Names & Astrology, Energies & Influences - January to June

Join Bernadette Mac as she shares names and astrology, energies and influences of the annual moon cycle. The following is collated from celebrations from 2019 to present. Scroll down to the date you want.

As you can see the moon is in the centre of the dream catcher- a web -

just like where we all are at this moment in time, not stuck but being

present in our centre connection with each other via the web.

Super Moon

A super moon occurs when a full Moon is at the closest point to Earth during it's orbit, it appears larger and brighter. What does this mean for you at this time?

The moon will be brighter, in the Spring things are starting to grow, emerging from the darkness and coming up into the light. Are you emerging from a darkness or place of reflection, just like the worm? Coming out of your shell with confidence,new ideas, and looking forward. Maybe you have come to the end of the cycle just like the full moon? If a full moon is a supermoon what is it reflecting in your life at this moment?

Do, on a full super moon, allow yourself to shine.

Blood moon

This happens when Earth's moon is in a total lunar eclipse. The usually silver white moon becomes red or ruddy brown. Lunar eclipses can only happen during a full moon, when the sun fully illuminates the surface.

Look up at the moon if it is visible in the evening sky. If not know that it is there. As the flowers in the garden start to close down for the night, listen to the birds get ready to settle in for the night chirping away in the trees.

For there is great healing in that small few minutes to heal any issues or challenges you may be going through at this time. Let the wave of healing wash over you from the light of the moon and let the blood in your body flow with this healing.

Blue Moon

Every two or three years there is an extra full moon. It has nothing to do with the colour of the moon and all to do with the difference between lunar and solar cycles. From new moon to new moon takes 29.5 days, meaning 354 days total for 12 complete (annual) cycles. The solar year is 365/366 days. Therefore, this discrepancy of about 10 days requires an adjustment roughly every two and a half years. An additional 13th full moon is added to the lunar year. It does not fit into the standard 12 names for the year and is thus referred to as a ‘blue moon’.

An ghealach i mí Eanáir - the moon in January

The date and time of the first new and full moon - (moon = Ghealach in Irish) - of the year depends on where you are in the world, and it sometimes falls on Little Christmas, Nollaig Na MBan.

Wolf moon, the Ice Moon, Stay Home and Quiet Moon.

The first new moon of the year holds great spiritual significance as the it symbolizes new beginnings and offers us a chance to start afresh. It does not have to be a major change, you can start small. Remember the strength of a mustard seed.

Our thoughts are also affected by the new moon's energy. We may find ourselves more focused and very much aware of our surroundings. It helps us to become more aligned with our inner being as we set goals and new beginnings. We switch our mindset to a more positive energy. A perfect time to set intentions and taking actions towards achieving them.

In 2023 Wolf Full moon, was on the 6th, Little Christmas, so many astrologers were talking about a massive shift of energy and trusting in the unseen. It was also 3 Kings day and the 12th night, in other words it's time to bring Christmas to a close, and move forward and this night is a perfect time to do so.

Early January full moon lies in Gemini and if it happens during the second half, as it did in 2022 and will again in 2024, it will fall in Cancer the Crab. The crab has a hard shell around itself so ask yourself how are my boundaries at this moment in time in my life? have I set healthy boundaries?

The full wolf image comes to mind howling at the moon on a snow mountain. In other words the wolf is the reflection of you setting your intentions on this new year or asking for guidance. Faoilleach - the old Gaelic/Irish winter month means the Month of the Wolf. The cold January Wolf Moon lightens the path of the hunters, showing the way. Intuitive, shadowy, Wolf is often connected with the Moon and her cycles. The howling of the moon, with the wolf, also has a sense of releasing old stuck energies.

The moon on a chimney top was taken last night by myself...

Now the image of the moon on the chimney top... and I had fun taking this photo last night as nature presented this opportunity to me I thought of the fireplace in the home was a place where we sit and relax, in the heart of our homes. Each shot I took of the moon, it lifted in a few seconds up into the night sky, which was clear and the stars were very visible. So I thought of the new year the first full moon and setting intentions with the light of the full moon... and the power of prayer from our homes and hearts will be answered. All one had to do is trust and let go, have faith, let go of the steering wheel so to speak.

... and this morning a good friend sent me this photo of the moon in the morning sky from Roscommon, thank you, Amanda. Snow and ice have been fresh and clear so as you set your intentions to be clear in your heart and mind of what you ask for as you voice your prayer to the light of the full moon bringing in clear intentions.

Lots of frost and pink colours. In the picture, you will see a fence of wire but it spread out not restricted, a word many of us are very familiar with over the past few years. Maybe now is the time to take that out of our mindset in a gentle way.

