17th September 2020 New Moon

2nd September 2020 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone, welcome to a bit of moon magic. Full moon 2nd of September 2020 - also known as the Corn Moon and is in Pisces.

Harvest full moon. Last year I wrote of back to school. Work. New projects etc, etc, etc.

But this year the 9th full moon of the year is one with a difference.

Yes back to school, work, and so on but with many changes and a new way of living like never before.

Yesterday, the first of September, I took my granddaughter for a walk and we both saw a caterpillar on the path. I said "wow" and she repeated "wow" as we watched him/her cross the path into the grass.

I have not seen one since I was a little girl and thought how wonderful and thought as we are going through so many changes on our planet and learning to adapt to those changes maybe we will start to notice things we had never seen before or have never seen them in a long time, like the caterpillar.

It took me back to a place of magic and wonder as I'm sure it did the same for my granddaughter as she was struck by 'ahh' as she watched this strange creature crawling along the path but very beautiful.

There's also a lot of emotional stuff going on at the moment, outer, inner, in the world and in our own personal lives. A lot different from last year's full moon.

As I wrote last year, it's a time for transformation and moving forward and some may feel like just being alone. Take time out for the self so you can connect to your inner power, sort of like the Hermit.

Maybe like the caterpillar we need to do more of the same again.

Go deep within your cocoon, keeping your family and friends safe at this time of more movement.

The energy around the full moon is different for everybody and we must respect each and everyone's space at this time.

There is also a sense of freedom to transform and spread your wings and fly, just like the caterpillar that eventually becomes a butterfly. I feel at this time that nature and the animal kingdom have a lovely way of mirroring what's going on for us and on the planet.

As the moon is in Pisces it can be a very emotional time for some as it's a water sign, a time for letting go and moving forward gently. Now the evenings are getting darker and the leaves are starting to fall it is a perfect time for letting go.

I feel on this full moon to be extra gentle with yourselves.

Listen to your body and your soul. Rest when you need to and go gently with the energy of the full moon tonight.

It's important to take care of oneself and not get caught up in all the activity and energies that's going on in the outside world on the moment.

Take a deep breath In bringing yourself to this moment and time each time you feel yourselfdrift away to this, that or the other, bring the focus to your breath, to the self.

On this full moon, many blessings to you all. Bernadette Mac

Spirit keeper of the North.

I pulled a card today to see what comes up and this one did - Card meaning - take time out for contemplation, turn within, connect with your ancestors. Incubate ideas, mend relationships.

Watch your dreams. Meditate. The answers are inside you, waiting to be heard. Stay warm. Create dreams for your future. Repair whatever is broken in your home and in your life. Forgive those people and situations you've been dragging around for a while. A time to let go.

14th September 2019 Full Moon

Take a deep breath and relax...

Hi all. Welcome to the 14th September full moon.

Some say there was a full moon also on Friday the 13th and yes there was a beautiful full moon last night ,,, whatever works for you.

The full moon this month is a harvest moon and the moon is in Pisces this time round.

It is a time of Transformation and moving froward and some will feel like just being alone, to take time out for the self, so you can connect to your inner being or higher power, sort of like the hermit.

As the new moon was a best one getting things done and back to school and work etc, etc, now it time for rest as we get ready to transform forward.

Some take a holiday this time of year rather than the summer to prepare for the dark evening drawing in. Its also coming up on the Autumn equinox bringing in balance...

So I invite you to take a breath and bring the focus to the breath, as you breath in 3 times deeply and exhale all the time feeling grounded and connected to the self.

Allow your body to relax and just be in the moment, whether you are out in nature or just by on open fire, relax, take time out as we get ready to move forward.

Many blessings to you all, Bernadette Mac

6th September 2019 - First Quarter

Are you feeling the need to search for something new in your life at this time, to give your life meaning? With the moon in Sagittarius you have an optimistic approach to life even if things are not going great for you at this time.

A little bit of moon-magic...

This photo was taken last night the 6th of September the first quarter and the moon in Sagittarius...

Are you feeling the need to search for something new in your life at this time, to give your life meaning?

With the moon in Sagittarius you have an optimistic approach to life even if things are not going great for you at this time.

Deep down you believe things will get better even if you come to a bump on the road on your journey, you know deep down that things always work out for you...

... take a deep breathe and focus on the NOW for the NOW is all there is.

We are all connected and on this moon phase may you be blessed with gentle peace and calm and much love.

Blessings, Bernadette Mac