Songs for the Soul

Hi Everyone. I got inspired to do a slot here on TC of songs or music to post each sunday for the week ahead. The idea came to me as i thought of how much music is helping me during these strange times in our world, but also down through the years music played a big part in my life in a healing way.

When I was feeling low I would turn on music.

When I felt hurt or lost I turned on music.

Why ???

I felt it not only lifting my soul but very healing in so many ways, I downloaded music I love on my mp3 and go for a walk, listening to it. If I had something on my mind I would put on the runners and out the door with my music and go for a long walk.

So I decided to share this way of healing with you all and each Sunday post a song that not only lifted my soul and vibration but helped me to clear my mind and figure things out. It also is very inspiring too.

Have you ever just put on your favourite music doing housework and danced around the kitchen?

Go for a drive and put on your favourite music as you drove and sang aloud in the car?

When having a long bath play soothing music ?

When you feel down and out on music and sometimes you would cry but you somehow felt so much better for it. Maybe it reminds you of loved ones that have passed over? There is so many ways music can heal us, so I thought I would give it a try starting today the 24th of January 2021 on the eve of the anniversary of a good friend that passed away 5 years ago. In some ways she did inspire me, so I think I will dedicate the first song to her today and a song we both danced when we were young many years ago at the disco.

So welcome to music for the soul and hope you get some healing from it and joy, fun, and happiness. The aim here is to just get lost in music, just as you would do a meditation. So here goes people, first song on the way to lift you up blessings... Bernadette Mac your TC DJ.

Martin also made a special request for the song If I had Words to add to these intentions.....

Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

If I had Words

Hi Everyone, the song I chose today is one I listen to many many times. The energy of this beautiful song and the different tones of this amazing women's voices is so healing, uplifting, and the sound of them all together is so magical... They are a Polish folk group and have been in Dublin a few years back when I missed them but hope to see them someday in the future.

I did not only find this song very healing but it has beautiful magic about it that lifts my soul and I felt to post this on the eve of St Bridget as it mostly a female group to represent the goddess in all of us male and female. There is however one man as far as I know in this folk group who also beat a drum for the women. The lyrics are with this version and it's about white and grey feathers, they are on the sea floating on the sea. I hope you find this as healing and uplifting as I did over the last year.

With all that has been going on in our world today music is one of the things I turn to to help me stay focused and it lifts my soul. This piece of music is surely one that does just that .... I hope you enjoy it.

May you all be blessed with the fire of Bridget's light and healing, strength and hope for the days and weeks ahead that spring will bing not only the light of the day but the light in your heart and soul. A time where we all can walk on the land far away again, leave our footprints on a sandy beach, watch the sunset on The Hill Of Tara and Loughcrew, beat our drum and sing again together as a group. Until then play your music, sing, dance, and allow the soul to heal and grow.

Love and light and many blessings to you all, Bernadette Mac

Polish Folk singing There was a flock of white swans

Tones & I - Dance Monkey

Hi Everyone, the song this week is Dance Monkey, a song that hit the charts real quick. From her very unique voice and lyrics this hit song by Tones and I started as a sensation on the streets of Australia before reaching number 1 in 20 countries and topping 1 billion plays on Spotify.

Written by a busker named Toni Watson, 26, who performs as a solo act Tones And I, "Dance Monkey" uses a thumping keyboard bass line as a drop back to describe the very specific life of a street musician:

"just like a monkey I have been dancing my whole life, " she sings "and now I beg to see you dance just one more time."

In an unlikely twist, that sentiment went global. she moved to Byron Bay a small resort town in the south of Brisbane to play music as a busker in a place called Buskers Paradise. She lived out of a van and relied on passers-by, who were increasingly mesmerized by the singer's voice. she had good and bad days as she was out busking and was inspired by the people who passed by to write Dance Monkey, some of which were very drunk and kept walking by, but she kept playing,

The song Dance Monkey is about her experience on the beach busking in which she wrote in a dark closet in not much more than 30 minutes.

