Toilet Rolls recycled


Marta has made and shared these wonderful ideas for bags / pouches.... You can put a note inside, glue them onto a card or journal or onto a wrapped gift.

Useful in ceremony. Sometimes you do not want people to be distracted by bright or fascinating items in the centre and putting them into these bags is a great way of having them to hand yet not visible, ready to bring out at the appropriate moment.

In meditation we may share notes and small items and these are ideal bags that will fit into a pocket. Making them can be part of the meditation.

Gods, goddesses and Nativity figures

Inspired with good intention and with a connection to the energies of the archetype these serve as symbols of the being you want to connect to.

Wrap a suitable cloth around the tube and fasten. The head can be a oval piece of paper attached to the tube. You may or may not want to put human features such as eyes and mouth onto it. We shared these Nativity figures at a meditation. They were useful as they provided a standing figure and balanced easily on the floor.