27th April 2020 - card and message

Hello everybody welcome to the weekly card reading. Just a little something to guide you in the coming week, day by day.

And the card is... Eagle medicine.

Eagle symbolism is spiritual connection, knowledge of magic, freedom and see higher truths.

Eagle flies through life without attachments and accepts everything as a gift from the universe.

Eagle asks you to reconnect with your spiritual path through introspection and meditation, guiding you to balance your spiritual awareness while still remaining grounded in reality. As you soar and rise above your current situation and limited prospective ask your heart to shine on a direction to follow.

You will be able to see hidden spiritual truths and connect with many spirit Guides and teachers when you do the inner work to reclaim your personal power. You will be able to see past all limited beliefs that hold you back.

Eagle want you to pay attention to how your speech affects others. Not to step on others to reach your goals. Be brave when confronted with fear by spreading your wings and flying as high as your limitless heart will take you.

Many blessings, love and light in the coming days. Bernadette Mac.

Here is a quote I found in a little book called A Guide for the Advanced Soul and it's in one of the pages.

It goes.....

To be upset over what you don't have...

Is to waste what you do have.

Ken Keyes Jr., Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

20th April 2020 - card and message

Hello everybody, I wish you are all well. The card for the coming week is...

The Earth is our school

We often forget when we're living in a physical body that Earth isn't our true home, heaven is. Heaven is a lot like earth, with people, animals, flowers, trees and such.

The difference is that up there there is no competition to meet physical needs. After all, you don't have to eat or pay taxes in heaven, you do have responsibilities but they're part of life's purpose, so they are joyful.

For that reason everyone in heaven is relaxed forgiving, happy and loving.

We go to Earth to experience life in a physical body. It's like going away to boarding school . Once you have a physical body, the ego becomes apparent, because everyone is competing and struggling to take care of their physical demands. If you can rise above these energies you learn how to bring heavens love to Earth. It can take multiple lifetimes to grasp the simple, yet not so simple, concept.

Fortunately I'm here to help you learn what really is important for your spiritual growth......

Love. The more you can see yourself and others through heavens loving eyes the more you understand that everyone is doing the best they can. You will have compassion for yourself and others and that is when you've mastered your school work.

Many blessings to all all for the week ahead. May you stay well and safe.

In love and light, Bernadette Mac

Quote for the week ahead:

Let there be no judgement for yourself. Let there be no judgement for others.

Only love and good vibes for what we give out comes back tenfold.

And may you be blessed with good health, love, light and gratitude. Bernadette Mac.

Photo was taken by Martin D. There is great beauty in a wild flower.

13th April 2020 - card and message

Hi everyone, welcome to the weekly card message:

Warrior of the Heart

You have the radiant spirit of the warrior of light. Be impeccable in all your actions. No matter what others believe. The Creator always knows the truth. This isn't the time to be timid and pull back. Immense courage is filling you. Throw your shoulders back step forward and take a risk. Be willing to live life from your heart rather than your mind, honour your truth and speak up for yourself.

Your native spirit wants you to know no the greatest native Warriors weren't the ones who wounded the most people; they were those remarkable beings who had such personal power that enemies lay down their weapons rather than fight. There are times in life to step back, and even times to walk away, but there are also times to stand up for yourself and low-dose less advantaged. Don't allow yourself to be limited by your belief system. Courage doesn't mean that you aren't afraid. Fearless means just that fear less. Acknowledge that you are frightened and take action anyway!

Face your anxiety and go beyond the limits of perceptions of yourself. Through your example, people find an act on their truth. You are a light bearer for others.

Love light and gratitude to all. Many blessings, Bernadette Mac