2020 - Own Space / Tara - Together-All One

Note re Timing

Summer Solstice is 20 June - 22.44 - IST- but Bernadette feels that the energies will be 'right' for this gathering on Sunday 21st with the New Moon (21 June 07:41) present in the sky during the day.

Transcript ...

Summer Solstice 2020 -

Hi everybody. My name is Bernadette MacDonald and this year I will be doing the Summer Solstice, with a difference.

As you know we cannot go up to the Hill of Tara it's been asked for people not to go up in big crowds because of what is going on in our world at the moment.

So I'm here in my back garden and the sun is just setting on Saturday evening 13th June. A week before the solstice. And what I have here in front of me is the sun and a crystal that was given to me as a gift for my birthday a few years ago. And it represents the moon, because on the 21st next week not only do we have the longest day of the year but we also have a new moon as well. So we have a double celebration there.

So I'm going to do videos, a few videos, and the hopes of putting them all together, so bear with me. This is the first time that I have tried something like this. There is no script it is coming straight from my heart, with the help of my guides, and that nutty cat that you see running round the garden. As well, he is helping me. By the way he's my lockdown cat. Keeps me on track.

But what inspired me this year, I was out walking a couple of weeks ago and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do for summer solstice because I knew a lot of the places would be off limits. So I decided, why not do a video. And what came up for me while I was out walking was this, the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot cards. I thought to myself why is this coming up for Summer Solstice? So I spoke about it to a friend, and you know when you get chatting, things start coming together.

So if you notice with the Wheel of Fortune (I don't want to go into the meaning of the Tarot, I just want to look at the picture, every pictue tells a story) it looks like the markings in the centre of the wheel of the four directions. And I thought, Yes, the four directions. And then I saw the steering wheel of a pirate ship, or a ship. And I thought, Yes, this is it. This is what I need to use because we are all in this together, we are all in the same boat.

And the circle is coming to an end hopefully. The Wheel of Fortune is the number 10 in the tarot and this year will be the 10th anniversary of celebrations of the summer solstice above on the Hill of Tara.

So I invite you all to do what you need to do on the day of Solstice, sunrise, mid-day and sunset. And of course not forgetting the new moon.

I will be focussing the Banqueting Hall and hopefully I will get up there in the next few days to make a video.

The theme is Together – All One.

Yes, we are all in this together. We are all in the same boat. And I thought that the Banqueting Hall would be a great spot to visualise us all being there, like being in a big boat. And we are all going to be in that big boat together celebrating Summer Solstice. Sort of like a 'spirit boat' you would hear about. Some of you might know that the shamanic tribes used spirit boats for healing. So this time we are going to use a boat, the Banqueting Hall, for healing. And the Wheel of Fortune theme is coming to an end and we are going to use that steering wheel.

You can also celebrate your own thing in your own way when the time comes. Wherever you get guided. Maybe you would like to go into the past and remember some of the celebrations that were done on the summer solstice over the past 10 – 15 years, and you might want to re-inact one of those celebrations. Maybe one is your favourite one and you would like to do that one.

So I'm going to leave it for now. And I am going to do another video. I just wanted to get the information out there, what is happening for the solstice.

So I'll leave you for the moment and I will come back again, hopefully on the Banqueting Hall in the next few days.

Sin Sin.

Monday Meditation 22nd June 2020 8pm

This meditation was shared by Pat and everyone at the online get-together. Still in the energies of the standstill of Solstice he takes us on a journey.

The text can be downloaded here.... Meditation Mon 22nd June 2020

Welcome to our Tara Celebrations Summer Solstice Monday meditation.

I’m Pat & I’m going to be leading you in some relaxation before embarking on a Spirit Boat Journey to the Ancestors where we will ask for their wisdom and insights at this time. This is an ancient Shamanic ritual that anyone can do but by all means if you’re uncomfortable with any of the terms I use, feel free to substitute your own. (e.g. for spirit guides, ancestors, power animals etc. use angels, saints, evolved beings or whatever. Personally, I am of the opinion that all these rituals, religions etc. are just different versions of the same thing).

I also think it’s important to ask a question before starting this journey. What do you want advice on? Is it personal to you or more general? Is it to do with healing for you or others or the whole planet? I will impart wisdom I received on such a journey recently but there will be time for you to get your own advice too.

