Week commencing 25th May 2020 card and message

(posted Sunday 24th May)

Good morning, everybody, I do hope you're all having a lovely Sunday and you're feeling well. The card today for the week ahead is... Mystique.

Keep charging ahead and don't take no for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear. Mystique, a light in the darkness...

I've always found this card to be beautiful and I'm reassured whenever it pops up for me or anyone else. It is a good sign. The image on this card is a beautiful horse made of white light coming out of the darkness.

This card has come up today for some that are coming out of a dark time or coming through something that was very emotional and now is coming to the end of us. Seeing this card always tells me things are going to work out for myself personally anyway and I hope it does the same for you, although it may not work out in the way we thought or expected, things do work out this is a very positive card.

If you can relate to this card today be reassured that even in the darkest times the miracle of light can cut through any Darkness. You may not be able to see the light but it doesn't mean it's not there just like the sky at night and it's cloudy we can't see the stars or the moon but we know it's there.

Angel blessings to you all today, Bernadette Mac

Week commencing 18th May 2020 card and message

Hi everybody, the card that came off for the coming week is..

Angel Astara.

You deserve the best, reach for the stars with your dreams and your desires and don't compromise.

In the past you've settled for less than you want it but no more. I am here to raise your standards. I am also here to show you that you need not suffer in any way.

It isn't selfish to desire a better life. The more that you receive the more you are able to give others. When you allow us to give to you you are also supplied with all the necessary tools for your life purpose. You also inspire others when you show that your spiritual pack gives you all the support you could ever need.

The universe and the angels want you to enjoy your life. Happiness is a holy part of our divine mission. Whatever we can do to bring joy and peace into your life, please ask. We have noticed a reluctance on your part to ask for help. Perhaps you have felt that you didn't deserve good. Or that you would be taken away from someone else if you received our help. Yes, the universe only knows abundance. And humans are the only ones who believe in scarcity . This is a card to remind you that the universe and the angels can only intervene if you request our help.

When you feel lost, pause and look closely around you.

Somewhere, somehow, angels will be waiting to guide you home.

May you be blessed in the week ahead with love, light, abundance and healing.

Blessings, Bernadette Mac

Hi everyone hope you are all well

On this wonderful TC webpage I thought I would say a little bit of what has been going on for me at the moment energy wise. For the last few days I have been feeling very tired and wanting to sleep, like hibernation. Thought it weird this time of year as it spring and a time of growth... and being out in nature.

I spoke briefly to people in supermarkets as we kept our distance and they also said they are experiencing a tiredness they never felt before. I wondered to myself is this the result of what is going on in our world today? is it pressing us down? is our body, mind, and soul, longing for nature and routine back in our life,? who knows?

Like many there has been a lot going on with working in the house, revamping, up- cycling, gardening and clearing out clutter and some making that clutter into something useful. Something you thought needed throwing out came in useful, and said to yourself glad I did not throw that away.

It is good to exercise the mind and body, but what about the soul? mmm... I thought to myself two days ago what are we doing to nurture the soul? yes, mediation and stillness is a great way to do that. Ti Chi in the garden, yoga, even gardening, but yet people were tired in the last few days. Then it occurred to me there is a new moon coming and with it change, not only in our world but in the energy too.

Some restrictions are being lifted. We are allowed to meet some friends and see some family, no more than 4, and this is happening 18th of May just before the new moon on the 22nd of May.

The tiredness was for me, was I over did things? eating too much of the wrong food? and late nights? I was not looking after myself in a way to balance what I was doing around my home from day to day. So now, on this new moon coming up, is a great opportunity to do so.

But why wait, you might ask, till then? Our bodies are connected to all there is around us and there is an old saying go with the flow. Great old saying. So we are going with the flow, tiredness or no tiredness, life seems to take on a pattern in our energy field, just as above so below.

Today a wind has risen, a shift in energy. Maybe some can feel that energy. Maybe you had goals before all this pandemic and those goals have now changed? Maybe you have learned more now about yourselves than ever before. Have you done a lot of workshops in the past of spiritual work that came in beautifully at this time that you put on the self ? have you changed your mind about certain things you thought you would do ? lot of questions, waves of truths going through our minds, at this time.

For some I spoke to over the past few weeks and hearing conversations in supermarket lines, most of all I heard people say... " it's just what we needed, a pause button to see what we value in our life at this time" and what value we put on things that were not serving us in a good way and some forgot about family and friends.

I know for me more time will be spent with family, more coffee dates and yes, alone time also, it's so important... and focus, pause, be still and be in the moment. It all about finding the balance.

So on this New Moon take time out for a few moments and ask your higher self to guide you. Look at the sky, the stars, moon, clouds, tree, birds, anything that makes you feel peace, joy, love in your body, for it heals the body, mind, and soul.

We do live in a vibrational universe. Say goodbye to the old with gratitude and welcome the new with gratitude. So on this new moon on the 22nd of May 2020, moon in Gemini, is about choices about our thoughts. Focus, hold your spiritual centre and don't forget to set your new intention, for the higher good of all.

Many blessings, Bernadette Mac

11th May 2020 card and message

Hi everybody welcome to the angel card reading for the week ahead.

And that card is.. FOCUS

Think about what you want not what you don't want. Guard your thoughts carefully, for your thoughts create your experiences.

Sometimes it seems that our thoughts choose us, but this is never the case.

We always choose our thoughts- every moment. It's always have an effect, under are no neutral thoughts.

One-half second before you hold a thought, you decide to hold it .

So with practice you can learn to monitor and alter your thoughts. This is the equivalent of putting your hands on the steering wheel of your life.

For the week ahead pay close attention to your thoughts and focus "with the love in my mind! and hold only loving thoughts. In this act we create a steady stream of loving thoughts .

Love and ligh, Bernadette Mac

4th May 2020 card and message

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly card message...


Victory... your Desire is coming to fruition, keep up the good work.

The message in this card signifies that was ever one project or dream you are putting your efforts towards is coming into manifestation. This means you are on the right track! God and the angels are supporting your time and energy towards certain situations and letting you know that if you keep moving forward then VICTORY is yours!

Believe in yourself. You can accomplish anything that your heart desires if you believe in yourself and put your mind to it it and your passion in it. This is the magic combination... thought, passion, belief.

Victory, so move forward, keep focusing on your efforts, stay true to yourself and know that you will succeed.

Love light and gratitude. Bernadette Mac

Rainbows and moon on May Day, healing our planet.

The rainbow colours remind me of the chakras, each receiving healing at this time and the moon to lift yourselves to a higher vibration of thought.