Regular and Monday Meditations are no longer held.

However, meditation is often used as part of a get-together, on-line or face-to-face, and information on these pages may be useful to those joining in.

Intention for the Meditations

The intention for the evening is to provide a pleasant setting, where people can relax and meditate in a self contained space.

Whether online or in person, a space where the energies resonate with the core values of the group in open heartedness, hospitality and friendship, for the highest good of all.

Intention for the Healing Circle

The circle comes together with the intention that the healing is in all realms and for the highest good of all.

Each person is responsible for their own healing – we are there to witness and support their personal process.

We are simply providing a space to speak - we do not respond or react to the input.

All intentions are being put out to the Universe to deal with, not to the people in the group to deal with. This is not a mini-personal healing session where you give someone reiki etc. That is done one to one or in focussed healing groups using a particular practice. It is intrusive to the people receiving the healing if such practices are done without the knowledge and consent of the person receiving. This is acting with integrity.

The healing is for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives of those present and in these realms for their intentions for others.