2022 - Tipping the Balance - Loughcrew

Full moon on the 18th, a new Bank Holiday, St. Patrick's Day, Equinox on 20th March at 15.33.... This should be a fun one!

Pat's story of the Day....

We had been cocooning for far too long, so on Sunday 20th March 2022 eight freedom-seeking caterpillars assembled in the carpark at the entrance to Loughcrew Cairn.

The entrance to the actual Cairn is aligned to the rising sun on the morning of the Spring (and Autumn) Equinox so it was no accident that this was the chosen site for our Celebration on this beautiful Spring Equinox morning. We slowly crawled up the hill, heading for the highest point in County Meath…

On a beautiful Spring Equinox morning, we caterpillars crawled slowly toward the summit…

The views were stunning, as usual, and took our minds off the 15-minute walk to the top and when we got there, we picked a spot and settled down to begin our Ceremony.

Some folk sat down, gaining welcome shelter from a nearby rock and others stood as it was that kind of occasion, a kind of “go with the flow, do what you’re comfortable doing and let’s see what happens” vibe.

Our centrepiece was simple:

daffodils to symbolise Spring,

a trowel for planting seeds,

our Tara Celebrations goddess made by our friends from Switzerland and

a rock symbolising the land.

After calling in the Directions, Elements and Spirits, we opened the circle and did a meditation based on relaxing, healing and planting the seeds of ideas we wish to manifest later this year. We then had a wonderful healing session for ourselves, our loved ones, and the whole world – especially places ravaged by war all over the world including, of course Ukraine. (We learned later that the colours of the ribbons on the daffodils were actually chosen with Ukraine in mind).

We heard a lovely poem and some beautiful music before we all stood and danced to ELOs “Mr Blue Sky” and in those moments, as I danced bare footed around our centrepiece and waved my arms over my head, this little caterpillar felt as free as a butterfly at last! I do believe there was some kind of energetic shift that occurred and I hope it travels to all our friends who were tuning in all over the globe.

Looking around at all the other caterpillars as they transformed into butterflies also, I was struck by the sense of freedom in that group. Young and old, male, and female, we all let our inhibitions vanish as we waved our arms wildly, jumped, skipped, sang, and laughed around and around like kids in a playground. We actually managed to fulfil our mission which was to tip the balance in favour of Light, Love and LIFE.

Speaking of Balance, the eight butterflies consisted of 4 men and 4 women, a perfectly balanced circle. There were others at the Cairn that morning, some women chanting over there, a family wandering around here, a woman with a crystal in deep meditation yonder, but nobody batted an eyelid as eight adults cavorted around singing and laughing, celebrating the return of Light, of Hope, of dreams of better days ahead.

I’m pretty sure our Ancestors did the same thing thousands of years ago and their presence was felt as well as that of our absent friends separated from us by distance and time but definitely present in Spirit.

We did use that trowel to plant some sunflower seeds and we’ll return in the summer to see how they’re doing. (I’d also like to see how the ideas that were sown will be coming on later this year).

The entrance to the Cairn is aligned to the Rising Sun on the morning of the Spring (and Autumn) Equinox.

When we finished our Ceremony, we decided to adjourn to the car park as it was quite windy on the hill and we enjoyed refreshments and a chat before heading back to our various homes.

But on that particular morning, at that particular time we were all home on the hill where our ancestors built a Cairn that STILL celebrates the rising equinox sun 5,000 years later.

Thanks to all who came and Love, Light and Blessings to all who read this.

Intentions of the Host

It’s time to celebrate Spring Equinox – the time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth) when we can look forward to an increase in daylight, flowers, leaves, animals – Nature awakening from its Winter slumber.

It’s traditionally a time of Balance as there is a balance of Light and Darkness with most days around this time having 12 hours of each. From here on in though, the balance tips in favour of the daylight. Each day sees a few minutes more daylight until it reaches the peak of the longest daylight of the year day at Summer Solstice on 21st June.

That Tipping is where the idea for this year’s Celebration theme comes from – “Tipping the Balance” – and given the trying times we’ve all been through lately, it’s about tipping the balance in favour of more Light, more Positivity, more Happiness, more Meeting people, more Handshakes, more Hugs, more Tolerance… more LIFE!

We’re going to keep it simple, but anyone is more than welcome to contribute anything they want to the occasion, be it a poem, ritual, music, song, dance – anything that feels right to add joy to the occasion.

There will be the usual things we do at most Celebrations,

calling in the Directions/Elements/Spirits,


Open Heart & Healing but mostly...

the emphasis will be on meeting and having as much fun as we can to try and tip the balance a bit after a couple of tough years for most folk.

So, wear bright coloured clothes, bring flowers, bring some food for a picnic afterwards and let’s tip the Balance!

