23rd April 2020 - New moon

Hi Everyone, welcome to some moonmagic.

22nd and 23rd of April is a new moon and this new moon is in Taurus.

Your safety depends on the need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. It is a time of great change at this new moon and we are learning to accept it as a part of our life at this time.

Our world is not as we know it. It seems the pause button is on for now , and it's in our great interest to be well and safe and to look out for each other.

Taurus the bull stands his ground and you are being asked to do just that. Stand still. Don't rush head on. Be in the moment at this time.

In this time you will come to know the self in a different way to the past, come to have more self respect and love. That can bring a new energy of respect and unconditional love for others. You by now have come to see material things have no importannce , so tonight on this new moon set only good intentions for healing for yourself and others so we can journey through this as one, soul , light, and most of all love and gratitude.

I read this morning something very interesting. The organs influenced by this new moon in Taurus are the neck, larynx, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, tonsils. So take good care of these organs at this time.

When you respect and accept yourself for who you are it will become easier to find peace and tranquillity in the outside world.

May peace and love be with you all today, blessings Bernadette Mac

7th April 2020 - Full Moon

Hi Everyone, welcome to little bit of moonmagic and boy, there was some moonmagic!

Last night, the 7th of April 2020 on the full pink moon, I have never seen so many photos on social media. Each and everyone was so beautiful. There was a feeling of collectiveness and love last night through this event, as people are being asked at this time to stay in their homes and stay safe in this pandemic.

The world may be standing still at the moment for the human race. They all, however, are seeing Mother Nature's beauty, showing herself to all. Even some animals are coming out of the woods and walking the streets, like deer and fox. Sheep have been spotted on children's playground. It's like the animal kingdom has come out to play. It just warms the heart.

Now the full moon is pink and it being the colour of love, rose quartz. Mother Nature. Now everyone is seeing her beauty and wonder and this full pink moon is one we will always remember for sure.

Yes, a lot is going on around with the planets and astrology, with the full moon, if you search online. But I would like to keep it simple at this time.

As people stay home they are being more creative and together more than ever and getting to know their neighbours in this lockdown. Also chatting more on the phone, facetime and more. There are no planes in the sky and cars on the roads. Yes the earth has stood still.

For me I am using it as an opportunity to create and, being like many others, cleaning out my space, getting into the garden and apprecating my family and friends more and my space and Mother Nature around me and doing a lot more self healing.

There is a lot of learning and unlearning at this time, and being still and focus, and a massive letting go. So on this full pink moon embrace your gifts and creativity, send forth healing pink light to your beautiful planet and most of all peace.

May you all be blessed with love, light, and healing, Bernadette and remember...

This to shall pass...

19th April 2019 - Full Moon

This is an old photo taken a few years back on St. Patrick's Day on the Hill of Tara

As we approach the 4th full moon of 2019, on Friday the 19th of April at 12.12, in some traditions it is known as the pink full moon as it is almost that time of flowers in many colours which start to bloom.

Already the cherry blossoms are out in full bloom and so beautiful.

It is also Good Friday,a day for many of reflection on what it is we need to let go of, to forgive. Forgiving and letting go is very healing for us.

As it's a pink moon and there are many different stories around it that can really get us caught up in our heads, I invite you to bring the focus on our hearts today.

Visualise the colour pink. Hold your hand on your heart and think about someone or a situation you need to let go of and forgive... and breathe 3 breaths. In some cases some may find this hard to do.

Then I invite you to bring the focus on the self and forgive oneself, for in doing so you allow for love to come into your heart.

Give it time. Don'trush it. Just hold your hand on your heart and breathe.

This up and coming weekend is about letting go, acceptance, forgiveness, and rebirth... not to mention the Easter bunny or hare in some traditions, and Easter eggs, a symbol of new birth.

So this full moon is set around a very important event... and on this moon magic time, which is happening on 12.12 midday,

Whatever you do on this holy week and full pink moon, may you be blessed with love and light, and a happy full Easter pink moon.

Bernadette Mac