19th August 2020 - New Moon

New Moon blessings.

Some like to harness the energy of the new moon in order to fulfil their visions dreams and goals.

One way you can do this today is by lighting a candle or some incense in a quiet space where you feel relaxed and centred.

Write down what you want from life and focus on these goals while the new moon is in the sky tonight. You may not see it but you know deep inside it is there - you can feel the energy of it.

Maybe you would like to create an altar with sacred objects on it such as pictures, stones, crystals or take a ritual bath with sea salt to clear any negative energies you me feel that is around you at the moment.

Do this before you set your intentions for the new.

You may have noticed already the season is changing, the evenings are becoming darker much earlier and it's time to light the inner fires again. Just like the oak tree it's preparing to let go.

The chestnuts, people gathered and bring them in doors, others play games with them. They are a reminder of the autumn. And of letting go of what no longer serves us.

A new moon is a great opportunity to start all over again with the new project or ideas.

So on this new Moon I would like to wish each and everyone of you many blessings as we come into the autumn season and autumn equinox.

It feels this year the time is surely flying by so fast and it has been a very eventful time for everybody on the planet.

So with that note I wish you all new moon blessings.

Love and light, Bernadette Mac.

3rd August 2020 - Full Moon

Hi everyone, welcome to a little bit of moon magic on the 3rd of August 2020, and the moon is in Aquarius.

The energy this month is about everyone coming together to help one another. This time around it is not about you, it's about helping others. It'a a time to use your energy to light up others, use your light and energy, pull up your sleeves and help. Actions speak louder than words.

There is so much you can do to help people who need it right now. Maybe you see yourself in them, when you were going through a life-changing time and you got through it, whether it was moving house, new job, starting your own business, or leaving a relationship or starting a new one.

Is there someone you know at this moment in time that could do with a helping hand and your knowledge and experience? You're not telling anyone how to live their life but you are helping them by showing them how you worked through your fears and got out the other side of it. And the rest is up to them. It's also a time of realization that maybe that job was not for you.

As we are coimg into the Leo fire sign it's a time to really get things done. There is a lot of spiritual energy around at this time, especially over the past few months or more. More and more people have been connecting to nature and seeing what really has value in there lives and connecting to a higher power or vibration. So this full moon is saying connect to the higher self, nature, meditation. This really gives your life meaning rather than going out shopping to make yourself feel good - it's just a temporary fix and people have come to see this during the time of change in our world over the past 6 months.

So today, on this full moon, its about helping others if you are in that position. Remember helping others is also helping the self, and you are learning all the time. and do it unselfishly.

As we come up also to the energy of Lughnasadh give thanks to all the hard work for the food we grow in our fields as we get ready for the autium. Already the evenings are drawing in and there is a nip in the air at night. Some have already lit their fires in the home and there is a dampness as the sunsets at an earlier time in the evening. It's a time to stock up on the food, fire wood. As we celebrate the harvest there is also a sense of getting ready for the autumn time ahead.

So on this full moon, key words -

reach out and help others,

give thanks for all you have in your life today and what you have acheived,

take risks,

connect to spiritual evnergy by connection with like minded people,

be a service to others without expectations,

and most of all be kind,

stay connected and safe.

Blessings to you all on this full moon. May the fire in your soul bring you much healing. Bernadette Mac.

30th August 2019 - New Moon

A time of action, a time of go go go...busy busy busy and a sense of change and getting things done.

A little bit of moon magic on this the new moon in Virgo 30th of August 2019

A very positive and focused new moon this time around.

Again, without getting too much into all the meanings around it, I like to keep it simple... just touch on it....

A time of action, a time of go go go... busy busy busy and a sense of change and getting things done.

No more putting things on the back burner, so its back to school, back to work, back to the gym or exercise.

Your ready to take off with your new ideas and projects, it's a time of focus as we now come to the end of the summer and getting into the autumn.

Just like the spring it's a time for clearing your space, get grounded and bring balance in.

As this time gets busy, it is a very positive time, so bring in self love, accepting.

Have faith in the self as you move forward into you inner power and stepping forward into the new.

All the time stay connected to spirit.

As we get back to work, school, etc., best make sure you allow yourself down time and rest and eat healthy.

So I invite you to sit quietly for a moment, get focused on the now, take a breathe and look at all you have achieved up till now.

Maybe there are things you can now tick off on that list.

As we do that we make room for the new.

Key word – being, self love, self care, focus, health and positivity.

Wishing you all many blessings on this new moon, Bernadette Mac

15th August 2019 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone to a bit of moon magic on this months full moon.

New moon in Leo, full moon in Aquarius, there are sure a lot of energies going on this month!

August 15th 2019 - without getting too lost in so many different meanings I invite you to feel it with your heart, your intuition, use your chakras to tune into your body on this full moon, remembering we all have the answers within.

I would like to share some stories that I have come across with people sharing this month's full moon and also the new moon in Leo, what I picked up by their experience in which I could relate to, and of course the new and full moons we have been tuning into up to now.

Up to now we all have been setting goals, dreams and desires and letting go.

Making new plans in the New Year our first full moon, and with each new and full moon, we got the chance to start over again with plans we made for our life, maybe a new job, move to a new house, go on a trip, or step into your own power.

Have you been putting off being a healer, work in holistic therapies, art and craft, music, dance, write a book?

I have come across people who shared that this full moon has brought change into their life, something they were working on a few years back and never gave up and now it happened.

Others are being forced or led to change that can be uncomfortable. Go with it, also letting go of the past. Heal it and move on and let go, and watch the time speed up making changes and stepping into the new.

So I invite you to say :

See change as a new adventure. There is much abundance, celebrate it.

Time to plant that seed.

So, from the heart, plant that seed with love, peace and healing.

Many blessings on this August full moon 2019. BernadetteMac

1st August 2019 - New Moon

Hi Everyone, welcome to a bit of Moon-magic.

The 1st of August marks the day of new moon in Leo...

  • Fire, Passion, being a leader...
  • stepping into new projects, relationships , home, Job.
  • It's time for inspiration on all levels of life.
  • It is time for you now to shine your inner light, no more holding onto the past, align with your inner being and emerge.

--- oOo ---

Take time out to write down your dreams and goals. Make a list of what you have achieved this past year, no matter how big or small, for it is in the effort of making life changes that makes you happy and become that person you know is deep within the soul.

Leo, being a fire sign, as you write down your dreams and goals on the New Moon call upon the elements, mostly the fire within.

Be open to new ideas. By clearing the mind bring clarity to the self.

When the intentions are written down burn them on this New Moon. Let them go and trust.

Listen to the inner self, and trust all is well.

Do one thing that makes you feel good over this weekend.

Connect with like minded souls, share ideas, desires and goals from the heart. Have open heart sharing and inspire each other.

So on this New Moon may you all be blessed with Love, Peace, Abundance, Passion, Joy and Happiness.

Bernadette Mac