24th March 2020 - New Moon at 09.28

Hi everyone! A new moon!

I took this photo sometime last year, not sure when, but it drew me to it with what is going on at this time. As you can see the moon is in the centre of the dream catcher - a web - just like where we all are at this moment in time, not stuck but being present in our centre connection with each other via the web.

We are now being asked to tune in to all our senses as we stay at home, being creative, using our gifts in the home and sharing those gifts in a new way.

Many years ago when we had no internet our grandparents relied on word of mouth, on our gifts and talents. Food was cooked from the garden, which was grown back then even in urban areas as well as rural.

Now it's spring time, a time of new growth, new beginnings, and we are surely being asked to do just that, today I see how we are all connected in a new way using the web to stay in touch.

In a sense we are lucky to have and to use that web in a positive way.

So on this new moon a new beginning. Stay present and stay safe. Look out for each other.

Love and light, Bernadette Mac

9th March 2020 - Full Moon at 17:47

Hey everybody, welcome to a little bit of moon magic.

March full moon will be a super moon and it's also called a Worm Moon on the 9th of March. Why is it called a Worm Moon?

Well it's the time of year that earthworms and grubs tend to emerge from the winter dormancy, making a sure sign of spring, yes, spring is in the air and there is a supermoon.

What does this mean for you at this time?

The moon will be brighter, things are starting to grow, emerging from the darkness and coming up into the light.

Are you emerging from a darkness or place of reflection, just like the worm? Coming out of your shell with confidence,new ideas, and looking forward. Maybe you have come to the end of the cycle just like the full moon?

As this full moon is a supermoon this month what is reflecting in your life at this moment?

Are you beginning to shine again, stepping out of your comfort zone just like the worm, the daffodils, the snowdrops? Emerging up from the darkness of the Earth? Yes, it's the Time to Shine. A time to step into your authentic self.

Have you taken up a new craft, a project or maybe an old craft that you put on the shelf and you are starting to do again from a different perspective?

There's an old saying that I remember my mother saying when somebody has gone through something really difficult and have come out the other side of.

There's a spring in her or his step... you can see it...

I love the old sayings like that to remind us things do pass.

Do, on this full super Worm Moon, allow yourself to shine.

Many blessings Bernadette Mac

21st March 2019 - Full Moon

This is an old photo on the Hill of Tara, the moon over the church.

I was standing at St Patrick's statue as I took this on the 29th of November 2017.

The moon through the strings of a harp being played on Tara.

Full Moon is 21st March 2019 at 01.42

The moon has been hiding lately.

As we approach not only the third full moon of the year, on the 21st of March 2019, just before it is St Patrick's day, when celebrations are taking place in most parts of the world.

The full moon this time is known as the Full Worm moon.

The Old Famer's Almanac:

It's the year's third and final of three straight full supermoons and of course the Spring Equinox is around that time also...

3 events are going on which to me bring to mind the shamrock.

So pause for a moment and ask yourself,

As the evenings become brighter again, remember it's a great opportunity to start again.

There is nothing set in stone.

Each and everyone's journey is different, all going in the same direction with different experiences and stories to tell.

So on that note, may you have a blessed St Patrick's Day, Spring Equinox and full supermoon blessings.