2024 - Peace within & Peace without - Tara

Friday 21st June 2024. Hill of Tara. Meet at the Church gate at 8pm. Theme for the evening is Peace Within, Peace Without. All welcome, this is an open get-together.

Please bring a candle. There will be opportunities for input and sharing so bring along anything that you feel you would like to share with others, drums, music, songs, verse, etc.

Full Moon rises in the south east at 22.25 on 21st June (Dublin time). That will be perfect having set the intentions in that state of expectation just before it appears...

Reflection from the Host, Jean....

Nora asked herself and others 'Where is the Sacred?'

This is a compilation of what we all came up with....

The summer solstice is a time of growth and abundance, a celebration of the fertile earth and the life it nurtures. We are grateful for the land that sustains us and the community that supports us. Herein lies the sacred.

I don’t need to be in a group or take part in rituals. It’s now called “Wellbeing” in the wider world.

Just being on the land is sacred. I am happy to just look at the landscape and exchange in that way. We are connected but it is hidden because it is not usually face to face.

A friend had to search for the 'lost' camera lead - " I found some things that I thought had disappeared...." 'leading' her to something she thought she had lost... Perhaps that is it. We just need to keep looking. It has been there all along!

I don't feel we have lost the sacredness. But you know what, we have moved with the frequencies because we are downloading new energy all the time, so the sacredness is different if that makes sense.

Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

Well Dressing on King Street...

the road name bringing an etheric 'link' to Tara, the Hill of Kings?

Full moon and solstice energy update

Turn inwards, and stay focused, as the world around you gets louder hold your focus, hold your course, as we embark on new earth.

Yes the energies are like waves of the sea crashing against the rocks and then settling again... and as we are all connected we too are being unsettled in one way or another. Plans have been changed. A standstill seems to be emerging, even though the world is going through a purge, I have noticed the bees and butterflies have not been seen too much. Maybe nature is showing us to be still and in the moment; focus on the breath, stand firm and hold our course.

I spoke about this to many friends who have also been feeling affected by this new energy that seems to be emerging on this strawberry full moon. Yet its all as it should be as the earth is going through a massive change, we too are going through this change.

It is time on this full moon to clear things out before we bring in this fresh energy and to be in a space of peace, love, and compassion. So, as I said turn inwards, even in the turmoil of all that is going on in our world. Set your space on this full moon whether it is with close friends or alone. The moon shares the energies of the summer solstice - a time of celebrations of growth, abundance, and light .

Let's focus on the moon to start.

1. listen to your body what is your body saying to you at this time?

2. be silent and just be in the moment.

3. is your body saying to rest, to have more sleep, eat wholesome food, etc. etc?

4. know that your body talks to you all the time and sometimes we don't take time out to listen

5. set the space for your intentions

6. what do I need to let go of that no longer serves me at this time?

7. write down or draw what it is you would like to manifest and remember to say it for the highest good of all involved.

8. when you have done with your personal intentions set aside a space for your world at this time.

9. breath is a feeling of love, peace, compassion, and understanding again for the highest good of all.

10. close the space and give thanks.

Summer solstice

This year I felt very much guided to be still and take stock of my life and also the world around me. Like many others, I felt a deep sadness to see what was going on but also a deep knowing that all as it should have been.

Over the past few years I felt the need to go back to basics, keep it simple, and pray for all those who need it in our world and even those who have crossed over. Know deep in my heart they listen and guide us when we ask for help. Its remembering to ask is the key.

On Friday I did just that. I asked for help from a loved one and just let it go never giving it another thought. Low and behold late Friday evening and Saturday at lunchtime the help came. In those moments I recalled how in the past the help came all one had to do was ask. Yes going back to basics for me was the right thing to do.

I wanted to share this experience in the hope that it will help others who are stuck at a crossroads or not knowing what steps to take. Sometimes going back to basics and connecting with the divine energy can be very powerful in a small way.

The summer solstice is one of my favorite times of the year but also can be a very challenging time.

