Kynance - connecting to the genus loci

Kynance Gate is an ancient site, probably inhabited in the Middle Bronze Age 4000 years ago.

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"Today, the story developed in a particularly beautiful way, leading me to different locations within Kynance Gate South and their uses until, at the end of my dowsing session (the Genius Loci kept the best till last!), the true ‘why’ of this place was being revealed. This process it is so incredibly beautiful, that it often moves me deeply. And today was a supreme dowsing adventure. A meeting of time lines and of consciousness."

I felt the gently breeze against my sunburnt face and noticed the overall character of this place until I could find that spot inside me that connected with the overseeing consciousness of this site.

I introduced myself to it, just like when you meet a new person

Without words, just using my mind, I told the Genius Loci why I was here and asked if it wanted to spend some time with me. Clearly, from the increasing feeling of ‘connection’ through my Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakra, the Spirit of this Place let me know that it was happy to interact. It felt really strong, but in a gentle way.

Healing Plants

So I needed to think about asking the right questions again, in order to get the answers that will help uncover why this place was important. Another Q& A session passed and it became clear that this had been the spot where they stored healing plants.

Healing sound

The pillar stone was put in place not by physical human activity but by using a mix of the knowledge of the land (something correlated to sound and frequencies), the co-operation of the Spirit in the rocks and by using human intent. Basically, the stone put itself into place. I was intrigued by the knowledge the ancients must have had if they could move stones into place without even touching them!