In the centre of the field stands a tree alone but strong. As the outer of the field boundaries are set in the distance, the moon is going down as the sun rises for a new day. Bring this new day to light with the loving light of the full moon, with healing, as we set our intentions moving forward later tonight on this first full moon of 2022.

An ghealach i mí Feabhra - the moon in February

Hi everyone! welcome to the full moon in Leo the 5th of February 2023. Later in the month the moon is in Virgo. In the silence of love you will find the spark of life. Rumi.

Otherwise known as the Snow moon early February's full moon in Leo is romantic, full of love, and focused on the affairs of the heart. As we have just celebrated St. Valentine's Day on Monday the 14th February it will bring sparks of romance and love for some people midweek. Words that come to mind is creativity , manifestation, love, playfulness , music.

Leo being the lion, the leader, maybe it's a time of taking back control of your life expressing yourself and being creative, seeing things unfold in a beautiful way, new love, or love for the self, being more mindful of your health and what direction your life has been going.

Confident fun-loving and big-hearted Leo. You can expect to feel more exuberant, empowered, and optimistic, and because the sign of the lion is also the ruler of the 5th house of romance and self-expression you can expect both of these teams to feature prominently as well.

It's also a good time to wrap up projects and ideas. And to close doors to things that no longer serve us.

Moving forward in the energy of love... Self love and self care... Letting go of the old and making room for the new.

When the full moon is in Virgo I invite you to step out in nature and ground yourself deep into the earth beneath your feet. Take a deep breath and bring the fresh grounding energy of the earth up through your body and up to the light of the full moon, to purify your physical and emotional body.

As it is now springtime and the evenings are getting so much brighter and it's a time of birthing of new growth. Did you plant new seeds in the garden? or in the home ? Did you ask for new ideas and projects on the new moon?

As we come into this new season and the Spring Equinox afoot watch your manifestations bloom to life. Just like a flower. bring peace to your heart and feel your soul restored as you align with your higher self and heart energy.

Also the Snow Moon is like a blank page. In some cases snow storms keep us from going from our homes but gives us an a opportunity to focus on our gifts, get back to basics and create our gifts we put away on a shelf.

Now this full moon I was guided to bring in the crystal moonstone.

And the meaning of the moonstone is compassion and empathy. It helps us to tap into our intuition and enhances our psychic abilities and clairvoyance. The feminine energy is activated by the moonstone. The serene and tranquil energy of the moonstone also invites creativity, healing and motherly protection.

Like many I know, including myself, I always leave out my crystals on the full moon to be cleared and energized and I ask you to pay close attention to the moonstone as she does her work in the field of healing.

Sometimes there are two full moons in a month and this happened when we came up to the 2nd full moon of the year in 2019. It was a New Year to some, just having passed the Chinese New Year, the 5th of February 2019 and, of course, Valentines just on the 14th. So a lot of energies moving there.

So I invite you to pause for a moment and remember loved ones who brought us joy and laughter, and then bring the focus on the self.

Maybe some of you have started spring cleaning in the home or internally, breaking old patterns of thought or actions. Only you know your journey to date.

Have you noticed how things around us in nature are coming to life very early some years? time is surely speeding up.

As you go about doing a spring clean maybe you come across some old photos and items you are letting go of or keeping. As you do so, have you noticed how time had flown by and how everything seems so far away, yet at the same time close?

Buds are starting to come alive again, the birds are singing in the evening time, spring is surely here. The evenings are getting brighter so pause for a moment and ask yourself;

'What is it I would like to see grow and flourish in my life this spring?'

A little thought for the next coming weeks.... 'What are you grateful for???'

Only in gratitude can we make room for more blessings, a time for love, light and healing.

And what of the New Moon?

1st of February 2022 the new moon was inviting us not only to bring about healing but it was inviting us to dream about our future and make it real. It's here to remind us that when we think about where we want to be tomorrow, we must lay down the groundwork for manifesting that desire today.

Beginning of the month is St Bridget's day when we have the tools to help us bring our dreams, new ideas, and new adventures, healing, love and light, into our world. With the healing cloths of St Bridget and her cross bring the same to all who need it, of course, for the highest good of all.

Normally on a new moon there is a suggestion that you all write on a piece of paper all you want to manifest on the night of the new moon and burn it from the light of the candle you would use for your ritual or meditation whatever is best for you.

