2022 - Solstice in Sligo

3 Celebrations:

An area of old Oak woodland is fenced off from deer the adjoining trail links into the Sligo way and has some lovely views of Knocknarea (supposed burial place of Queen Maedbh of Connacht), the Ox mountain range of West Sligo and the landscape of Sligo/Leitrim to the east. Union Wood information

Summer Solstice 2022 - Union Wood, Ballisadare, Co Sligo

Sunday 19th June @ 12pm

Theme for the celebration - Strengthening our roots

Meeting at the gate into the woods in the car park opposite Ballisadare business park R284 - eircode F91 HC67 - Celebration held by Bernadette.

Running order

We will meet at the gate into the woods and walk to the place were the celebration will be held, 15 minutes walk.

We will open the space and call in the four directions, great spirit and light beings.

We introduce ourselves saying our name and where we are from.

I will talk about the importance of being grounded and allowing our roots to grow where we are in the world and in our lives.

Meditation on roots and the woodland.

Special intentions that we have written and brought with us can be placed in the caldron, we will set them a light for the highest good.

Open heart: Here anyone present is invited to share with the group, it can be a poem, prose, a picture, something from nature or anything that feels right.

We will close the directions and give thanks to the spirit realm.

We will leave no trace and go back to the car park where we can have a chat, drink and snack that we have brought ourselves .

What to bring

Sturdy boots/shoes, rain jacket, sun hat, insect repellent etc, a light stool, chair or blanket to sit on if you wish to. Pre written intentions.

All are welcome. See you there, Bernadette.

Lichen on the stones -

and a stone circle close by -

an unlisted monument.

Linking in beside the Wye at Litton in Derbyshire

Aware of Bernadette's celebration in Union Wood (great name!) in Sligo on the Sunday, it felt a calm non-"doing" type of connection - support and relax in the moment. But on Monday 20th, the local River Wye beckoned, as if it's flow were a link between Sunday and the celebration in Louth on Tuesday. Again it was the peace and tranquillity of the place that called. The sound of the river, bird song.