She was on the beach busking one day when a man walked over and handed her his card... he is now her Manager. The song came out on the 10th of May 2019. Her song still plays on the radio every day. Today I know of people who said there was something about the song that gave them a lift and made them feel better and her voice is amazing.

Not only is the song a very uplifting song but the story is one of "YES, dreams really do come true". The story of this hard-working young lady on the beach trying to make a living was discovered and at the time she was not aware of her talent,

It brings me joy when I hear it on the radio. It lifts my soul and we also dance to it in Zumba class, I have it on my MP3 when I go for a walk and it comes on I can not only feel my spirit lift but think of the story and say to myself there is a girl who followed her passion and now she can share it with the world.

Nothing but good and positive feelings come to me and I see my grandkids and other kids dance to it and love it. That's enough for me... the actions of kids who now are our greatest teachers.

Hope you enjoy this week's song and when it comes on the radio, sing and dance.

Love and light, Bernadette Mac

Rumi & Madonna - Burning Heart
Laurel and Hardy dance to Jerusalema

Hi everyone, the song I have been guided to post today is by Rumi, My Burning Heart.

Rumi is a best-selling poet (1207-1273) and was a Sufi mystic from Persia. The name by which he is usually known, Rumi, is in fact derived from the Arabic word for Roman - a reminder of the nearby Byzantine Empire. Rumi himself was a Muslim follower of the Sufi faith. He wrote numerous works of Sufi philosophy as well as his poetry. He was born in Vakhsh, a village in modern-day Tajikistan.

I was first introduced to him on my 40th birthday of a gift of Rumi's poems. The album was called A Gift of Love and this is one of the songs from this album, spoken by Deepak Chopra and Madonna.

And I loved his poems and songs straight away. In fact I fell in love with them, and found them to be very healing. As I listen to them more and more I get a new meaning from them. He was surely way before his time. So I thought today, on Valentines, to post this song, wishing you all....

Love and light and healing through music and song, Bernadette Mac

The song for this week is They by Gem. The song popped into my head the other day and found the lyrics very interesting in these strange times. So just listen to the lyrics to the song and make up your own mind about it... There are so many songs that have some very important messages in them we are not aware of. I believe this song and the lyrics seems to be talking about now.. So keep on open mind enjoy this song and pay attention to other songs with messages for us...

Blessings to you all for the week ahead.. Bernadette mac

Have a great and safe week ahead. Stay tuned for more weekly and maybe some out of the blue songs. Maybe there is a certain song you would like to post on music for the soul and a little piece of what it's means for you?

Music is a great healer when you here a song no matter what kinda song that has meaning to you it whether it be a happy or sad there is a great healing in it.

We cry, We dance. We sing. We remember good times and not so good times but nevertheless very healing.

God bless and stay well and safe blessings.

Bernadette mac

Song for today 14th March 2021 - Mother's Day

To all the mothers, grandmother's, great grandmother's.. To our ancestors, the strong women, the warrior, to Mother Earth... we celebrate today, Mother's Day, and to the Dad's who had to be a mother, this song is for you.

Song for the Week Ahead for the week that's in it - and yes its another song I have on my mp3.

Each day now it seems people are finding it difficult to get motivated....... look at it like we are in the eye of the storm ... eye of the needle ... seeing no end yet we rise up each day and carry on. We live in hope and know everything passes. This too shall pass.....

When I listen to this song I know I am out walking and yes, I did rise up to live another day. The lyrics of a song can say so much and can make sense in a different way to each person. Listening to the song today, rise up to live another day ... and the week that is in it we call a holy week and we remember Christ, God, whomever you believe in, also rises up to live another day ... look around you - the apple blossoms is appearing. the buds on the trees and the daffodils are going back to the earth again, to rise up to live another day. It's the circle of life ...

so enjoy the song, blessings to you all for the week ahead.