20th July 2020 - New Moon

Hi Everyone, welcome to a little bit of Moon Magic...

and it is happening on the 20th of the 7th 2020 and it is in Cancer. This is the 2nd time the new moon has been in Cancer. This is a loving gentle new moon as the sun and moon are in Cancer and it's showing you more of what you need right now. Not what you want.

As I said before, the new moon is a great opportunity to start over, do something new or restart a new project you have put aside. The energy around the new moon is one of truth, gentle and healing at this time, not only with others but ourselves also.

So at this time of new moon I invite you to stop and listen.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to what you need,

Listen to your body.

Take a break, take a breath, take a pause and allow yourself to detach to what has been draining you and give yourself the needed rest. A night off, a weekend off, a lot of people have been saying how tired they have been feeling including myself, every person has been saying how tired they feel. 2020 has been so far very challenging for most people, having to work from home with no off button like taking a break, stopping at the time you would if you were in the workplace, even those who took to the garden and house revamping also felt the tiredness.

So, as things are slowly lifting in our world, some might find it difficult to get back into a routine. Have you found you went back to an exercise class or gym only to feel more tired than ever? back in the workplace not quite knowing where to start? take this time on the 20th of July 2020, on this new moon, to set intentions that are good for your body, mind and soul and do what feels right for you and set your intentions to honour that.

As we move into the fire sign Leo we will get going again, so take the rest, pause, drop anchor. After all, it has been a very big year. In this resting time, as you set the intentions, you can in that space tune in to what you want to give life to.

So on this new moon, set your intentions, rest, take time out, pause, drop anchor, downtime, give yourself a break, honour your body, mind and soul, so when the element of fire comes with Leo you will be ready and well-rested and grounded to go with the energy.

The keywords are downtime, rest, listen, pause, take a break and work with the energies right now. But most of all give yourself time to listen.

New moon blessings to all, Bernadette Mac

5th July 2020 - Full Moon

Hi everyone, welcome to some moon magic on the 5th of July 2020. It's the Buck Full Moon and a lunar eclipse.

The moon is in Capricorn this month, the 7th full moon of the year, so what does it mean for you this full moon?

Well, some would say it is very good for starting new projects, creating something new. Maybe, after all the strange times we have been having in the past few months, you have come to realise you need a career change, maybe a creative side of you has emerged you thought you never had and you would like to pursue that?

On the outside world, people have been awaking and standing up and speaking out and saying enough is enough and coming together and speaking out and it can draw you very much away from your inner self. So focus on the positive. Look at what you have created of late. It has helped many to work on the spiritual side of themselves.

Maybe you have been 'not doing' for a long time. We have been turning inwards, our cave to create, and yet so very hard for others to be locked down.

We have had so many Eclipses this year. We have 6 and 3 so far, that is a lot of them. So the veil is thinner. We can tune into information much better. So think on a more positive thought. Raise your vibration. It is a very intense time. Some of you may feel like you are passing through an eye of a needle, but stick with it. Whatever you are focusing on will magnify even more. So pay attention on your thoughts and how you are feeling

Stay as positive as you can and shine a light. Take time out on this full moon and sit silently and see how far you have come over the past 5 months.

What changes have I made in my life?

What creative side did I discover?

As we have just had the 4th of July, have I become more independent?

For some, we reconnected with old friends we have not seen or heard from in years as we let far too much time pass by not getting in touch. Now we are coming together again and starting a new friendship on a different level.

Also pay attention to your dreams this full moon. What are they telling you? As it's the deep conscious of your soul.

A lot is going on this full moon, balance, completion, seeing things through. Whatever you are working on in your life this full moon and Eclipse is going to illuminate this for you, so you can work it through.

So, again, do it with a positive thought and attitude. If you have to close the door go within and do it alone then do so. Take that time for yourself and take that space, it is very important to do what is best for you.

This seems to be the energy on this Buck Full Moon with the Eclipse, so go with it.

Take care people on this full moon. Many blessings, Bernadette Mac

16th July 2019 - Full Moon

Hi everyone! Welcome to a bit of moon magic on 16th July 2019.

These photos were taken on Sunday 14th July 2019

The full moon this month has many names.

Buck Moon, named after new antlers that emerge from a buck's forehead around this time of year. It's also called the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon and Wort Moon.

So I ask you to reflect on all the other full moons up till now, this being the 7th full moon of the year.

What changes have you made in your life?

Maybe the road you set off on took a different route.

Have you, like the buck, emerged with your goals and desires?

Have you grown?

These are questions only you can answer.

Thunder Moon - are there things you still need to let go of?

Hay Moon - are you getting out in nature? maybe you are getting out in the fields and preparing for the autumn months ahead?

Wort full moon meaning to plant. Are you harvesting something you have planted over the past few month, whether it be on the land or personal?

Again only you can answer these questions.

As we come into a season change, are you noticing the evening drawing in each day?

The days are getting shorter.

It is a time to get ready for the coming months ahead, gathering food and herbs from the land.

It is a time of abundance, emerging, preparing and gratitude.

Many blessings on this full Buck moon.

Bernadette Mac


2nd July 2019 - New Moon

A little bit of moon magic last night...

The Cancer New Moon also a solar eclipse, a good time to start new projects and jobs, move into a new home.

It brings more awareness.

A time for family, here and past... our loved ones and ancestors...

As we remember them ask yourself what have I learned with them when they walked the earth?

Our loved ones, did they inspire me to carry on with my journey, the soul's journey?

As they learned from their loved ones before us, our ancestors, do I apply the teachings today with my family and loved ones?

It can be as simple as gardening, reading, tending to the family or doing something you have passion about.

It is good to find something in life that brings passion to nourish the soul. Heed the mind, body, spirit connection.

So as we journey into this month July 2019, with a little bit of moon magic be mindful of your goals, desires and passions.

Maybe it is time to start something new?

I missed the moon last night but was reminded yesterday of an event I did back in 2011 on the Hill of Tara on a full moon, Seven-bells, where a group of like minded people gathered together and we rang bells, chimes, so the sound would travel with our good intentions and prayers for our planet.

It rained quiet heavy but it did not stop us on the day. The sound was magical.

May you be blessed with love and healing.


This photo was taken on the Hill of Tara,

at Nora's home, where she use to live,

for Seven-bells first event.

Many good memories...