7th May 2020 - Full Moon in Taurus

This full moon is the 3rd super moon in a row and it's the last super moon of 2020.

This full moon is known as the Flower full moon because of the abundance of blossoms that appear this time of year. It's also known as the Corn Planting moon, Milk moon.

The energies are very strong at this time of full moon. There is a lot going on in our world. Cocooning, social distancing, isolation, and yet there is a togetherness on another level. As the flowers begin to bloom it seems we go into a chrysalis phase, but in this phase we are not sleeping, we are creating, discovering, and doing a lot of inner deep work on the self. Just like the flower when it was a seed in the dark getting ready to grow and bloom, as too the butterfly in the chrysalis phase, it comes out into the world and spreads it wings and flies to the flower.

In this full moon tonight I invite you to look at the last few months and see what you have learned and unlearned. What gifts you have discovered. Ask yourselves, can I bring this to the world when this phase is all over?

Some may have made peace with the shadow self as it's a great opportunity to do so as we cannot have shadow without the light. It's finding the balance and the full moon is a good time to reflect and write down all one needs to let go of and start anew.

Some have have done so already with the events of the world today. Celebrate the light of the super Flower full moon and a just a few days after Beltane, Fire, Birth, Fertility.

Remember this tonight as we burn away what no longer serves us and give birth to new ideas. Emerge, fly, blossom and shine on this full moon.

Dance if you can.

Many many blessings on this May Full Super Flower Moon. Bernadette Mac

18th May 2019 at 22:11 - Full Moon

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a little moon magic

on this month's full moon,

Saturday, May the 18th,

the 5th full moon of the year.

It is known as a Flower Full Moon, a time for blossoming and spreading your wings and flying.

Step into your new ideas, goals and desires.

Up until now this year was a time for letting go and starting anew and this full moon is just the right time for doing so.

Ask yourself:

Some might not feel they have been moving forward but we are always moving forward and renewing just like the flower.

So, pause for a moment...

take a deep breath and fly...

blossom and step forward...

Even if they are just small steps, small steps count.

Many blessings to you all, Bernadette Mac.