Full Moon - 30th December 2020

And the Full Moon brought in the snow in Ireland and England.

Bernadette took a photo of the Full Moon and woke the following morning to snow. Also thanks to Louise for these photographs of the Peak District 31st December 2020.

29th December 2020

Hi Everone. Welcome to the 3rd night of the full moon in Cancer. In some places it's on the 30th. So, knowing that, you can choose which night you would like to set new intentions for the New Year to come or perhaps you
would like to do both and let the energy settle in the soul and your goals, dreams and desires for the year ahead.

As it's the last full moon of the year, and this December's full moon reaches it's peak just before the new year, it is a perfect time to do a ritual and healing meditation around this moon cycle.

It's also known as the Cold moon and Wolf moon. With it already bringing a meteor shower, a solar eclipse, and great conjunction, Winter Soltice, and Christmas, it's been a busy month for sure. As the strangest, hardest year in recent memory comes to a close, we are anxious to hit the reset button. We have one final event and it's this full Cold moon in Cancer - the last full moon of the year - and it's going to light up our sky this week.

As the moon lights up the sky bring in the light to the self. Focus on your letter to the self you have written, if you have done one.

Glimpse briefly on the year gone by, and how fast that year has gone by! What big or small changes you have made to your life? and yes, we are all in hope for a better year to come.

On this full moon the astrologers talk about two waves of galactic energy happening in our solar system. A high vibration they say and they ask that you lift your vibration with this in mind, setting your intentions with this in mind can make a great difference to all there is and this big shift.

Let go of fear, replace it with love.

Let go of all negative thoughts and self-doubt and replace it with hope, harmony and healing.

So you are being asked to choose all that is good for you on this full moon.

Replace the fear with trust.

What do you believe?

Do you believe in divine force in all life?

Do you believe you are being guided by a higher power?

Do you believe your prayers are being heard and answered?

If you are in fear ask yourself what is the best way to confront it.

Yes, trust everything will be ok. We don't always believe, so look at your beliefs and trust on this full moon and this new energy coming in on a wave of divine love.

I invite you all tonight, on this last full moon of the year, to let go of all that no longer serves you. Just let it go, so you can make room for the new to come in, the birth of the new you.

Now bring your focus on your letter to the self. You may wish to burn it on the full moon or maybe you might go out and post this letter to yourself to help you remember who you truly are ...

or maybe you might want to write a new letter tonight.

On this full moon, that is coming in with these waves of divine light and energy and upgrading your body, mind, and soul, to the intentions you have asked for in this new year to come....

Again ask yourself one more time .... WHAT DO I BELIEVE?


And one way to key into this is your birth promise, or the many promises you made to yourself down through the years or this year. Only you tonight can know what it is you want to achieve and manifest, what you want to let go of and what you believe.

Use this last full moon of the year to let go and to welcome the new year to come - 2021. Let your soul speak to you from a place of true love and healing.

Focus on this beautiful wave of light tonight, a cosmic wave, and yes, we are already in it since the 9th of December.

With all that has been going on and off the planet over the past 12 months now come into the heart and soul and most of all trust.

May you all be blessed on this full moon, may all your dreams come true. Connect to the inner self and guides, stay grounded, focussed, believe and trust.

Many blessings, Bernadette Mac

Now we can change a few words here people... Jupiter aligns with Saturn.....

28th December 2020

Hi Everyone, welcome to day 2 on the preparation for the last full moon of the year, known as the Cold moon and it's in Cancer.

To close out 2020 in a deep and emotionally connective way and a very powerful one for sure, the full moon is a great way of reconnection with the self and setting new intentions and letting go of what no longer serves us. So tonight I invite you to take a glimpse back on 2020 and write down things you have learned since springtime when the world stood still and we were all on a journey together.

Just at the Sping Equniox, as things began to grow, the days were getting brighter, we had a pandemic.

For me looking back, the lockdown was one of how things were not important and family was.

Gratitude was one thing I surely learned along with learning to do stuff around my home I never knew I could do. I revamped the garden and upcycled old furniture and lots more.

I had feelings of concern and also love. Like many others, we all prayed and worked together as one, for each other and definitely a new way of living and doing things.

This last full moon is one of reflection before we go into the New Year and letting go of the old as we are now finding yourselves in a new way of living.

Ask yourself "how have you changed?" "how have you grown?" and bring yourself back to January 2020...

We also had the full moon in Cancer and it was on eclipse. So this year we had the full moon twice in Cancer so we started in Cancer and we are also ending in Cancer.

Also this year we had so many lunar, solar eclipses. The energies were very high also on a spiritual level. So tonight dig deep, deep self motherng, deep self nurturning.

Set healthy boundaries.

