Ideas and Inspiration

Open a window

A simple idea - enjoy the fresh air as it flows into the house - the window being the point of entering or beginning. Fresh air, smell of spring or letting in the pollen and encouraging allergies? There are pros and cons to every action.

A Trip to the Seaside or a Lake

There seemed to be plenty of black stones along the shoreline and we made good use of them, throwing them in to the water, with each throw, shouting what we wanted to let go of,

- fear, negativity, corruption, queues on the M50, direct provision centers, bad body image, viruses, etc etc,!

and as John said, the waves were crashing in uncovering the stones, but cleansing them too.

We then wrote words on the boats,

- hope, love, peace, bliss,

and set them off to be carried away with the turning tide.

We said "good bye" to the dark and "hello" to the light.


Some folk sat down, gaining welcome shelter from a nearby rock and others stood as it was that kind of occasion, a kind of “go with the flow, do what you’re comfortable doing and let’s see what happens” vibe.

2022 - Tipping the Balance - Loughcrew

Our centrepiece was simple:

daffodils to symbolise Spring,
a trowel for planting sunflower seeds,
our Tara Celebrations goddess made by our friends from Switzerland and a rock symbolising the land.

Wear bright coloured clothes, bring flowers, bring some food for a picnic afterwards, and...

... tip the Balance!

Life is all about movement and flow. A see saw is no fun unless it moves. Go with the flow. Grow with the flow.

Balance as understood in Equinox Ceremonies
When your energy is flowing freely and balanced, your four basic selves, emotions, mind, body and spirit, are in unity.
Eggs - activities & traditions

Pruchóg, Egg Balancing, Setting an Intention, Walking a Spiral, Manifesting, Decorating, Recycling, Rolling

Folklore for Spring

Cats, swallows, cuckoos, foretelling the weather, lambs

Vernal Equinox and Equilux - Aligned Sites

Equal night or equal day and night... two equalities explained.

Flowers in ceremony

Used in a centre, as a focus for meditation, as a symbol.... there are many ways to incorporate flowers into a celebration. Daffodils are abundant now.

Breathing exercises

Wood: Feet close together, scooping breath, as if taking water from a well, gather energy, scoop up with palms facing up, breath out with palms facing down.