What do you do with all those leftover tubes from the toilet rolls you have stockpiled? Or those CDs you are throwing away? Click here for some great craft ideas that can be used to celebrate the festivals and seasons of the year.

Make beforehand or at a get-together... items for the centre, items to create and take home, traditional symbols for a particular time.

Brigid's Cross

how? when? and why?


Fire energises, illuminates and warms us. Brigid's candle, Individual intentions, Continuity candle, Advent Candle wreath

CDs recycled

Storyboards, candle mats, Christmas decorations, garden decorations

Crystal Grid

I was working from home and my desk was a bit messy so I rearranged the computer, keyboard, speakers and mouse mat which was a print of the magnificent labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral.

Fire Bowl

No kindling or paper to hand but want to add fire to your ceremony?

Garden Altar

A place for my Buddha

Halloween Lanterns

Harvest Dolls

The spirit of the corn lived within the field and crop, harvest the corn and the spirit is homeless.

Prayer Flags

I hung them on a cherry tree in the garden and asked the divine to birth the beneficial energy of each ribbon to me and hence the world every time the wind moved it.


Catching the sun, catching the light... shining at a window, casting rainbows on the walls of a room... suncatchers brighten our day with their beauty, just as a medieval stained glass window lightens a church.

Talking Stick

Discussion at a meeting flows better using a talking stick. Rather than cross talking we have to wait til it is our turn, be quiet and pay attention to what is said. It helps us listen. So often we do not 'hear' what is being said.

Toilet Rolls recycled

craft ideas - bags & figures - Sometimes in meditation or ceremony you do not want people to be distracted by bright or fascinating items - putting them into these bags you have them to hand yet not visible, ready to bring out at the appropriate moment.