We’ll be journeying to what’s sometimes known as the “Lower World”– an alternate reality to our perceived one where we can meet spirit guides, power animals, angels, energy beings who will give advice on whatever you want to know about: you or your loved-ones health, healing for Mother Earth, where to hunt for food, how best to resolve a personal issue…whatever. Sometimes it’s good just to pay a visit and express gratitude for previous assistance.

So, let’s get comfortable where we’re sitting or lying – move around, adjust your position until you’re confident you can stay there for about 30 minutes…now we’ll begin by watching our breath…

First, just breath normally but become aware of each breath. If thoughts try to interfere with this, just acknowledge them and let them go – let them float by like small wispy clouds in a blue Summer Solstice sky. Count about seven normal breaths first…

Now deepen each breath, breathing in through your nose, filling your chest first before continuing and feeling your stomach rising as your lung fill up. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale through your nose again if you can. Continue doing this for a while following the air as it enters your nasal passage, your chest and lungs. Think of the oxygen being separated from the air in your body while you hold your breath and follow the air, now laden with carbon dioxide, as it exits your body. Remind yourself of the wonder of nature as we exhale the carbon dioxide that plants and trees need and they exhale the oxygen that is so vital for us.

Focus on the deep breaths, going deep within like a whale slowly diving deep into the ocean and your breath falling ever so gently as you exhale slowly, like a solitary leaf separating from the very top of a Redwood tree and falling gently to the ground on a windless day. Continue for a while, breathing in relaxing light from above and breathing out anxiety, tension and stress…

Slow, deep, life-giving breaths…

The Journey

I’d like you to imagine you’re on a beach, lying on the golden sand looking at the blue, blue sky above. You’re alone on this beach but you know you’re safe and you know you’ll be going on a journey but again you’ll be safe and will return to this exact spot. As you lie there you become aware of water gently lapping around your body as the tide slowly comes in. You lie there and relax and soon you are floating in the sea being carried gently by the warm water.

When you become aware of a canoe nearby, you simply get into it and use the oars to direct yourself towards a river which is flowing into the sea nearby. You continue to row upstream slowly for a long time, passing trees which harbour beautiful songbirds and exotic animals, villages, grassy plains and dense jungle. You become aware that there is a waterfall ahead but do not panic, you will be kept safe – just go with the flow. Your canoe slides down, down, down before softly landing on another river deep inside the earth. Eventually you fall asleep and keep drifting for hours.

You are awakened when the canoe bumps off the bank of the river and comes to a standstill. Instantly you know it is time to get back to dry land and you climb out of the boat where you are facing a green field at the edge of a forest. There’s a path leading across the field which you take and soon you are amongst the trees, bushes and grasses that make up this place. You continue walking and soon come upon a small settlement of huts and tent-like buildings and a few natives of the forest greet you and beckon you to join them at a fire in the centre of their place. They offer you food and drink and they begin to speak to you.

They tell you they are your ancestors from long ago and that as you looked for their advice, they are here to give it to you. You hear that they come from a time when humans lived in close harmony with nature and understood far more about it than we do today. They tell you of the great structures they built which were aligned to the sun, moon and stars and still are to this day, thousands of years later.

They tell you the importance of living in the now, being in the present moment all the time. All our pasts and futures are made of present moments and while it can be good to remember the past and dream of the future, we can not live there – we can only live in the now.

You are also advised to nurture your talents and passions and to be true to yourself. Sit here and listen awhile as your ancestors impart their wisdom now to you personally about the question you had for them…


Finally, your ancestors tell you it is time for you to go back to your time and reality. They leave you with the following advice: Make a wish on the New Moon for the future but remember you can only make it come true by what you do in the present. Make peace with your past, also by how you act in the now and remember that sometimes, MOST times, the best advice can be found in the present and from those we least expect it from. Listen to everybody, especially the young for they have a wisdom untarnished by the trials of their elders. Listen to your breathing and go within for there are many answers there too.

Your ancestors show you the way back to your boat and soon you are paddling back towards the sea. You once again fall asleep and your boat is carried along by the current until eventually you wake up on the beach dry, rested and thankful of the advice you received from your elders of long ago.

Think a little while of what has transpired on this adventure and when you are ready to return to your world, move your fingers and toes gently, stretch your arms and legs, tap yourself awake and open your eyes in your own good time.