Write a letter to yourself as if you are writng a letter to your best friend. What would it say? how would it sound? how do you feel writing this letter to the self?

This letter is a private thing between you and source, guides and angels whomever you tap into as your higher power. When you are done with not only writing a letter to the self but also writing the things you are letting go of and the new intentions you are setting for the year to come, put it near your candle tonight, in an envelope, and just be in the moment. Focus on the flame, breath it in, and just be.

Blessings to you all tonight, Bernadette

Candle for prayers and healing for the coming full moon lit by Bernadette Mac on the night of 27th December.

27th December 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to some moon magic as the full moon is on the 29th, and in some places the 30th, of December.

I felt guided to post today to get ready for not only the full moon but the shift that is also taking place over the next few days or since before the winter solstice. Some astrologers are saying this shift started on the 9th of December and the earth is moving through some galactic sources.

A guy called Rory Duff, I found fascinating when I looked him up. Without getting too much into him for the moment, but he does talk about the energy of this full moon in Cancer 2020 and the effects of it. And he talks about the earth going through this galactic current sheet and how this happens every 12 thousands years and 2 waves of energy coming in.

This photo of the moon was taken by myself on Christmas Eve 2020.

So let's get back to the energy and shifts that are taking place during this last full moon of the year, known as the Cold moon, the Long Night moon or the Oak full moon.

It is just around the corner and with it waves of new energy pouring into the earth and they are saying this new energy is upgrading our DNA... mm... I thought that is very interesting and hope you find in this information the same feeling I got of new coming in and our vibration being lifted to higher energy while being very grounded at the same time.

So starting tonight, as we prepare for the last full moon of the year, and it's in Cancer, and the new wave of energy, just focus on lighting a candle. Be quiet, sit in silence and just be go within and be gentle with yourself.

I invite you to light this candle at 8pm tonight with the feeling of harmony, love, focus on the heart and the soul and feel the fire of your heart burn brightly and your soul fill with pure golden light.

Feel and think all good thoughts as you light this candle, as Cancer is all about emotions and emotions are very high at the moment in our world.

So bring the focus to the here and now. As you light this candle be in the moment. Hold your hand to your heart, feel the healing coming in and light all around your home, your family, your body, mind and soul.

Do this tonight as you get ready for this new energy coming in and the old energy leaving,

Blessings to you all tonight, Bernadette Mac

New moon - 14th December 2020

Hi Everyone and welcome to a little bit of moon magic as we approach the new moon on the 14th of December and Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky to create the first "Christmas star "in nearly 800 years. Now that's magical.

2020 has been a year all of us will never forget but it will finish big on the night of the new moon. A fantastic light show. a wave of shooting stars, a week later Jupiter and Saturn will form a visible alignment and it's the closest they have ever been from earth in 800 years. Wow! you ask yourself:

What can this mean for me and our world?

.... in these strange, and yet wonderful times, on our planet, as nature continues to go about doing what is best. Seasons come and go and with it change, death and rebirth. light and darkness. Seeds begin to grow, die and do it all over again, all the time trusting in nature without any resistance.

Maybe we have learned over this past year it is time to trust in our inner light and darkness, let things go and trust as we all sail this boat together, just like Jupiter and Saturn are starting a journey together.

So what can this mean for me at this time?

Maybe on inner journey to the self ?

What intention are you setting on the new moon for yourself as we come to the end of 2020 into 2021?

What hope and dreams are you looking forward to in January 2021?

Are you asking, Who am I? Maybe your being asked to raise your vibration.

A higher energy field?

Maybe new friendships?

So ask yourself at this time of new moon, What do I want to start anew, to carry me into 2021 but also beyond?

Just like what Rumi said

"out beyond ideas of right and wrong doings there is a field, a singing field. I'll meet you there"

The new moon on the 14th of December is surly a magical one.

Things coming to an end as the year comes to the end, 2020. As with all years before that, they came to an end. It's just the way it is and has been since the beginning of time. But, I can say in the case of 2020, we are not only going to be celebrating the New Year but the end of a year when the whole world stood still, sailed to shores and lands for cures, and a new way of thinking and living.

A time for sure to lift our vibration as we not only embark on the new moon, full moon, winter solstice, and Christmas, along with alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, meteor showers and the sun alignment into chambers time forgot where our ancestors once knew all the that was to come as they relied on the sun , moon and stars to guide them.

It's time now to do the same again. Allow the inner voice of our wise ancestors whisper to us again and trust.

Today we have internet and so forth to help for sure, but on this full moon drop the technology and listen, see, and hear just like they did. They watched the sun rise and set in all seasons along with the stars and knew when to sow a seed, make a wish and set new intentions. Theirs was as simple as hoping crops would grow for the coming year, the stars at night light up the darkness along with the moon, which also told them of the seasons and of things to come.

