Full Moon 30th November 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to Gemini Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 30th of November 2020.

Gemini is the messenger, so a lot of messages coming in for some people at this time. On a deep level a lot of people are feeling the strong energy of this month's full moon - the 2nd last one of the year...

and it sure feels like this full moon is bringing things coming to an end...

but not in the way we want, but in a subtle way... and it's also about TRUTH, and being true to yourselves.

As they say "the truth will set you free" .

Speak your truth.

Stand in your own power.

Listen to the voice deep inside as this is not only your intuition it's your guidance from your Angel, Guides, Higher power, and so on, whomever you talk to or pray to for guidance.

As we sit in silence on this full moon ask yourself:

what now can I let go of that is not serving me, as I go into the birthing with this full moon?

If the feeling of being stuck over the past few months is not lifting with this powerful full moon let the light of the full moon lift your soul to shine. Notice how you feel. Get into your feeling rather than thinking .... and feel love, freedom, gratitude, truth, and communication and healing, and a new way of living.

It's time to ask what new way can I express myself?

Am I in my head too much?

Are my thoughts ones of love or fears?

Now it's a great opportunity, on this full moon, to reset the button so to speak and watch your world change as you not only change your thinking but focusing on your feelings at this time...

feelings of love, freedom, gratitude, truth and communication and healing, wisdom and your true identity and connection to source.

Become the observer. Get out in nature, feel your feet firmly on the ground as you decide what thoughts you need to turn off.

Are they thoughts of others or mine or a mixture of both?

Use this time and space to let them go. The more space you create the more you experience less noise and more poise,

You will sense when to act and when to stay still at this time.

Meditate. Take a breath. Gemini is an air sign, so it's about the breath. So breathing is about taking in air and releasing air. Take a breath tonight as you do your ritual on the full moon and create that sacred space. Set your intention and don't let your thoughts run on automatic. If you feel it happen then take a breath and breathe it out.

We cannot not stop that thinking but we can see it... know it's there and decide to let it go.

Meditation tonight is the key and to reset.

When you go out in nature notice the seasons changing, the birds singing, even the dark evenings bring a certain kind of light.

The light of the moon, stars, that gives us connection to the universe, to source, to our guides and higher power as well as below, nature, birds singing, leaves falling, sunsets and sunrise.

So set that space tonight that we need to create to move forward, in this time of birthing, and a shift going on as well. It will also give you a bird's eye view of not allowing thoughts to run your life and come into your own power and shine.

As you do this tonight remember to also make it a daily practice. Little by little you will begin to notice the shift as you do this. The inner world changes and so too the outer ..

so key words are,

love, freedom, gratitude, truth, COMMUNICATION and HEALING, new way of thinking and feeling, wisdom, true Identity and connection to source.

So on this Gemini Lunar Full Moon the 30th of November I wish you many blessings and ....

May the Truth Set You Free.

Love light to you all and i wish you all the best for the highest good.

Bernadette Mac.


Written early morning, Saturday 28th November 2020.

Hi everyone, welcome to a little bit of moon magic.

I felt guided to write a piece as we approach this very powerful full moon. It is a lunar Eclipse and in Gemini on the 30th of November also known as a Cold and Beaver full moon.

I invite you, over the next few days, as we come up to this full moon, 3 days from now, to prepare for a birthing of new. The energy of this full moon is about moving forward. Getting this done, some of you may have been feeling stuck and asking the question:

who am I?

why am I here?

how can I make a difference?

Write down what it is you would like to manifest in your life.

Not only is this a very powerful full moon but the Winter Solstice and Christmas is also getting close.

Another way of setting intentions is to paint a picture, make a memory board, get creative.

As I was out walking late this evening, as the moon was coming out, the fog began to rise. I noticed some kids coming home from secondary school. Most of them were wearing masks. I thought to myself is this the new norm in which the whole world is in this together? Again, all in the same boats, and I wondered did anyone ask that question...

Is this the new norm? each and everyone is looking out for each other staying safe and been mindful.

It's very easy to get disconnected.

