2023 - Rainbow Clouds

Winter Solstice 2023

High winds and heavy rains have limited safe travel and grey dark clouds brought a damper onto celebrations this year. Perhaps this is why no one felt like celebrating Solstice on the day. The energies have been more about endings, serious illness and death than new beginnings and rebirth. We know these are to come but at the present we are in transition.

Yet rare and fantastic rainbow clouds, polar stratospheric clouds, brought by cold Arctic air, enchanted and delighted us. A giant bank of clouds escaped the Arctic Circle, and for more than a week they filled skies with rainbow colour as far south as Italy.

Normally, Earth's stratosphere has no clouds at all. Only when the temperature drops to a staggeringly-low -85 C can widely-spaced water molecules assemble into icy polar stratospheric clouds. With colours that rival auroras, PSCs are considered to be the most beautiful clouds on Earth. During the outbreak, received hundreds of photos of PSCs. Curiously, they all came from Europe. Not a single cloud was sighted in North America or Asia. Why not? Amy Butler of NOAA's Chemical Sciences Laboratory has the answer: "The polar vortex can wobble like a top, and in December it was displaced towards Europe," she explains.

It seems we were all - earth and humans - having a bit of a "wobble". Perhaps the full moon on 27th at 00.33 in Dublin would switch energies into something more invigorating?

Winter Solstice to Little Christmas on 6th January is a long stretch, and perhaps on one of those days we would feel a call to share and celebrate. We never did, not as a face to face get together.

With every ending comes a new beginning. We now make way for new opportunities and energies to enter our lives.

Marta in Zurich
Louise in Derbyshire, England

Bernadette shares her thoughts on this full moon...

Hi everyone full moon blessings today the 26th of December 2023

As it's the last full moon of this year let's dig deep into our hearts for that extra bit of unconditional love I've witnessed on Christmas day around my grandkids and that feeling of love without condition and a warming feeling of gratitude.

So with the full moon being in cancer, it is a home sign. again bring the focus on home in the heart—inner child healing, family and friend healing and letting go of what no longer serves you for the highest good.

  1. As it is the last full moon of the year with the new year only days away tonight's full moon is a perfect opportunity to heal, manifest, and let go to bring about a fresh start on many levels. So what can this mean for you? This full moon is all about setting you free.
  2. Are you holding onto an energy that is keeping you stuck in old patterns and beliefs?
  3. Are you holding onto another energy in other words carrying old wounds and learned behaviour that no longer serve you, from others who are no longer with us and some who are still with us?
  4. Make a list if you wish or whatever works for you.
  5. Light a candle or go outside and focus on the light of the full moon even if it is not visible know that it is always there.
  6. Take a deep breath, bringing that breath to the heart - dig deep where love and forgiveness lie there, strength, courage, and healing.

So as you do this ask yourself what energy are you holding there that is not yours, maybe father? mother / grandparent or someone's energy that you have been deeply working through?

Go deep and ask yourself - can you let them off the hook remembering they did the best they could on their journey? in healing this is more for you than them, freeing yourself from all that is holding you in a place that is holding you back from moving forward. and this time of year is a perfect time to do this.

Again these are only suggestions. The change is entirely you to you. Ask yourself DO I WANT TO MAKE THIS CHANGE? Also on this full moon, some have retreated into themselves maybe friends have not been in touch or maybe you have not been in touch with family and friends. Do not take this personally. Each of us is doing so much inner journey that the focus is on healing and bringing about change in our lives so that we all gather again it will be on a clearer level.

Clearing out the past is so good for here, the present moment.So, ho nour what you are healing on tonight's full moon so we can go forward to new territory for the new year.

Love light and healing blessings on this full moon Bernadette Mc

-- - oOo - --

Time to slow down and re-assess

By the 6th January it feels like we are well and truly into 2024 now.... yes, it's winter with a very frosty morning, but sun and blue skies cheering us up now. Lots of long tailed tits this morning.

Bernadette Mac shared this link -

“This bird is singing its life story, where it’s been, stamps on a passport” Sean Roynane share his passion for birdsong with Tommy Tiernan

Anne drew this Wildwood Tarot card 6th January 2023.