Halloween Lanterns

A Turnip Lantern is made by getting a turnip and carving a face out in it. First two holes are made for eyes then there is a slit cut out for a nose and a wide cut for mouth. Then there is a hole made up through the turnip and a candle is put into it. When all this is done the turnip is placed on a wall to frighten people. I should also mention that the inside of the turnip is scooped out. Duchas Schools Collection - Turnip lantern

Reece and Leila made these lanterns in 2021

In olden days, it was customary for children to hammer on people's doors with turnip stumps, or cabbages on sticks. Instead of sweets or money, They would have been given pieces of bonnag (a rich fruit cake or fruited bread), potatoes or herring to send them on their way. 31st October - Hop-tu-Naa, Isle of Man

Anne's Turnip

39th November 2021

turnip head is now much much smaller and rock hard.

Virginia Pumpkin Festival 2011