New moons and full moons are a great way of getting back on track, as well as meditation and being out in nature. So be mindful of this full moon coming up over the next few days.

The 30th feels like the end of the energy that has been unsettled and confusing for some and a feeling of being stuck and asking inner questions of the self and your journey.

Lots of healing is very much needed as we come to the full moon on Monday. Be gentle with yourself looking forward to the Winter Solstice, Christmas and of course the New Year.

So, see how you feel over the next few days and if there are still issues you need to let go of.

I feel in my life, over the past few weeks and days, a birthing is coming on the 30th. So I will write some more on the night of the full moon.

A lot can change in a moment. Be kind to yourself and others.

Until Monday, blessings and healing to you all. Bernadette Mac

New Moon - 15th of November 2020

Hi Everyone, happy new super moon to you all on this the 15th of November 2020.

The new super moon is in Scorpio this time around and also Mars is retrograde since the 5th September. So what does this mean you ask yourself.

I know for me and some I have been talking to all have been feeling blocked and very stuck, so I feel this new super moon is a great time to shift some of that feeling of feeling stuck... and a lot of angry energy about with all that has been going on, and big problems with technology going off the grid and not being able to connect and communicate with friends and family. A feeling of frustration not to mention stuck.

But not to worry because things are going to shift. Mars will move a bit and we are in the star sign Scorpio and it's a sign with a 'dig deep' energy. Go within and bring the focus back to the self, to basic things in life, small changes and be gentle with yourself.

This is the 3rd super moon and the energy is very high.

It's a great time this evening to set your new intention, whether with prayer, meditation, writing down your dreams, goals you want to manifest, lighting a candle, setting a safe space in your home or garden and to be just in that moment.

This is the time of year to let go, look at nature all around you and see the beauty of nature.

Letting go, connect to that nature. Go deep within on this new super moon.

Let go of all that is holding you back from moving forward and being stuck.

Let go of fear and replace it with love.

Let go of anger and replace it with peace.

Let go of sadness and replace it with joy.

Most of all feel gratitude before we embark on asking for something new in our lives on this super new moon.

Raise your vibration, as the moon is very close to the earth at this time. Set clear intentions and connect to your guides and guardian angels and have the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes. See and feel the fiery passion from within as your set new intentions.

Focus on the heart and your feelings as you raise your vibration. Ask yourself:

What patterns do I need to break free from?

and let them go.

Most importantly keep the focus on the self, your spiritual self, and pay attention to your dreams. You can get great information. Keep a dream diary.

Be mindful of your thoughts also as the veil is very thin at the moment and the new moon being so close. And, if negative thoughts or feelings come in, say to yourself aloud:

"I do not choose that as my reality" as many times until you feel it shift away.

Focus on the love you have in your life. It can be as simple as a pet, a person, your love of nature, rivers, trees, and so on and you will start to feel different.

Flick the switch, like flicking a switch on the remote control, until it feels better with you deep within.

Which brings me to the story of the two wolfs. Which do you feed the most?

There is a change in our world right now. A birthing and new beginnings. So feel love, peace, joy, laughter as we pull the beautiful energy of the super new moon tonight and many many blessings to you all as you rise like the Pheonix from the ashes, as you set your new intentions.

Blessings, Bernadette Mac

26th November 2019 - New Moon

Hi everyone, welcome to a little moon magic today.

Today we have a New Moon in Sagittarius at about 3.05pm Uk/Ireland time, it pulls energy in to recharge for the up and coming full moon.

The feelings and energy around the New Moon for some this month is one of take time out, recharge.

Take 10 minutes out today to connect to your inner self. If you are a very busy person take 3 minutes. Connect to the solar system within the self, as above so below, we are all one. Your heart is your sun and the moon your feelings, and it being a New Moon it's always an opportunity to start over from a new place.

Clear your space, in your home, work, etc etc... and go to the heart.

How do I feel? what can I do today to help myself to get my energy to a place of a deep knowing?

It's important to take care of the self today, it is something we forget to do. So self care today.

Sagittarius, being half horse half man, has got his bow and arrow and he always has a plan, a goal in mind, and he is going towards that.