But on this occasion, just ahead of springtime, I've decided to plant my intentions in my garden with my seeds, offering up to the spirit guides and my angels and the spirits of nature and just let it go. As you do this in a quiet place within your heart feel the love and send it to your seeds and intentions that you want to plant. Again bring your focus back to your heart and fill it with peace, peace for the self and send that peace into the seeds and intentions.

Planting your seeds in your yard, garden, or flowerpot, and the intentions you have written on a piece of paper and let mother nature and the spirit of the wind, rain, sun and earth, of each and every intention that you have set and just let it go so the growth will be one of peace, love, for ourselves and for our planet or world at this time.

Also as it a time of Lent maybe there are habits you might like to break.

An ghealach i mí an Mhárta - the moon in March

A time of spring cleaning and revamping your inner and outer life as we set our intentions on the early March full moon in Virgo. This full moon is known for the Worm, Crow, Sap, Paschal (Easter) or Auger moon, the holy festival moon and it was also a super moon on the 28th March 2021.

Especially with the new moon we can experience spring time, a time of new growth, new beginnings, and we are surely being asked to do just that. I see how we are all connected in a new way using the web to stay in touch.

Why is it called a Worm Moon? Well it's the time of year that earthworms and grubs tend to emerge from the winter dormancy, making a sure sign of spring, yes, spring is in the air.

It is important to remember that the energy of this March full moon in Virgo is focused on the practical aspects of our lives and a time to be mindful of our physical health in daily routines and make adjustments where needed.

And no better time than the spring full moon, a time of change, cleaning, and transformation, on all levels as we feel the energies of the light awakening within us all. As the light of not only the moon but the longer evenings brings about a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

We are now coming out of the darkness of winter and it's time to celebrate this change, creativity, and balance. Be kind to yourself, gentle and loving, as we go through this change.

Grace, peace, love, balance, gentleness, and togetherness, are the keywords that come to me right now, and support and holding space for each other in love and light.

The power is in our hands and we must use it for the good of a better future to come for all, for the highest good of all.

With the light of the full Worm moon, think only positive thoughts and intentions. There is beautiful energy about this springtime and the sun also as the evenings are so much brighter and it surly lifts the spirits of every human soul today.

There is divine energy about. Tapping into that energy and feeling the love, peace, joy and balance and most of all the healing from nature all around you whether it be the sea, a forest, by a lake or deep in the woods, it's always good to stand in your bare feet if you can and let mother earth support you at this time. Many blessings to you all on this Spring Equinox and full moon. Let the energies of love, peace, Joy and happiness fill you up in divine light today so you can shine your light for those who need it on there journey.

27th to 29th March 2021... and the reason for the 3 dates is the moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday morning through to Monday night and early into Tuesday morning.

In 2021 full moon was right in the middle of Spring Equinox and Easter Sunday (on the 4th April when in the star sign Libra). We had the Spring Equinox in Aries which happened on the 20th March and it's important to know Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the beginning of the astrological year.

With all this in mind, at this time of full super moon, the 3rd of the year 2021, it really feels like new beginnings. Which brings me to the date 28th... and when you add 2 and 8 you get 10.

It's worth looking at the numerology of a moon. Take into account the meaning of numbers 1 and 0. It is known that the number one is the symbol of leadership, new beginning and success. The number means that you have to create your own reality, follow your beliefs and your intuition.

On the other side the number 0, which is related to universal energy and spiritual aspects of your own personality. Number 0 will help you achieve your spiritual enlightenment and help you use your inner strength and wisdom. Now to know the meaning of the number 1 and 0 it's not hard to realise what the number 10 actually means - new beginnings leadership, determination, confidence and independence. The number 10 is to remind you of your spiritual life and that you should listen to your intuition and let your angels guide you to your path.

So on this full moon, supermoon, in Libra the energies are extremely high and the vibration also and it's a good time to take the opportunity to start afresh.

Just like the worm has come out of the Earth, the flowers, the buds starting to grow, where they have been in a dark place are now coming into the light and on the eve of the full moon our clocks moved forward, which gives us an extra hour of daylight.

Are you beginning to shine again, stepping out of your comfort zone just like the worm, the daffodils, the snowdrops? Emerging up from the darkness of the Earth? Yes, it's the Time to Shine. A time to step into your authentic self.

Have you taken up a new craft, a project or maybe an old craft that you put on the shelf and you are starting to do again from a different perspective?

There's an old saying that I remember my mother saying when somebody has gone through something really difficult and have come out the other side of.

There's a spring in her or his step... you can see it...

On the Virgo full moon I'm drawn to the amethyst crystal.

