2021 - A Free Spirited Solstice - Global Spiritual Wheel

Danielle inspires our Winter Solstice celebrations:

I suggest a more than ever FREE Solstice. What do I mean by that?

You want to celebrate Solstice by cooking a favourite dish? fine (photos are welcome).

Weather allows for some walk in nature? fine (photos are welcome).

A poem? fine

A song? fine


With all the restrictions on and off for almost 2 years what most of us yearn for the most is complete freedom so...

Let's have a super free spirited solstice doing what we want in high vibrations.

You want to dance? fine (videos are welcome).

Danielle in Iceland

Martin in Galway

Nora M at An Tobar awaits sunrise

Nora J in England

celebrated by listening to the soundtrack of life...

10.00am. Church clock bells ring out the quarters and the hour, echoing across the valley, while the birds discuss what's on offer for breakfast.

10.30am. Orange jacketed men drag blue lidded bins along the lane, rattling of bottles and thud of cardboard, rumble of hard rubber wheels on the tarmac dopplers as they gather and remove our rubbish. Inside the house an electric shaver whines as it move up and down, to and fro, removing stubble from a chin.

11.30am. Clicks and taps. Fingers choose letters on the keyboard and a mouse slides over the chair arm as I read the emails and messages, and do some last minute on-line ordering.

1pm. Last section of Beethoven's 7th fades and it is time for the News. Not today. Have decided this is a NO News Day and there is silence... apart from licking lips and mmmm... as a toastie crunches in my mouth.

"Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht", "Silent Night", sung by church choristers, warms through the cooling air...

10pm. What did I wish for? Silence. What did I hear? Church clock bells chiming the hour, then... silence.

Bernadette in Navan

John and Nora M at the Fairy Tree on Hill of Tara

There was a lovely energy in the air. A definite feeling of positivity. Everyone was in great form, smiling and greeting each other. The fairy tree looks as if it may never bloom again.

Marta in Zurich

Shared Solstice Blessings from Mandrake Vista

22nd December Anne visited Newgrange

The journey starts at the Visitor Centre.

Stroll over the River Boyne, board the bus....

and be transported back in time.

Meet the ancestors, be amazed at their skill, and wonder... why?