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thanks to all the authors who have put pen to paper / fingers to keyboards and shared their wisdom with us all.

Celebrating the Elements

Earth, Air, Fire and Water celebrated as we build up to Winter Solstice. Water cleanses. Feel water run over your hands, pouring from a ladle, under a tap, in a stream, at a beach... and as you do say offer gratitude and thanks for the shared moment.


What do you do with all those leftover tubes from the toilet rolls you have stockpiled? Or those CDs you are throwing away? Click here for some great craft ideas that can be used to celebrate the festivals and seasons of the year.

Creating a Labyrinth

Creating a simple grass cut labyrinth. I measured the width of the lawn mower (60cm), calculated that 4 radial paths would be a radius of 240cm + the 3 dividing walls (40cm each) would be 120cm giving an overall radius of 360cm and a diameter of 720cm.

End of Summertime - energies of darkness and light

Life was a dance between apparently opposite and conflicting energies of darkness and light.

Flowers in ceremony

Used in a centre, as a focus for meditation, as a symbol.... there are many ways to incorporate flowers into a celebration. Christmas Cactus, Holly and Mistletoe, Roses, Grains, Sunflowers, Hawthorn, Daffodils and Snowdrops.

Genus Loci

Blogs connecting to aspects of Genus Loci which, as Nathascha says re Kynance, is so incredibly beautiful an experience.

Inspirational Writing

Several pieces that have inspired and caused us to ponder life... Pat asks in Pandemic Changes, What changes? Sid shares Half a Hug by Pat Ingoldsby... Do it. It doesn't matter if it falls apart or collapses in pieces. Do it anyway.

Magic of the Land

Starting with Glen Coe and a white rainbow, visit Bettystown Beach, a Labyrinth and other inspiring places.

Mandalas in the Landscape

For me, being outside, absorbing nature makes my soul sing, connecting with the ancestors and a heightened sense of place.

Mardi Gras in Louisiana

A little-known fact is that there are actually two ‘genres’ of Mardi Gras in Louisiana (urban and rural), each with their own rites and rituals. February 21, 2023.


At a group or individual celebration nothing beats live music, drumming, singing, guitar or harp. Music talks directly to our souls through vibration.

Pagan Forms of Pleasure

In 1644, Oliver Cromwell banned pie as he decided it was a "pagan form of pleasure". In Viking lands, in the 10th century, it was illegal to fail to make a Christmas Ale.

Recycling Ideas

Pat is inspired at Spring Equinox 2023 to rethink what he uses in the home, Marta & Bernadette re-use old CD's and... toilet rolls find a new life.

Spirit Healing

How earth healing led to healing for some earth bound spirits

Symbols and the Seasons

Background on what we do in Tara Celebrations and why we work the way we work.

Tara Celebrations Logo

A relatively simple image can present a lot of information which is intuitively understood without needing any explanation