Celestial Celebrations

work in progress for 2023 / 24

Were all religions and all scriptures of the world to be lost, and were there nothing left to us except the starry heavens, the story of the zodiac and the significance of the names of the various stars found in the different constellations, we should be able to retrace the history of man, recover the knowledge of our goal and learn the mode of its achievement. Djwhal Khul. The Tibetan.
Samhain - PleiadesWinter Solstice - Orion & the NativityImbolc - Sirius
Spring Equinox - Ursa Major
Bealtaine -Summer Solstice -
Lughnasadh - Milky Way
Autumn Equinox - Sun and Moon

Awakening of the Pilgrim

Wood engraving by an unknown artist appears in Camille Flammarion's 1888 book L'atmosphère : météorologie populaire - The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology.