Resources and Links

Celebrating the never ending unfolding cycle of Seasons requires that we look at all aspects of what and how humans, natural world, supernatural world, planet and universe play out and weave time and space.

Many have recorded their thoughts, theories, facts and fictions which provide a great resource for us all. Thanks to them all for sharing their wisdom.

Tlachtga: Celtic Fire Festival by John Gilroy.

Published by Pikefield Publications, 9 Hazelwood Court, Glanmire, Co. Cork in October 2000. Written by a local man, this relates to the history, legends and all things Tlachtga. Focussed on this Goddess at the Hill of Ward, nr. Athboy, Co. Meath and the Samhain Celebrations.

The origin and history of Irish names of places by P.W. Joyce 1827-1914.

Published in 1910 and available on line at this is a definitive work.

Ancient Astronomy, Ancient Skies, Assessing the Evidence and more

Clive Ruggles Stonehenge Factsheet

A chakra cleansing recommended by Bernadette Mac for the Full Moon on 1st October 2020 - October Moon Magic

laboratorium piesni

Ennio Moricone

Mari Boine Persen - Vuoi Vuoi Mu

Imaginal Cells - Deepak Chopra

A reflection on Samhain by Tim Walter, Dowser and Geomancer