Getting back to the full moon and holding the focus I noticed as I downloaded the shots to my pic the moon in each moment moved ever so slightly. The first shot the moon came to the left of the chimney pot. In the 2nd shot it settled for a bit in the center and in the 3rd shot it moved forward. mmm I thought this was just what I needed to do - set the intentions, hold the focus, and then move forward and thought to myself as I sat at the computer there is a tiny bit of moon magic there.

For me, the summer solstice and the full moon this year were all rolled into one and very much connected as the energies are so strong and getting stronger as time goes by. The full moon highlights a lot of darkness as well the light. That's the way the world works. But, also remember the smallest seed of positivity grows in the darkness .


Blessings on this full solstice full moon- Bernadette

FIve Wells, Peak District, Derbyshire

A Neolithic chambered tomb between the villages of Chelmorton and Taddington on Taddington Moor. Louise shares her experience.

Martin was in Iceland

For this summer solstice I was privileged to be in Iceland. It is a land of absolutes and stark contrasts, from ice to fire, feast to famine. It was a mirror of the summer solstice event two years ago when Daniella was the one in Iceland and some of the Irish crew were in Port beach, Co. Louth.

I tuned into Gene on Tara three times.

Once before the ceremony at Gullfoss waterfall. Here the river was shredded by being pulverised, hurtling down a multi platform cascade and into a chasm that generated an eternal roar and a white rain thrown up from the chaos. The power was pure elemental and the vibrations are still with me. I wondered at how the water was violently sundered and following chaos reformed and continued on as an energised form of the same river. It was such an energising experience and reminded me of a dream I once had as a child where a tidal wave was advancing on the hill of Tara. Tuning into Tara hundreds of miles away today I wonder was it a self fulfilling prophecy or coincidence.

The second time I tuned in was during the ceremony itself when I was at a place called Geyser. The geyser that gave its name to all other geysers in the world. Eruptions there were every few minutes. Some small only twenty feet while others were almost one hundred feet tall. It was like whale watching. You never knew when the next eruption would happen, the scalding water constantly boiling, churning and hissing, momentarily disappearing before exploding out as a column of steam with a slight burning smell of sulphur. The energy was primal, spontaneous and startling.

The third time I tuned into the energy of the ceremony was six days later whilst in the rift valley between the continental plates.

Here while snorkelling under the water surface in a freezing icy blue silent environment, hexagonal basaltic columns disappearing into the depths.

Here simply floating above the ravine I knew once again to link in.

This is the crack on the earths surface where the Eurasian and the American plates pull apart giving rise to the mid Atlantic ridge and Iceland itself.

Floating in the water was still, silent, calm. A total contrast to the powerful forces of water experienced before. One element.

Two countries.

A triad of energies.

Peace within. Peace without.

A thought on Global warming

During a recent trip to Iceland I visited glacier lagoon which was staggeringly beautiful. Ice bergs of every hue of blue right through to white to ultra pure crystal clear to dark banded layers containing soil and rock. All in gentle graceful movement.

However mesmerising this is it is also tinged with sadness as the glacier from which the ice bergs calved is dying, and retreating. In the 1890s the glacier was covering where the road is today and there was no bay. Over the years it has retreated about 5000m.

People cheered and clapped as the ice bergs crashed into each other and broke apart complete with its own unique soundtrack of crunching, screeching and groaning sounds. Whether they realised it or not they were clapping at the end of their world.

88% of the worlds glaciers are presently melting. A poignant moment thought.


from Autumn Equinox 2022 - Fulfilled Mission -

Daniella (who lived in Iceland at the time) shared this insight from Iceland... it really resonates with the energies of this 2024 Solstice.

Another Summer that ends and another Autumn that begins. It all looks pretty much the same to me in the outside.

Days getting darker and colder, leaves falling off of the trees.... every year the same....

However, the leaves that I am letting go of this autumn are not the same leaves that I let go of last year, the darkness of the upcoming months will be faced differently than in previous years.

Most times, the outside seems to remain unchanged, but it's in the inside that almost subtle changes have occurred from one autumn to the next.

Many small changes within many different people equal to a significant difference at a collective level.

We are all connected and in this time in history is more important than ever before to realise and honour this.