Way Forward Annual Meeting

On 7th September 2013 a meeting called 'Review and Way Forward' was held at Tara. Eight people gathered to review the organisation and operation of Tara Celebrations.

During that meeting the eight agreed that one individual would be Designer (subsequently called Master of Ceremonies and nowadays 'Host') for each of the 8 festival gatherings, starting Samhain 2013.

When asked who wanted to do a gathering next year all 8 hands went up! It was agreed that the person would be anonymous to the wider public in order to avoid any personality cult arising.

We usually start the meeting with a meditation to gain guidance and calibrate our thoughts.

It is always fascinating how we find others are like-minded on the general intention and actual activities when comparing any insights gained after this.

Over the years we have found that one person would have a strong call to organise a ceremony and is responsible for calling where and when it is held and the content of the event. However, sometimes two or more get together to agree the arrrangements.

Volunteers have offered to Host events but this does not exclude others from having an input beforehand or on the day.

Acting in community, we are and always have been, inclusive in all matters, helping each other to get the best possible experience.

At Samhain 2016 some of us got together to review and learn from the previous 8 gatherings of the annual cycle and to outline possibilities for the next round.

A talking stick, specially made and full of symbols, was used to maintain order and allow each voice to be heard.

Also a circlet of wooden beads mapped out the 8 ceremonies and new moons of 2016/17.

Information is shared about the meeting via word of mouth, email and this website.

In 2020,

as we could not meet each other in person, Hosts were organised via the internet.

In 2021 -2022

as Covid restrictions were followed, it was impossible to plan for 2021 / 2022 due to the uncertainty of how many could meet and when and where that could happen. Intentions were made a short time before each festival.