After doing the above journey some people may say that they imagined it all, that they didn’t go ANYWHERE - it all happened in their head. And that’s ok. After all is said and done, it could be argued that that is all we need to do, that the answers are all within us, in our mind, our heart, our soul.

In fact, I would argue that this is the biggest most profound journey of all: the journey deep inside ourselves where we face our fears down and come out the other side as heroes of our own life story.

Oh, I nearly forgot, that wisdom that was given to me by my ancestors? It was simply, “Cú Reuba” …

Which is Irish Gaelic for “The Hound Unleashed” …

I suppose I’d better explain. “Cú Reuba is my Family motto (Farrell).

“Cú Reuba”? I said “Unleash what hound? What does that even mean?”

Unleash the Hound of your creative talents”, was the answer I got.

(Could’ve just said that, they DO speak in riddles sometimes!!!)

Happy Solstice, New Moon and Eclipse and may your future be everything you dream of.

Namaste, Slán agus Beannacht.

Closure on 25th June 2020

Closing the circle on the Sumner Solstice healing boat on the 25th of June 2020.

Tonight on the hill, with the help of my grandson R, who acted as camera man and also used his imagination along the way. We started off at the Banqueting Hall where we dropped anchors to close the directions and give thanks to all who tuned in on the day.

Then we headed to the faerie tree to pay our respects and to give thanks there also for many years of service and ceremonies that were held there. As we bid Farewell the sun peeked through the clouds briefly, as the thunder clouds start to form.

We took a short trip to the Holy Well where we set down paper boats my grandson R made earlier, on the stream. R decorated them with daisies and we headed back to the car. Now to make our journey home before the thunderstorm came. It was a very eventful evening spent on the Hill of Tara.

And I would like to thank all those who tuned in and lots of light, love and healing blessings to you all. Bernadette Mac

Joan shared this 21st June sunrise viewed from Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh.
Bernadette O'C at Carrowkeel, Sligo, on 21st June
Nora J had been colouring these mandalas since Winter Solstice -

linking the two Solstice energies in Peak District, England.
In Zurich Marta lit her candle.

Marta connected with Glastonbury.... she noticed there were 111 people on line, and there were 11 comments. Perhaps these numbers ring a bell with others as well? The number of followers on the Facebook page also went up to 227, ie 11, on the 20th.

She also blew soap bubbles from her balcony and there would have been bubbles on Tara if we had been there as a group... so it seems as if she also substituted for the bubbles which we would have been blowing on Hill!

From Martin in Galway

For the summer solstice 2020 I decided to create a mandala with chakra candles, so arranged them in a circle with red representing the first celebration of the cycle, Samhain.

As I worked on the circle I placed a large red carnelian at the summer solstice candle and as I stood in the centre and meditated on solstice I thought about how the sun never stops moving.

Even at solstice she is still whirling through space at over 8000,000 km/hr. It is earth that gives us the illusion of stopping and the sun reversing it's apparent direction on the horizon.

(Image from A little book of Coincidence, John Martineau, Wooden Books)

This seemed to me like the turn in a labyrinth where negotiating the turn causes us to pause before an apparent retrograde motion backwards from whence we came. But in reality we keep moving onward, pause or not.

Then to finish my circle I placed representations of the seasons.

Tri-spiral to represent the keeper of Samhain.

Brigid to represent the keeper of Imbolc.

A celtic god for Bealtaine

A silvery hologram of Jesus who is a light-being like Lugh of the silver arm.

I incensed the space, called in the directions, meditated, sent healing to friends and family, linked in with distance meditators, participants and healers, closed the directions and the circle. Sin sin. Nothing complicated.

The following morning a dragon fly nymph crawled its way out of the pond and paused . It clung tight to the plant stem it was on. Then the adult dragonfly punched its way out of the nymph which became an empty carcass.

It was amazing how the wings unfolded and the abdomen lengthened as this new creature more than doubled in size. Amazing to think how such a big creature can fit into a tiny nymph body. And off she flew, no practice. Simply opened her wings and flew away.

This summer solstice is, I suppose, the death of the long days as we turn toward winter. ...... an apt time to pause our earthly vehicle in the constancy of the ever evolving universe ...... a time to remember nothing lasts for ever, not long summer days or life, not cold winter, not health nor sickness not even death is permanent.

Happy Summer Solstice.

St.John's Eve sunset looking from Blackhead on the Burren across to Connemara.

Card drawn by Bernadette Mac for the week commencing 22nd June 2020