May Love Heal our World prayer

To the earth. To the collective human race.

So the intention of today's Meditation is to guide you through a prayer that will help you send healing and loving energy out into the world so we can colletively shift out of darkness and live in the light....

Feel the warmth inside of you, gathering around your heart, charged with a DEEP desire to heal.

Send your love, compassion, kindness, empathy, your healing prayer to this sphere of light.

See it as it gets charged with your love.

This ball of light lives in your heart and now it's time to give it to the world.

As you see yourself shining your light, you hear yourself silently say these words:

May love heal our world.
May we all choose kindness and compassion.
May those who are sick, heal.
May those who are anxious find peace.
May those who are in pain be relieved.
May those who have light to spread come forth.
May those who have darkness in their hearts find love.
May the individual and collective fear be washed away.
And may the light inside of you radiate out onto the world and every being who is a part of it.
May the light inside of you and inside of all of us together heal our world.

Dan 8th November 2020