Just like the story of the 3 wise men who followed a star that lead them to a new dawn, a new sun/son being born. Without that sun there would be no growth, no light and hope, the stars were heavenly guides in the sky letting us know all is well and to see the bigger picture.

So on the 14th of December new moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

If you look at the star sign Sagittarius you will see the archer holding a bow and the bow is leading us to higher truths, higher learning and beliefs that come from a place of love and wisdom and divine truth. It is symbolizing trust for knowledge and wisdom at this time and it sure is a perfect time to expand your wisdom and all you have learned over the years to help not only yourself but others.

With all that in mind on this new moon, 14th of December, as you set your intentions put the image of the archer in your mind, shooting the arrow to a place of love, wisdom, and healing for all in our world as well as in your own life, for the highest good of all involved.

New moons are always a great way to start new intentions, ideas and start afresh so to speak. Not only is it the new moon but we also have Jupiter Saturn conjuction / alignment.

So, if you can, visualize the image of the star sign Sagitturas sending the arrow, along with the alignment of the planets, to a place of divine love.

With all that is going on in the night sky maybe the heavens are trying to get our attention. and this new moon is a great time to listen. Listen to the inner wisdom of the soul. As we come up to the winter solstice, and new year, not to mention the full moon, the age of Aquarius it sure is exciting times. And the word "new" is coming up a lot. And people will be coming together again.

So, on this new moon, set your intentions with the image in Sagittarius shooting the arrow as a symbol of planting seeds of divine love, healing, wisdom, new beginnings.

All this is happening in a window of three and a half hours, so use those hours wisely.

Surely a big new beginning and very exciting. And as you set your intentions over the next few nights and days to come, let it go just like the arrow. Once you shoot it it's gone.

As Rumi said:

the arrow of love arrived at its target

So on this new moon my wish for you all is -

may all your dreams come true, may you be blessed with healing and love. and may the truth set you free.

Love and light Bernadette Mac

12th December 2019 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone! welcome to some Moon Magic on this Full Moon December the 12th 2019, the last Full Moon of the year and close to the Winter Solstice and Christmas Day.

It's also in Gemini meteor showers as well, so there is so much going on around the Full Moon this month.

So again I will keep it simple as we find ourselves coming to the end of another year.

12 Full Moons later have you achieved your goals and dreams or did you find that things took a different path for you? what you have planned did not happen? things getting cancelled at the last minute?

Have you noticed family and friends are not running around this Christmas in the mad rush to buy gifts?

I can only speak for myself, that there is a feeling of calm and no panic this year and more focus on the real value of being around family, friends, and out in nature, finding time to reconnect, only to see all was meant to be.

We can still have our dreams, goals and desires. Life has a way of bringing it to us in away we would never have thought, so trust and watch the magic happen.

The one thing I love about the Full Moon is on a clear sky when you can see it shining along with the stars.

It can stir up a well of emotions and memories we thought we had forgotten. It's amazing how nature can do this... like the Full Moon, the rising and setting of the sun, our oceans, and mountains and the land.

So I invite you, on this last Full Moon, to simply connect to the self. Give yourself the gift of self care and love. In doing this we can share with others, for there is no better gift on this last Full Moon before Christmas.

Look up at the sky over the next few nights, remember all those who shared these magic moments from the past, who are no longer with us, and remember to pass on the gift of love to our next generation as we now approach into a New Year.

May you have a blessed Full Moon, Bernadette Mac

Rare moments

What a rare moment of the moon joining the statue of Jesus in Rio De Janerio...

22nd December 2018 - Full Moon

A full moon blessing to all tonight,

one day after the solstice night.

As we come to the end of the year

remember your friends from far and near.

As we reflect on the months and weeks that past,

send all your blessings from deep in your heart.

Blessings to all on this full moon night,

and remember you are love and light.


Friday 21st December - Winter Solstice - there is an element of magic in our urban life style......

As we approach the full moon on Saturday there is a great feeling of knowing, deep in the soul, of the new and creativity, of old ways being remembered, being reborn.

Creativity has great therapy and healing.

Our Ancestors knew that. Remember who you are. Blessings, healing and gratitude.


As we approach the full moon blessings on the 22nd of December, pause for a moment and reflect on what blessings you wish to ask for at this time.

It is the last full moon of the year... maybe a time of letting go, moving forward into the new. It is happening one day after the Winter Solstice, the lunar cycle and nearly the end of the year. It is also known as the Full Cold Moon.

So what blessings are you thankful for as you reflect the new you wish to apply in the coming year?

I will be posting the blessings on the 22nd of December and with that in mind this week gives you time to sit with yourself and remember,reflect and let go ,,,,