The suncatchers illustrated here were created by Molly.

Catching the sun, catching the light... shining at a window, casting rainbows on the walls of a room... suncatchers brighten our day with their beauty, just as a medieval stained glass window lightens a church.

Suncatchers have probably been around since the time man first discovered fire and burnt fuel in contact with sand. Simply put, at a high enough temperature the sand melts and forms a fluid that cools to become glass.

They can also be made with gemstones, usually quartz, wound together with thin metal wires.

Glass beads have been dated back to 3500BC and were surely held up to the light to appreciate their beauty. By the time of the Romans glass windows were created.

Using the light dispersed through a suncatcher is a popular method of bringing bright energy into a room.

Feng Shui practioners usually suggest a circular, multi-faceted, single gemstone to enhance the energy of a space.

A very pleasant afternoon can be spent crafting a suncatcher, sitting in the sun and focussing on the sun's light as you work. Or perhaps create one at sunrise or sunset, linking into the energies of those times of day.

Some are designed with the chakra's in mind.

A suggestion of gemstones to use would be....

Amethyst – Crown - violet - top of the head, hence top stone.
Sodalite – Third Eye - indigo - just above and between the eyes.
Blue Lace Agate – Throat - blue - neck.
Aventurine – Heart - green - chest area.
Citrine – Solar Plexus - yellow - just underneath ribs.
Carnelian – Sacral - orange - just below belly button.
Red Jasper – Root - red - bottom of the spine, hence bottom stone.