yet, I hadn't done any work on spirit release, despite the fact that there is local lore of religious brothers having been hunted and killed locally during the penal times. The spirits were anxious, perhaps even angry that they had been ignored.

Early the next evening I was back in the forest with some incense, the last of the potentised water and a candle. I invoked divine protection and asked my spirit guides to manage my energy field during something that had the potential to be a turbulent experience.

As it turned out it was a quiet and easy experience and after some prayer and mental conversations with the multiple spirits I asked for the angels to guide them back to source and to keep the door open for any other wandering spirits in the area that may wish to “go home”. This should cover any other earth bound spirits, spirit fragments, and spirits in different time periods unrelated with the violent deaths in the forest.

Feeling I had been as thorough and as authentic as I could be I left the forest to walk home and as I turned around before leaving the field the full moon was just clearing the horizon and catching the tree tops in a soft, silvery amber glow.

Interestingly the tensions between the locals has eased and the forest seems lighter, brighter and less foreboding. I say less foreboding as my gut feeling is that there is still something to be done, but checking in with the genus loci I get the feeling that things will fall into place, my bit is done (for the moment anyway).

Watch this space.

Martin D - Summer Solstice 2020