Current Moon Celebration

Moon Phases for Dublin, Ireland.

New Moon 10th of March 2024

The energy around this new moon seems to be one of tuning into the self and listening to your intuition as it is a time of heightened intuition. It is a gentle reminder from the spirit around this time of heightened intuition that you can access your intuition through stillness, inward focus, being aware of the pillar of light connecting you to source and with the awareness being in your heart, and above your head. In stillness, peace and openness you are then able to receive clear guidance from your soul to the higher self. And also from your guides, to direct you from the heart to set your intentions for tonight new moon.

It is a great opportunity to check in on what you are tuned into and what you need to let go of so you can move forward as your intentions are set.

  1. what is it you desire?
  2. Are there still some blocks that stop you from moving forward?
  3. are your dreams telling you a message from the subconscious?
  4. are they patterns that stand out in your dreams?
  5. feelings?
  6. people places and timeline?
  7. pay attention to your dreams have they been very vivid lately and recurring?

Our dreams have very deep wisdom and knowledge.

A new moon is always a time of new beginnings, a new cycle, a new newness and an opportunity to step into a new beginning and the newness of you.

This new moon is one of creativity. The energy around is one of bringing about your creativity and what that means for you. It could be art, cooking, building things, writing, painting even just cleaning your house and cooking is a great way to get the mind focused. However, this activity requires action on your part.

if you were to go out and buy a pack of seeds for planting you would first maybe sow them in a pot of soil in your home, you would then water it and put it on the window ledge for the sunlight or outdoors to help the seed to grow, the seed is in the darkness and yet deep in that darkness there is great knowledge a sense of peace and stillness and a knowingness all is as it should be, a sense of trust if you will. You water the seed when required, place it in the light so it will grow, tend to it each day with hope and patience. When the seed begins to grow you then place it in your garden, to a bigger place, just like the seed in your soul you start small and work from there.

As you set your intentions on this new moon you must start as you mean to go on and this new moon is a perfect time to do so. As you create inspiration flows. Now if you look at the other side of this and you leave the seeds on the shelf in the bag and do not nurture them then nothing will grow. Nothing will happen.

Keep your energy clear, hold love in your heart as you hold the intention on this new moon. Remember start small and work from there as we get closer to spring all things begin to grow all around us.

As I write this I have a strong image of the Fool in the tarot. A figure of a man or woman embarking on a new path in life with very little baggage and a look of great confidence on their face, body, mind and soul. This is a card of new beginnings and a sense of adventure It is also about a leap of faith and great growth as a result of the new experience, as you can see the figure is at the edge of a cliff but also take a look before you leap. Ie setting your intentions, tuning in, listening to the heart and connecting to the source in the stillness of your own soul.

May this new moon bring about all your desires for the highest good of all.

May it bring deep healing so we can bring about healing to the outer world.

May it bring peace and love.

New moon blessings, Bernadette Mac