This purple stone is said to be incredibly protective and healing. It is said to help with negative thoughts and brings forth humanity, serenity and spiritual wisdom. It helps with addictions and cleanses ones own energy field of negative influences and attachments.

It creates a powerful shield of spiritual light around the body and acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attacks, geopathic stress and unhealthy environments.

This is truly a very powerful crystal and one which I will be putting out for cleansing and working with on the March full moon.

An old photo taken a few years back on St. Patrick's Day on the Hill of Tara.

On 21st March 2019 full moon was at 01.42. The moon had been hiding lately. Just before it was St Patrick's day (17th March), when celebrations are taking place in most parts of the world. This is an old photo on the Hill of Tara, the moon over the church.

I was standing at St Patrick's statue as I took this on the 29th of November 2017. The moon through the strings of a harp being played on Tara.

The Old Famer's Almanac 2019: It's the year's third and final of three straight full supermoons and of course the Spring Equinox is around that time also...

3 events are going on which to me bring to mind the shamrock.

So pause for a moment and ask yourself,

As the evenings become brighter again, remember it's a great opportunity to start again.

An ghealach i mí Aibreáin - the Moon in April

With the energies of April Fool on the 1st a new moon will give us much needed jovial vibes to prepare us for the warm weather and now the bight evenings. Nothing says spring like a beautiful yellow Daffodil. This flower is guaranteed to bring joy to any home, garden or spring wedding and also it's fragrance is very uplifting. Tulips of many colours: pink tulips symbolize happiness and good wishes and love, purple tulips symbolize royalty, yellow tulips symbolize joyfulness and white forgiveness. So as you plant seeds maybe you can remember the meaning of each flower as you set your intentions into the earth on this new moon.

The full Pink or Egg moon on the 16th of April 2022 was in Libra and not only in the middle of Easter but the month, bringing you to the centre of the self... and this brings me to the energy of love, forgiveness and compassion, death and rebirth.

As it's a pink moon and there are many different stories around it that can really get us caught up in our heads, I invite you to bring the focus on our hearts today.

Visualise the colour pink. Hold your hand on your heart and think about someone or a situation you need to let go of and forgive... and breathe 3 breaths. In some cases some may find this hard to do.

Then I invite you to bring the focus on the self and forgive oneself, for in doing so you allow for love to come into your heart.

Give it time. Don't rush it. Just hold your hand on your heart and breathe.

Now pink being the colour of love, I am drawn to rose quartz.

An ghealach i mBealtaine - the moon in May

Early in the month the moon connects with the solar astrological cycle of Taurus.

This full moon is known as the Flower full moon because of the abundance of blossoms that appear this time of year. It's also known as the Corn Planting moon, Milk moon. It still feels to be quiet and slow down, sitting within and not going without.

As the flowers begin to bloom it seems we go into a chrysalis phase, but in this phase we are not sleeping, we are creating, discovering, and doing a lot of inner deep work on the self. Just like the flower when it was a seed in the dark getting ready to grow and bloom, as too the butterfly in the chrysalis phase, it comes out into the world and spreads it wings and flies to the flower.

a time for blossoming and spreading your wings and flying

Beltane - fire, birth, fertility. Remember this as we burn away what no longer serves us and give birth to new ideas. Emerge, fly, blossom and shine on this full moon. Dance if you can.

Trust and have faith and believe in yourself. When you start to believe in yourself watch how things and situations change or look a whole lot different. Meditate, or go out into your garden or somewhere in nature and let the energies of this full moon just go on. Be like a wave, knowing it is there without getting too caught up in it.

Be mindful as you go within and be gentle. When you do, so you will bloom, just like the flower on this full moon. Be patient with yourself.

Look around you at the little things in life and how important they are. Maybe things we overlook and think they are not as important as big events - sometimes the little things in life have great power.

This brings me to a quote someone once said: ... power is hidden in the bushes...

Be kind and gentle with yourself - learn to slow down and not have to rush from one thing to the next, thinking deeply about something instead of acting quickly.

So which flower are you drawn to as this May month?

Whether it be a flower in full bloom or dandelion in your garden. Something that I think is so beautiful to watch is a dandelion will open up and greet the sun and at night when the Moon comes out she closes in to go to sleep. There is so much we can learn not only from the sun, the moon and the stars, but from the the seeds with plants in a garden and the wildflowers especially.

an ghealach i mí an Mheithimh - the moon in June

Early June brings a Strawberry, Rose or Mead full moon in Sagittarius.

As we come up to not only the full Strawberry moon we also have the energy of the Summer Solstice (usually 21st June), the longest day of the year. So a lot of strong energies going on at this time.

