2022 - Answering the Call - Connect

Sunrise on Wednesday 21 December 2022

It is suggested that we all connect on the ethers at sunrise on Wednesday 21 December 2022. Linking in to either sunrise time at Newgrange, 8.58am, or whenever your local sunrise occurs. Actual Solstice was 9.48pm.

Into the depths of winter, yet the days get longer from now on, and soon Spring calls... however, be still... for now is the time when we are blessed with returning light even in these darkest hours.

As J comments, maybe the winter solstice sunrise is a wake up call. In nature it is a kind of wake up call - the sun is returning, get ready for Spring. For us personally maybe a time to reflect and plan and get ready to take action in the Spring. As Bernadette's card says, start noticing 'synchronicities', the call of other realms / the universe and take heed of what they might mean for us.

It seems that B Mac's card for winter solstice is resonating with many. As no one has stepped up to host a face to face get together it seems that our theme this year is - Answering the Call.

Card for the winter solstice Is.... ?

Card meaning : you've been called.

If you have been waiting for your life to shift the waiting is over.

Your true authentic life is happening now.

If you have been waiting for a sign.... This is it, right now.

Your spirit guys, ancestors and loved one who have passed away are sending you messages of love and healing. You've been cold and a gateway is opening for communication from these spiritual Realms.

Now and in the days ahead, signs from spirit will be all around you, look for them.

Your native spirit wants you to know : indigenous peoples look to the clouds, the winds and the movement of animals to discern the secret messages from The Creator, in traditions, life is ruled by signs.Right now your spirit helpers are telling you that it is your time, the waiting is over. Sometimes we spend too much time waiting for life to happen, that we missed the joy in the moment. Cherish the here and now. I know that no matter what concerns you may have, in the deepest sense you already believe, follow the signs and the miracles around your time is now!

The journey : look for signs. They are all around you... the feather that's right at your feet.... the penny you find on the pack, the Rainbow that splashed across the sky may be a sign that spirit is trying to get your attention.Maybe you're seeing a combination of numbers repeatedly? That is another way of the Angels and your loved ones and your guides to get your attention, also watch your dreams at night.

Many blessings to each and all of you on this winter solstice, Bernadette Mac

Martin was called to the Hill of Tara

He stepped forward for a winter solstice mini ceremony. Directions, Meditation, Surrendering to the Light.

If anyone wanted to meet up, say or do anything, he met them there. All were welcome and many tuned in 'on the ethers'.

Eileen was called to the Hill of Tara

Nora J was called to Longstone Edge, Derbyshire....

Mid-day winter solstice with a slice of wensleydale and cranberry cheese, pork and mince pies.

There were two magpies and one took on look out duties while the other fed. There were a couple of hawks floating on the up-current.

Bernadette Mac was called to draw some more cards

20th December 2022

Card for today the eve of the winter solstice 20th of December 2022

Song of the wild

Meaning : New horizons await you! Take more risks Answer the Call of the wild. Step out of your comfort zone and live passionately. Take steps in the direction of freedom. Expand beyond your limitations and boundaries. Maybe it's time to take a journey or do something new and exciting.

Native spirit wisdom : you are entering a period of expansion and going beyond your self-imposed limitations. Even if you feel hesitant this is the time to try something you and do things in a different way. You might even visit far-off lands or wild natural places. Adventure offering tails risk but without it life can become lackluster and stagnant. I was there's a vast, new and wondrous vista just around the corner but you'll never see it f you don't venture out.

The journey : plan a trip to take some classes that get you out of your comfort zone try new Styles. Do the same things that you've always done but in a new and different way. Push beyond your boundaries step out of character spend time inu wilderness. Do the same things that you've always done but in a new and different way that surely is a message for today.

Blessings Bernadette Mac.

22nd December 2022

Hi everyone the card message for today is.... The spirit keeper of the North

And was not surprised to see this card come out of the deck the day after the winter solstice. And on the eve of the new moon.

The meaning :
Take time for contemplating. Tune within. Connect with your ancestors. Incubate ideas. Mend relationships. Watch your dreams at night and meditate. The answers are inside of you waiting to be heard, stay warm. Create dreams of your future, repair whatever is broken in your home and your life. Forgive those people and situations that you have been dragging around with you for a while.

Native spirit wisdom :
in the medicine wheel, the North is the direction that symbolises the darkest time of night, the coldest part of winter, the dark of the moon. It also represents the elder time of life and even time of endings.

By this card coming up today the spirit keeper of the North indicates that it's time to take measure of your life. Explore what's working and not working. What and whom do you need to release? It's also time to make repairs in your physical environment, as well as make repairs in your body. Additionally it's time to begin to dream and make plans regarding your future. Your ancestors are very close to you at this time. Call on them to help you, and your guides and angels.

The journey :
stand outdoors facing North inhale the darkness. Sink into your own depth. In the stillness, ancient wisdom emerges. Just like the sun is still at this time it too will rise again like a rebirth. And as we are all connected you too shall rise in love and light and much healing.

Blessings Bernadette mac

23rd December 2022

And the card that came out today, after my piece of the new moon (scroll down to 23rd December 2022) is:

Freedom Horse.

Meaning : let your spirit fly - do not hold back - break free and express yourself - flaunt yourself - dance, laugh, explore, go beyond predictable behaviour, get out of the rut. You don't need to fit the mould, be daring, fling your arms to the heavens, enjoy.

Native spirit wisdom : the horse allowed the natives of Americans and Mongolia to travel great distance with ease. The horse also carried their supplies, which additionally granted freedom to those ancient peoples. This card reminds us that you aren't here to be ordinary but step beyond limitation of self-imposed boundaries . Do not allow yourself to get trapped by the convention of others expectations, you have the ability to choose your own life on your terms.

Replace the phrase "I should" with "I could..... But I choose not to be at this time."

Perhaps you are not always free to create the exact circumstances of your life, but you're certainly able to decide what meaning to give those situations. Select meanings that empower you, for it is time to break free.

The journey : The way you use your body can change your state. Put on music and dance with wild abandon. As you do so, this sends a powerful message to your subconscious that you are indeed truly free.

Blessings, Bernadette.

24th December 2022

The card message for today, on this Christmas eve 2022, is Spirit of Water.

Meaning : Trust your intuition. Know that you are on the right path. Take time to nurture yourself. Allow your inner child free rein. Believe in your dreams. Don't stifle your emotions : trust the message they are giving you. Purify and cleanse yourself and home. Healing is on its way. Emotional healing is expanding within you

Native spirit wisdom : the Spirit of water invites emotional richness into your life. Communicate from your heart. Embrace your childlike wonder. This card also represents purification, cleansing and healing.

It reminds you to clean your personal space and embrace your emotions - all of them, even the ones that you don't usually like. Additionally trust your hunches, push them off the shore of safety and enter the flow of life, all is well.

The journey : Be aware of water in your life : humidity, mists, rain, water safety, and water in food (fruit, vegetables, and so forth). The ocean, the rivers, the baths, and the shower, drink extra water : energise it by placing your hand over each glass and sending love into the water, and healing, then drink it. You can also cleanse and purify yourself and your living space using water. Imagine how it would feel to be in a still pool, a mountain stream, a mist, a great sea, a summer shower. Notice any emotions or feelings that emerge as you do this. Watch your dreams.

Truly a beautiful card for Christmas Eve, many blessings, Bernadette Mac