He represents stability and security in numerology, so you're being giving a perfect opportunity to pull in your energy like the New Moon today.

As the sun and the moon are conjunct, if you have been feeling a bit lost of late not to worry, all is as it should be, as we are all connected to all there is. As above so below.

Use this time of drawing in the energies, taking time out to let the inspiration come in, like light bulb moments.

Maybe some have been feeling or experiencing this at the moment.

Have you been getting signs from the universe that confirms “yes, I get it now.”?

I would like to share for me, for example, I see a combination of numbers on car registrations, digital clocks, etc etc. I have been seeing 222, 444, 888.

Maybe you see things more than once? Pay close attention to this.

Have you been hearing a song on the radio or something only you know that reminds you of a loved one passed or still with us? Loved ones that have been a great inspiration and strength to us over the course of time?

Again only you will know.

So on this New Moon today, be gentle with the self, clear your space, set clear intentions, hear the messages from guidance, see the signs.

In the word of Rumi:

“the arrow of love will always arrive at its target”

Many blessings, Bernadette Mac

Fox and Deer

It's been brought to my attention that in the picture of New Moon I posted that if you look closely you will see an outline of an animal in the clouds, of a fox or deer.

The Fox is about being invisible and waiting for the right moment, a way of protecting the self while building confidence.

The deer is regeneration.

Of course the photo of the moon is an old one, taken the 26th April 2013 at 22.29. Maybe a sign????

12th November 2019 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a little bit of Moon Magic on this Full Moon the 12th of November the Beaver Full Moon, and the Full Moon is in Taurus, a time of release and let go in preparation for the coming month ahead.

Are there still some old issues you need to let go of ???

This Full Moon is a great opportunity for doing just that.

On the last Full Moon, on October the 13th, I posted to just keep it simple, connect to the heart and quiet the mind.

This Full Moon I invite you to do the same as the Full Moon is a busy one, as the moon is in Taurus together with the Beaver, both being an animal to get things done and both very grounding.

Not to worry, for there is great learning and realising at this time.

Again keep it in the moment or the day.

Sometimes things happen for a reason when we feel like this and don't see the woods for the trees, only to know in the end, when we look back, it was all meant to be.

This is a time of old relationships to be healed. Forgive others so we can move on... and set healthy boundaries and also be gentle with the self.

Last year was the first Full Moon Magic I posted for Tara Celebrations and it was a Beaver Full Moon on the 23rd of November and it fell on Thanksgiving Day.

Losing the light of our sun as the evenings now draw darker, as we prepare for the Winter season, bringing the warmth of the fire into our homes, I invite you to reflect on the past year.

As you ponder on these questions ask yourself what am I grateful for and blessed to have in my life right now?

As you do this bring your thoughts to the moment and ask have I really taken 20 steps back?

Have all the ups and downs been you inner guidance, helping you along your path?

There is no right or wrong way when you let go and trust all works out. It can be quite hard to see that at the time or even let go but we do it anyway, sometimes without even knowing it.

So on this Full Moon:

May you be blessed with love light and healing.
May your light shine brightly on these dark Winter nights.
May you know that the light will shine again as the day of the Winter Solstice draws near.

Full Moon blessings, Bernadette Mac

23rd November 2018 - Full Moon

In some traditions the full moon this month is called Beaver Moon and falls on U.S. Thanksgiving Day.

So let us pause for a moment as you read this and ask ' What is it today I'm truly blessed with? '

And ' What blessings am I asking for as the Winter months are upon us? '

The Beaver is busy building his home to keep warm for the winter, among many animals andhumans at this time of year.

As the evenings are darker we light our homes brightly inside with a beautiful fire burning.

As we lose the light on the outside we still have it on the inside.

It is a time of deep reflection and change.

So what blessings are you asking for as we draw within?

I invite you to sit quietly and listen to your inner being, let it guide you.

Knowing that the light will shine again on our days as the Winter Solstice draws near, may you be all blessed with magic on this November Full Moon.

shin shin, Bernadette.