The colour red prevails. The base chakra, dig deep down to the base and bring it up to the 6th (Third eye chakra) and speak your truth and get things done, keeping promises to the self.

A time of gathering together and giving thanks to what we have in our life, to the hardwork that goes into the land by both men and women who work to put food on our table. Sometimes we lose sight of that and need reminding from time to time.

Mid June is also Father's Day - honouring the father energy, the male side of us all - have you been putting things off, new ideas and projects, over the past few months? As we come now to the 6th full moon of the year, the 6th charka, your inner knowing, speaking your truth and getting things done, you are tapping into the male side of the self.

Now some of you may be experiencing high emotions over the past few weeks or may have noticed others being very emotional.

There has been a mix of emotional feelings, like anger for one, in our world, maybe even yourself. So what have you been feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, or touching, at this time?

Let's start with your feelings - again these are just a few guidelines for you. Like many others I find it a great help to write down how I am feeling on a piece of paper on the full moon and what's going on for me, maybe you do that also ?

What have you been feeling over the last few weeks or since the new moon?

Maybe the same message is coming up in conversations with people or on tv and radio, are you having a recurring dream that you just can't figure out? Sometimes our dreams are just a way of releasing old energies we are not able to do in our waking life. Trust in the process and maybe write it out to be burned on the night of the full moon.

Have you been seen the same numbers coming up on your phone, car reg or clocks? 222 333 444 and so on? Just don't try to get too caught up on that either, again trust all is well. Sometimes on a full moon when the energy is high it's good to do nothing at all. Again Trust in the process.

Now look at your diet. Are you eating the right food? Summertime is a good time to eat fresh healthy salads and fruits. How has your health been?

Have you been making time to step out in nature and be in the centre of your being and mother nature?

The full moon gives us the opportunity to reset a fresh new start and reconnect again to mother nature and get grounded. As the energies are much stronger at that time and we become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings we know this deep within.

Each full moon being in a different sign or planet we can sometimes get too caught up in all the information which can keep us stuck not only in our head but in life.

Just before the summer solstice, STOP, drop anchor and pause for a moment and allow your soul to guide you to be the captain of your own ship.

Sometimes the moon is hidden behind clouds. Celebrate life in a new way. Just like the moon over the past few nights was not seen here in the sky but we knew deep in our hearts it was there... just like the past year we could not see family and friends and go to places we loved but deep inside we knew they were there and looked forward to seeing them again.

And for the ones who passed, they were very much there in our dreams at night or a song, flower or smell to remind us we are never really alone.They may be out of sight but not out of mind.

So I invite you to set up a space in your home or out in your garden, whatever is more convenient for you, with a rose quartz crystal and a flower of your choice and sit quietly and tune into that inner voice within you and listen as you bring your hands To Your Heart and fill them with love and healing from your heart chakra - and send healing to all those who need it in our world, to our family and friends, mother nature and the animal kingdom for the highest good of all.

As the sun starts to move and the moon phases change once again so do our selves. Give thanks for the healing and the opportunity to have the space to do so, never losing sight that we can do this more often now with a better understanding.

On June 2020 full moon I felt there was a huge transformation going on in everyone and the planet and because we are all in this together we surely do feel it. On the good side of all that, we are noticing birds singing, a bee on a flower, the wildflower as well as the garden flower, butterflies even dragonflies by the river. I've seen them myself on one of my walks.

There are more posts on social meda of people creating things in their homes and garden, upcyling and transforming the old into new, without realizing it is happening within also, and looking at the full moon and sunsets that they never done before and noticing our beautiful planet and taking walks in nature. It is a good way to heal all the emotional feelings, and send good vibes to our world and the anger that is going on in some parts of the world.

So on this Strawberry Full Moon it's important during the days surrounding the full moon that we try our best not to act impulsively.

In 2020 the moon was also squaring master of illusion Neptune, making us extremely emotonal and sensitive as well as vulnerable to deception. That doesn't mean we do nothing.

At this time of year it may be smart to take time to think through how we can best be useful and how to channel our frustrations and discomforts most effectively right now. Some by praying to send healing and good thoughts, compassion. If enough people send light to the ones who are in the dark times, in the hopes that it will help.

10th June 2021 New Moon:

New moon blessings to all tonight
As you all sleep so deep and tight.
And when you awake on the Solstice fire
May all your dreams and new goals manifest higher.
June new moon is one of rest, to recharge your energy back to its best.
As it's a Gemini new moon and full of fire
We need the rest to emerge and inspire.
New moon blessings to all that be.