Hi everybody and welcome to a little bit of moon magic ....

... and tonight is a new moon - a super new moon the 16th October 2020. Without getting into too much there's a lot of planets around the new moon tonight, according to the astrologers a lot of cardinal signs.

Which indicates sparks of ideas, new projects, relationships, jobs, whatever it is you want to manifest in your life - on this new supermoon do it with a very CLEAR intention.

The energies are very high and very strong at the moment on all levels and I invite you to lift your vibration to the light frequency as we approach the full moon on the 31st and also Samhain.

As the veil's are very thin at the moment. It's very important to set clear intentions to what it is you want to manifest in your life at this moment in time. Focus tonight, if you can, on more positive change in the world but, it must start within ourselves first.

As you sit silently later on this evening on the new super moon hold your hand close to your heart and remember all those who have gone before us are helping us whether we feel them or not.

Just as in the cloudy sky sometimes we cannot see the sun or the moon but we know in our hearts it's there, same goes for our guides, angels and loved ones and most of all our ancestors. Honour your ancestors tonight and many blessings on this new super moon.

Bernadette Mac

1st October 2020 - Full Moon

Hi everyone and welcome to this month's full moon in Aries.

A lot is going on this month, on the full moon, so again I like to keep it simple.

Of the information that sits with me is the light of the full moon this month in Aries and how not only high energy but the light of the moon being so so bight, some are saying it is 3D and I can surly feel that for sure.

As it's just after the autumn equinox and the first of October it is for sure settling into the autumn.

I am drawn to the first chakra on this month's full moon and the energy of fire, getting things done, shooting from the hip so to speak, moving forward, action, rebel, movment, speaking up for the self and others.

It is a time of less talk and more action, just like the base chakra, Aries is the first fire sign in the zodiac, the colour of Aries is red, it is the cardinal sign of fire.

The fire energy is very high on this month's full moon along with the brightness too and do believe we had the Northern Lights in our skies. Some of us were lucky to see them. They remind me of rainbows and the seven chakras.

As I mention the base chakra and it being the colour red, fire, I can't help but feel the need to clear all chakras on this full moon starting with Aries, the base, otherwise known as ram.

I do believe there is a chant we can sing up from the base to the head to clear chakras maybe some might try this, this full moon. It's not only good to clear the space around you but also within the body, working with the chakras. What a perfect time to do this on the full moon in Aries, the first fire sign, and the harvest full moon, bringing the divine light into our bodies and surrounding areas, for the higher good of all.

It would sure do no harm to give it a try on this full Aries moon and the coming days, as soon we will be coming to Samhain, Saturday 31st of October and ends on the evening of November the 1st. Again the number one. In the start, getting down the the root of things, healing the past, present and sending divine light into the future.

I find the new and full moon a great time to reboot, so on this full moon I invite you to chant, clear your chakras and reboot and it's a perfect time with ARIES, HARVEST, and DIVINE LIGHT, up to Samhain, marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, celebration bonfires.

May you all be blessed with divine light and love, and lots of moon magic.

Bernadette Mc

28th October 2019 - New Moon

Hi everyone. Welcome to a little bit of moon magic.

This month the new moon is in Scorpio on the 28th of October one of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac. It is a water sign.

Some say it's all about death and rebirth this month, which would make sense as we approach Samain - Halloween.

A new moon is always an opportunity to have a blank canvas in your life, to start all over again, a step into a new energy.

Also today the time has been put back on hour which means the evenings are going to be darker. The light will be hidden until after the Winter Solstice when it will appear again. So there is a lot going on this month.

Getting back to the new moon and the energy of Scorpio - water, a time of cleansing and new beginnings, a fresh start, death and rebirth. Be gentle with yourself if you have come to a stand still, as it's always important to rest and take time out.

We of course never see that at the time and feel we should always been doing something - getting things done. And we give ourselves a hard time, only to see at a later time it was meant to be that way.

I call it a crossroad in life. A time to reflect and trust all will work out. I know it can be very hard at the time when we feel stuck but have you ever looked back and thought,

“yes, I get it now. I'm glad I was still. I would never have known this or learned that”

and so on...

So on this new moon remember it is okay to stand still, as it's a time of death and rebirth, and to be gentle with yourselves and see the bigger picture.

It is also a time of remembering your friends and family who have passed on to the spirit world on this Samain. Those who look out for us all the time with guidance and gentle whispers and some humour as well. Light a candle for them so they also can see the way.

So be gentle with the self, trust, start afresh and let go.

Celebrate life and gratitude and remember our loved ones on this fabulous new moon.

Blessings, BernadetteMac

--- oOo ---

This picture is to remember our loved ones. It was taken at the Hill of Tara on the morning of the Winter Solstice many moons ago.

Below is a video of the Holy Well at Tara, taken by Bernadette on the afternoon of 27th October 2019. She remembers our ancestors and the new beginnings as we are start a new phase on Tara Celebrations with our anniversary coming up on 5th November.

13th October 2019 - Full Moon

Be silent, for silence is golden, for there is great magic there.

On this Full Moon, October the 13th 2019,

the Hunters Full Moon,

lets just keep it simple by bringing healing to yourselves,

so we can bring healing to others.

Connect to the heart rather than the head and just be in the moment.

Be silent, for silence is golden,

for there is great magic there.

Blessings, Bernadette Mac