We’ll meet in the carpark of Loughcrew (Cairn T, not the visitor centre) at 9.45 and head up the hill to do our thing.

Please dress appropriately (bearing in mind it’s Ireland in March) and remember it’s up a fairly steep hill so unfortunately it’s not very accessible for wheelchairs, buggies etc.

Looking forward to seeing ye all there. P.

Joining in at a Distance....... Global Spiritual Wheel Pat has explained this perfectly: For those tuning in at a distance a non-denominational, universal lattice of spiritual inter-connecting love.


shared her intentions for the Full Moon as well as Spring Equinox

Hi everyone! a little bit of Moon Magic today along with the spring equinox.

I know the full moon was on the 18th but felt it around over the last few nights and still feel it around for a few more. So, with the light of the full worm moon, think only positive thoughts and intentions.

There is beautiful energy about this springtime and the sun also as the evenings are so much brighter and it surly lifts the spirits of every human soul today. There is divine energy about. Tapping into that energy and feeling the love, peace, joy and balance and most of all the healing from nature all around you whether it be the sea, a forest, by a lake or deep in the woods, it's always good to stand in your bare feet if you can and let mother earth support you at this time.

Many blessings to you all on this spring equinox and full moon.

Let the energies of love, peace, Joy and happiness fill you up in divine light today so you can shine your light for those who need it on there journey. Blessings Bernadette

Tara K

shared this beautiful heart.

Anne shared this:

Vernal equinox. And day of equality, of balance. This year the sun shines in the day in balance with as the moon shining at night. This is the spring day of equal Day and Night.

May you remember that for every up there is a down, ying flows with yang, day dances with night, the tide ebbs and flows, the earth turns and the seasons flow into each other.

Life is all about movement and flow.

A see saw is no fun unless it moves. Go with the flow. Grow with the flow.

May you find balance in your life. Happy equinox folks.

le grá, Anne

Perfect for the celebration of the equinox,

serendipity abounds,
as Anne drew this card while they danced at Loughcrew

And a bit more dancing....

A Slavic celebration for welcoming the return of Spring....

Venue: Loughcrew

Information reviewed February 2022 & 2024

The climb to Loughcrew is very steep and visitors are asked to wear suitable footwear and to be careful. It is grazed pasture and can get muddy and slippery. Note Cairn T chamber is currently not open to the public because of safety issues.

Thanks to the OPW for this photo of Autumn Equinox sunrise 2019. In the 1980's Martin Brennan discovered that Cairn T receives light from the rising sun on the spring and autumnal equinox - a beam shining down the passageway and illuminating the rock art on the backstone.

Loughcrew near Oldcastle in Co. Meath, aka Sliabh na Cailleach, the Mountains of the Hag / Witch / Wisewoman / Crone.

There is a link between here and Teltown. It is said a hag lived here, she was queen of the Tailteans and the Tailtean games were played at Loughcrew. Several people of noble birth visited every year to join in these games.

Ollamh Follamh was a constant visitor at the Loughcrew hills and when he died his body was cremated and the remains were buried there. King Laoghaire also lived there and a neighbouring townland was called Drumlaoghaire in his honour. Duchas School's collection story.

A large complex of chambered cairns - many up to 5000 years old - spread across the hilltops of Carnbane East, Carnbane West, Carrickbrack and Patrickstown Hill. Carnbane is the anglicised version of Carn Bán which means white cairn.

My house is situated at the foot of "Sliabh na Callaigh" or Billy's Hill as it is called by the people. There is a cave on the top of the hill and also a huge heap of stones. King "Ollamh Fodla" and seven other kings were supposed to be buried under the cave. The stones are supposed to have been carried by a hag in her apron. There is a stone hags chair on the hill also. Many visitors come to see the hill every year. A few fields away from this hill there is a field called the "Forth Field" it got its name from a mound or forth that is in the field. The people believe that the "Bean-Shee" lives on this forth. Duchas Schools Collection

Cairn T, one of the largest tombs in the complex, is situated on Cairnbane East. Inside this tomb lies a cruciform chamber, a corbelled roof and some of the most beautiful examples of Neolithic art in Ireland. During the Vernal and Autumn Equinox people gather at dawn in Cairn T to watch sunlight enter the chamber and illuminate the inside of the tomb. OPW information on the site managed by them at Loughcrew. Click here for opening times and information for visiting the site.

Visitors today can sit on the Hags Chair at the cairn. Locals believe claims that if you make a wish while sitting on this kerb-stone the witch will grant it. I did sit on the Hags Chair and asked my wish and looking back now today I can tell you it was surely granted, in a way I never thought possible. Magic of the Land - Loughcrew - Bernadette Mac

There are no facilities or toilets at the Loughcrew Car Park. During the summer guides from the OPW are at the top to give tours and information.

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