Walking Life's Tightrope

Walking Life's Tightrope meditation

Imagine a good thick rope lying on the ground in a straight line. This rope represents the issue that you wish to gain more balance about. If you have no particular issue to work with, then just bring your intention to experience walking in balance.

Start by raising the rope off the ground, not far, just a few inches. You begin with something you can manage. As you gain in experience, confidence, and skill you can raise it, but keep your challenge achievable.

You are going to maintain balance throughout this experience and to do so you start at the middle of the rope.

You have the rope behind you so that you can step back if needs be, and you have it in front of you, so that you can move forwards. If you are considering a particular life issue this is symbolic of being aware that you have all the history of the past, and all the possibilities of the future, but you are balanced between these two experiences.

Be aware that there is someone by your side, ready to help you up onto the rope. Never be too shy, or afraid to ask for assistance. Your friends, guardians, guides, teachers, they all want you to succeed.

There is never the moment when the rope is not moving slightly, it is always waving a little, so do not hesitate, do not wait for the rope to be perfectly still. It never will be.

Remember to look forward and not down at your feet, and to put your arms out sideways and move them to keep your balance.

You are ready to step onto the rope.

Put one foot onto the rope.

It will wobble but use your arms to maintain your balance. You will feel uncertain, insecure and off balance.

Keep standing on your one foot. You have made the first move.

Gaining confidence you put the other foot onto the rope

Now you are standing on two feet on the rope.

Enjoy the achievement of that.

When you feel ready, take a step.

You will wobble but use your arms and bring yourself back into balance.

And again, stand, enjoying the achievement of moving forwards.

Now take another step.

You can feel yourself gaining confidence and skill.

And stand, breathing gently, until you are ready to take another step.

Keep stepping forward until you are ready to step off the rope.